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NESC/SNESC Core/HMOD Set is fully merged to work with both the NES, as well as the SNES Classic! (Tremendous Personal Thanks to madmonkey, cluster, pcm720, gpstar, soulctcher, DarkAkuma, DanTheMan827, Melthris, Gingerbeardman, skogaby, 'TheOtherGuys': CompCom, Viral DNA, & Swingflip, Princess Daphie, Xorloser, Doctor Dalek, Defkorns, AceVanquish, Bslenul, shawnsub, asper, ∆ + 0 / 9, shawnsub, DR1001, fr500, twinaphex, gamez-fan, markwkidd, arcadez, wilstorm, dankcusions, hunterk, grant2258, ZappaUtopia, kps501, qclart, AntiFly, justme488, jul car, and of course the libretro team, and the fantastic individuals who have done some truly amazing work for the Scene! And, lastly, anyone else I may not have mentioned that has obviously been invaluable to me in all of my efforts!!!)

Visit us on Discord, at Nintendo Classics, using the Invite Link:)

Alternative Links to my Core Set in Folder Structure:)!e55DVTqA!jkfylvaQ-6I0Y59Ov1SamA

Hakchi2 CE

DarkAkuma Canoe Compatibllity Sfrom Tool Link:)

CompCom's Amazing Options HMOD for RetroArch

Qclart's Amiga Guide


Hot Fix

Updated Gambatte, which needed a bug fix. Thanks to Jul Car for testing! You can grab fixed version from the alternate links or Mod Hub. I apologize for any inconvenience! Enjoy the SGB Palettes!


Those of you who keep refreshing this page to see when the Update has posted, thank you for your enthusiasm! Here we are, yet again, with another incredible Update! Per usual, the bullet points, then the wall of text, then some videos to coincide and enjoy along with them!

  • How Do I Update the Cores?!
  • Sega Dreamcast Better Than Ever!
  • Is Nintendo DS 100% Full Speed Really Possible on the Mini Classics!?
  • Glorious Game Art Redux!
  • CRT Filter for NESC on SNESC, and SNESC on NESC!
  • External UI Fixed and Updated!
  • NoSaves HMOD for "Ride Passengers"!
  • SD Prep!
  • Vector Games Properly Rendered!
  • Preliminary Support for FBA 2018!
  • Better SGB Palette + Border Support!
  • Should I Update to Hakchi2 CE 3.5.0!?
  • Borders (Overlays!)
  • Zram Crash Inhibitor!
  • Change Log for This Release!
  • Upcoming Additions!

Release Notes

  • How Do I Update the Cores?!

Remember, install the Cores by themselves, THEN RetroArch Xtreme separately, to avoid any conflicts. This will ensure the most optimal experience performance wise! If already on my previous set, you can update (USB-HOST Users), simply by creating on Flash/Hard Drive, inside hakchi directory, transfer. So, hakchi/transfer Copy Updated HMODs+RetroArch Xtreme into this directory, boot up with a power on, and you should get a double splash hakchi screen to signify success with the Updating! If you do not get a double splash screen, and the transfer folder still exists...You will likely have to do a Disk Check, and may have some corruption. After the Disk Check, be sure to "recopy the files into transfer". Always unmount and/or safely remove hardware! Note: C8 errors on shut down can lead to corruption. I nearly always do a Disk Check after getting any C8 shutdown errors and transfer folder ceasing to function! In the case of PSP, which has a high tendency for C8 on shutdown, I would strongly recommend you load another Core/Game, THEN shutdown:) Those on NAND, just do the standard Uninstall/Reinstall of HMODS. You can, additionally, use Kernel Reset for both NAND and USB-HOST. Remember, Cores always run best from NAND! If using anything not from my set, you will need to Uninstall/Reinstall/Kernel Reset to get onto my set!

Sega Dreamcast Better Than Ever!

With combination of RetroArch Xtreme+Reicast Xtreme from this latest Update, expect many more games to run 15-30 percent better than ever before! Two Videos below showing the preliminary and end results! My personal favorite Dreamcast Game, Phantasy Star Online V2, runs quite nicely now! Marvel Vs Capcom 2 runs better than in any of the previous Updates! Ikaruga has fixed graphics! Retest, Reexperience, Enjoy this amazing addition! Personal thanks to Autechre, flyinghead, madmonkey! We will never have 60 FPS, such as quite a few Real DC games ran on the official hardware. But, 30 FPS Steady and Solid on a ton of games is more than admirable! And, I am quite pleased with this! You can only install one Dreamcast Core at a time! .lst files are no longer needed for Naomi/Atomiswave with Reicast Xtreme! Thanks to AntiFly, Gravy, DRVR 99 for helping test compatibility!

