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Replacement for both pacman -Ss and pacman -Si
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Replacement for both pacman -Ss and pacman -Si


  • Output similar to gentoo esearch
  • Combination of pacman search (lists all packages matching a pattern) and pacman info (prints verbose information about a package)
  • It uses a search index which can be updated with the included eupdatedb script
  • It does not support every feature of gentoo esearch, but:
    • It can search explicitly Installed or NOT installed
    • It supports regex
    • It can show detailed information about multiple packages at the same time unlike pacman -Si
    • It supports colored output using ANSI codes by default - there is also an option to disable it
    • it can search optionally also in descriptions


From AUR

git clone && cd esearch && makepkg -si

From source

Clone this repository and cd into it:

git clone && cd pacman-esearch

Execute cmake and compile from source:

cmake -B ./build ./ && make -C build/

Install to /usr/local/bin/:

sudo make install -C build/

Create the search index:


NOTE: the search index is stored in $HOME/.cache/ on per-user basis so run eupdatedb as regular user (the one who will be using esearch) -- For example the search index for user john will be stored in /home/john/.cache/ or whatever the $HOME variable points at


eupdatedb [-q|--quiet]

-q, --quiet displays nothing, just updates the search index - can be used in cron jobs or other scripts (Don't forget to set the HOME variable explicitly when the system crontab is used).

esearch [options] <pattern>

--instonly, -I Find only packages which are installed

--notinst, -N Find only packages which are NOT installed

--nocolor, -n Don't use ANSI codes for colored output

--searchdesc, -S Search also in package description

--exact-match, -e Show only exact match

--version, -v Show version

--help, -h Show help message


Q: I am getting Failed to open database! whenever I run esearch.

A: This error means esearch can't find the search index, check if it exists in the desired location or run eupdatedb. Optionally check if you have write permissions in ~/.cache/.

Q: Why was it created?

A: I am a fan of Gentoo and when I started to use Arch on my laptop, I missed esearch and I wasn't happy with the search capabilities of pacman

Why C++ ? -- Combining the two command in a shell script would be significantly slower (I tried it..)


  • Arch linux and pacman (obviously) - It uses pacman -Si and pacman -Qe to fill up its database
  • GCC g++ with -std=c++11 - already present in most cases
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