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Slightly advanced CSV visualizer
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Alames - Slightly advanced CSV visualizer

Alames is an open-source CSV visualizer with the option to edit column names, colors, export rendered charts and extract data from big CSV files.


Repository info

GitHub repository of my current SOČ/KOP 2019 project - lincensed under the MIT license

This project was originally developed as a signal analysing software intended for use with microcontroller driven analysers. It also supported CSV readings from KMB Power Quality Analysers exported from Envis.

The project later evolved into a CSV viewer with some editing features.

For the current development progress see the devel branch.

There is no ongoing development for now.




Run ./ from the cloned directory

NOTE: The default installation is on per-user basis - it is not a system-wide install (The installer just copies the .desktop file to ~/.local/share/applications/ and updates the exec path)

Manual installation:

Run pip install --user -r ./requirements.txt to install the dependencies and launch Alames.pyw directly or click on Alames.desktop to launch the application

Optionally copy the Alames.desktop file to ~/.local/share/applications/ for per-user install or /usr/share/applications/ for system-wide install and change the exec path in the file to point at a valid Alames.pyw file


Install dependencies:

Run (double click on) install-dependencies.bat

If an editor would open instead of the app - set .pyw file type association for Pythonw manually or run as administrator install-launcher.bat

Launch application:

Run (double click on) Alames.pyw


  • Linux or Windows
  • Python 3 and pip installed and added to PATH

Known bugs

  • "qt.qpa.xcb: QXcbConnection: XCB error: 3 (BadWindow), sequence: 1665, resource id: 37781937, major code: 40 (TranslateCoords), minor code: 0"
    • Sometimes this Qt error happens unpredictably, but it does not cause any disturbance and the user is not affected - this error happened to me when PyQt5 was installed using pacman, swithing to a pip install solves this problem
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