Is Nintendo DS 100% Full Speed Really Possible on the Mini Classics!?

It has been of the general consensus that true and proper 100% Nintendo DS emulation would require approximately 6-8 times the processing power to gracefully pull it off! I made a video where I envision the prospect of this potentially being fully realized, in an alternate time line, multiverse, time paradox! For those of you wondering what, where, when, why, how, who, and such...I will do a "Reveal" Video showing how I creatively decided to go about things in this particular instance (a making of video, so to speak), probably closer to Thanksgiving Time:) There will be closure, rest assured, so you will all understand exactly how this was pulled off!
For now, however, Enjoy the Video! And, very much looking forward to your thoughts on Full Speed DS Emulation on the Mini Classics! Which game/s would you first play! Any anecdotal stories or happy memories regarding Nintendo DS! Mine would obviously be the very first time I played New Super Mario and got that "special mushroom" in the first stage! Nintendo won me over with that:) As a final note, those who are downvoting the DS Concept Video on the merits of it potentially being fake, remember there was a time when the "world was flat:) Nuff said!

Glorious Game Art Redux!

The Art was such a tremendous hit last Update. I received an overwhelming amount of feedback and responses. As a result, I reached out and have added dozens up dozens more Systems worth of amazing Art, within the context of the Mega NZ Link, within Xtras/Game Art! Enjoy the new fresh coat of paint on your Main User Interface! Personal thanks to 2speed, 32assasin, Black Hazor, crispunk86, dark13, Dreygor, EM, joppel, klopjero, koolbrez67, Mildanti, NMC, OnlyIsrael, RetroKenesis, Riffman81, rubbishmonkey, sercaljr, Soulctcher, Stephelus, WallyWonka, for the hundreds upon hundreds of hours that they have all poured into these masterpieces. They have truly helped us relive and recapture the nostalgia of the original Artistry, with the fresh coat of paint, so to speak:) If any of you can think of any Art that you'd love to see included in future Updates, let me know! For now, enjoy Added Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Lynx, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, WonderSwan Color, ColecoVision, Famicom Disk System, Odyssey 2, MSX, MSU-1, SuperGrafX, Turbografx-16, Turbografx-CD, Neo-Geo, Neo-Geo Pocket, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, and several more!

CRT Filter for NESC on SNESC, and SNESC on NESC!

Those of you who have an NESC can now run a nice approximation of the SNESC CRT Filter with the added Zfast Standard + 720p! And, those of you who have an SNESC can enjoy a good representation of the NESC CRT Filter, with CRT Mini Filter. These are accessible via any of the RetroArch Xtremes, RetroArch Settings, Shader, Load Shader, CRT Mini Filter.glslp, whichever Zfast.glslp:) To revert, simply rinse and repeat, and select stock.glslp! Now you can have the best of both worlds no matter the Mini Classic you are currently using! Personal thanks to MADMAN and Fluffy Little Fox for helping test Zfast! And, of course, huge thanks to the original people who helped make these possible, ghogan42 (SNES Mini Conversion) and SoltanGris42 (RetroPie) and anyone else involved! I handled the personal integration to make things easier, RetroArch Xtreme wise, as well as fixed improper loading of a few of the Shaders.

External UI Fixed and Updated!

Personal thanks to DanTheMan827 and BsLeNuL (helping fix and adding Shonen Jump Support), as well as again properly working for the Minis! This clever HMOD allows you to manipulate and change out elements of your Main UI, such as the default music, etc. For more advanced users, you can do Custom Themes. I did a video on External UI awhile back, and will link to it below, showing me personally swapping out the UI music:) This is one of the very coolest HMODs one can ever use to really do some fun stuff with your Minis, on a more personal level! Tremendous job DanTheMan827 and BsLeNuL:)

NoSaves HMOD for "Ride Passengers"!

