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Fork of Sonata music client for MPD.
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As the original developers have suspended work on this “elegant music client for MPD”
(the latest commit in the official repository is dated 29 Oct 2009), I decided to make some
improvements and bugfixes on my own. And here they are…


  • panel icons for Ubuntu Mono Dark icon theme (see umd-icons branch)
  • saving fetched lyrics into mp3’s id3tags (requires python eyeD3 module)
  • temporary disabling gnome-screensaver in fullscreen mode
  • some improvements for multi-CD albums
  • support for MPD “single” and “consume” modes (requires latest development version
    of python-mpd, because current stable v0.2.1 doesn’t support these MPD modes; you
    can get latest version from or


  • ‘Love’ button for
  • ‘alway start in tray’ option into preferences
  • open playlists like directories in playlist tab
  • ‘add all from this artist/album/genre’ menu item
  • do not show notification if sonata is active/visible
  • ability to hide “XX songs, XX minutes” line in artists library view
  • automatic feeding playlist with similar tracks from mpd library
  • support for composer, conductor and may be some other tags
  • playlist of local tracks that are loved/toprated on (may be as a separate plugin)
  • reading artworks from id3tags

For more information see official README file.

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