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myprofiler is statistical profiler for MySQL.

It watches SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST periodically, and count each query.


Download archive and put it on directory in your PATH.

tar xf myprofiler.linux_amd64.tar.gz
mv myprofiler ~/bin


Usage of ./myprofiler:
  -delay=1: (int) Show summary for each `delay` samples. -interval=0.1 -delay=30 shows summary for every 3sec
  -dump="": Write raw queries to this file
  -host="localhost": Host of database
  -interval=1: (float) Sampling interval
  -password="": Password
  -port=3306: Port
  -last=0: (int) Last N samples are summarized. 0 means summarize all samples
  -top=10: (int) Show N most common queries
  -user="": User


myprofiler -host=db1234 -user=dbuser -password=dbpass -interval=0.2 -delay=10 -top=30

You should use user having 'PROCESS' privilege, or same user to your app. See document for "SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST".

myprofiler transform query like mysqldumpslow. For example, "SELECT * FROM user WHERE id=42" is transformed into "SELECT * FROM user WHERE id=N". myprofiler counts transformed quries and show top N (specified by -top) queries.

myprofiler sleeps seconds specified by -interval for each sample. 0.2 (up to 5 queries/sec) may be low enough for your production DB.

You can get raw query by -dump=rawquery.txt option. It is useful when you want to EXPLAIN heavy queries.

Monitoring (long profiling)

You can use log rotation tool like rotatelogs or multilog.

myprofiler -host=db1234 -user=dbuser -password=dbpass -last=60 -delay=30 | rotatelogs logs/myprofiler.%Y%m%d 86400

-last=60 means myprofiler only summarize last 60 samples. Since interval is 1 sec by default, this command shows top queries in minute.