Yet another amazing HMOD, courtesy of DanTheMan827. For those of you who have Mini Classics hooked up in Uber, Lyft, Taxis, for Road Trips...and, of course, just simply want to keep the system clean...not being an RPG fan, or such! This HMOD completely wipes all saves upon each reboot! Every new passenger, rider, or player, one simple power off, and power on...will erase saves! No more micromanagement necessary for this niche audience:) Sure beats Save State Manager, as a very fast and easy convenience for those who do not want saves, at all! Alternately, you can manually wipe saves by going onto your Mini Consoles, themselves, into Options, and "Factory Reset", which will wipe all saves, but not any games! So, you have options, no matter which way you go! The HMOD just makes things beautifully automatic!

SD Prep!

DanTheMan827, yet again! For Internal SD Card Users, this HMOD helps prepare said Card for usage with Hakchi2 CE! Very nice and quite convenient to make the transition all that much easier!

Vector Games Properly Rendered!

This has been quite an annoyance for purists for some time now:) But, thanks to naysayer and markwkidd, Vector Games are now Properly Rendered! I had to tread this one lightly, so as to not "break" RetroArch Xtreme! So, there is a temporary, possibly permanent MAME 2003 Variant, named MAME 2003 Standard, which will handle this amazing implementation! /bin/mame2003-standard and/or /bin-mame2003-vector

Examples of some of the Vector games that benefit from the better Rendering are: Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe, Black Widow, Battle Zone, Empire Strikes Back, Gravitar, Major Havoc, Quantum, Red Baron, Space Duel, Star Trek, Star Wars, and Tempest.

MAME 2003 Xtreme is still the most recommended MAME 2003 Core to primarily use on the Mini Classics for best optimization, speed, and performance. But, like I have done in the past, for you those accustomed to my Releases (ffight, irem, etc., Variants)...this is for the best, to avoid breaking the precious continuity of the MAME 2003 Xtreme Coding, for now:)

As a final note, regarding MAME 2003 Standard, games you may encounter bugs in, such as TMNT (Attract Mode Music Missing) and Hang-On (Missing Graphics), with any other Arcade Core, try with this Core...I plan on fixing these and other bugs in the next Release/s of MAME 2003 Xtreme, along with a few other additions!

Preliminary Support for FBA 2018!

Final Burn Alpha is officially using the 2018 Rom Set. As a result, I added preliminary support, Core Wise, as FBA 2018. Note: There are perks and negatives to using any of the FBA Cores! If you have just FBA 2012/2016/Or 2018 installed, you can run with /bin/fba If you have 2 or more, use /fba/2012 , /fba/2016 , and/or /bin/fba2018

Now for the perks and negatives. 2012 performs best of the bunch on our platforms! But, 2016 and 2018 have support for more games. 2018 performs better than 2016 on many games. But, some games are "buggier". In time, and a few more Releases, this may even out. You "can" use 2018 as the Primary FBA Core. But, note, you may want 2012 and/or 2016 as back-ups for stubborn games. I personally would still recommend 2012/2016 as Primaries. But, you can decide for yourself! 2016, which had a few issues with last Release, is fixed and Updated! It will remain "final and stable" until further notice. Depending on how things go, 2018 may not be a permanent part of the Core Set. So, consider this a "Test Run". I look forward to the results. Also note, some of the Change Log Additions may not function properly or may not be fully integrated. But, many I have tested, do!

I have added a FBA_change_log.txt file into Xtras/Arcade to go over the hundreds of changes, as far as fixes and newly added driver support! Some of these, include "now working (performance variable due to accuracy)", Avengers in Galactic Storm, Captain America and The Avengers, Data East's 18 Holes Pro Golf, Dragon Gun, Food Fight, Fighter's History. Glass, Heavy Smash, Jump Kun, Konami's Double Dribble, Konami's Super Basketball. Metal Clash, Metal Soldier Isaac II, Monkey Magic, Night Slashers (better performance), Pacman - 25th Anniversary Edition and Ms.Pac-Man/Galaga - 20th Anniversary Class of 1981 Reunion, Pit n Run, Tattoo Assassins, Thunder Hoop 2: TH Strikes Back, World Cup Volly '95, amongst several other newly working games! Check out the change log for more info:) Personal thanks to barbudreadmon and the rest of the FBA Teams!

Better SGB Palette + Border Support!

mGBA better handles the SGB Borders and the Core Option to toggle them off/on now properly works! SGB and SGB2 have far better support, as well! Personal thanks to endrift!

