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Fork of Sonata music client for MPD.
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There are simple sonata panel icons for ubuntu-mono-dark icon theme.


To use these icons you're to copy all the PNG files from umd-panel-icons
into appropriate folder.

SVG file contains four layers: one for a note (sonata logo) and one for
each of three panel states - play, pause, disconnected. It's not to be
copied anywhere, but you can edit this vector file for any further
customizations to get icons of any color and size.


If you install sonata from source the simplest way to use these icons
is to copy them into sonata/pixmaps directory before starting the
installation process.

If you want to use these icons with already installed sonata you have
to copy them into /usr/share/pixmaps directory.

If you installed sonata from source without specifying --prefix option
it's most likely installed into /usr/local directory instead of default
/usr. In this case you have to copy the icons to /usr/local/share/pixmaps
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