Gambatte has palettes added for Game Boy, Game Boy Light, Game Boy Pocket, and Super Game Boy! Purists who were huge fans of the real and original Super Game Boy can directly access the real palettes in Core Options for any Game Boy game! Dark Filter, additionally added, so eye strain isn't an issue for those who run Game Boy games with white backgrounds! Personal thanks to jdgleaver!

Should I Update to Hakchi2 CE 3.5.0!?

As if you even had to ask! We are talking about a Project that is ongoing, on a very regular, daily basis! Every day finds new and very clever coding additions to make your Mini Classics experience all that much better! In 3.5.0, is a newly added Classic Driver, which makes Updating much easier. In the past, False Positives (Firewall, Virus Protections) were more prone to occur. Classic Driver makes this far less of an issue. Remember, make sure to allow Hakchi2 CE through your Firewall! That is a must and an absolute given. If any of you need help Updating, feel free to ask! Things are much better on 3.5.0, and my entire Core Set Releases are geared towards being as most compatible and optimal with CE, as humanly possible! Personal thanks to the entirety of Team Shinkansen: DanTheMan827, Princess Daphie, madmonkey, and Skogaby, who have all helped make things better, one day at a time! Expect more greatness in the next CE Release! In the meantime, I will be doing a few more Tutorials, using 3.5.0 as the base point!

Borders (Overlays!)

Simple note about Borders. You can only run 30 per folder! So, manage them like that to avoid issues with lag/freezes:) Also, remember, the included Borders with the HMOD can be deleted, at your discretion (back-up first!) This also applies to Wallpapers! A fantastic set of New Borders (Overlays) have been added, courtesy of RetroKenesis, who also did an incredulously amazing job with the Game Art for multiple Systems!

Zram Crash Inhibitor!

This great HMOD, courtesy of madmonkey, is now directly implemented into Hakchi2 CE 3.5.0! It is blacklisted if you attempt to install it from the Core Set, unless you are still on 3.4.1! I am keeping it around, strictly for Legacy Support for those who are using 3.4.1.

Change Log!

You CAN grab the Core Set Release, as a whole, per normal. But, from this point forward, I will do a Change Log of exactly what is Updated, so you can grab "Just Those" from the Mega NZ link, and/or Mod Hub! You can just rename your Current Folder to the Date of my most Current Release and overwrite the previous instances of those HMODs! This is one big reason I removed the hard file dates from the HMODs, to make Auto and Manual Updating much easier to attune to!

Upcoming Additions!

  • I have been working on a small side project to make Multi Disk Swapping more intuitive and much easier to pull off. Some of the required steps I will communicate with Team Shinkansen, as far as integration directly into Hakchi2 CE! I will be doing a Manual Tutorial some time this week to show how to pull it off, in the meantime!

  • WIP Amiga, for the better. I am working on some Amiga changes, and will post this likely by next Update. I will do a "New" Tutorial, to take into account these changes!

  • How to make your own Cheat Codes. Not high priority. But, like you see me using some of the Cheat Codes in Phantasy Star Online in my below Dreamcast Stravaganza Video, I will do a Tutorial on how to create your own codes, from my experiences working with Codebreaker on the Dreamcast, as well as Action Replay and Game Genie, in the past.

  • WIP SGB. I will be adding more SGB Related Stuff, next Update or so!

  • I will get a few more things changed around so that the Main Core Set Release can be somewhat smaller!

  • Of course, expect more awesomeness, in the way of HORROR 'Stravaganza, Dreamcast, Hardest NES, Nintendo DS Videos!

  • Now that this Update is Live, I will also catch up on the messages many of you have sent me! Do not hesitate to "bump" messages to remind me:)

This time around, Change Log consists of (These are Updated for Legacy Set, too, on Mega NZ Link!):

  • ChaiLove (Bug and Crash Fixes and other nifty additions - Personal thanks to Rob Loach!)
  • FBA 2016 (Fixed and Updated. Personal thanks to Jul Car for helping test!)
  • FBA 2018 (Detailed Above! - Personal thanks to barbudreadmon and the rest of the FBA Teams!)
  • Gambatte (Game Boy, Game Boy Light, Game Boy Pocket, SGB Palette Support! - Dark Filter for games with white backgrounds (thanks jdgleaver!)
  • Genesis Plus GX (Bug Fixes)
  • _km_retroarch_xtreme_shaders_add-on (I fixed and added zfast and a few other changes)
  • MAME 2003 Standard (Personal thanks to naysayer and markwkidd and the rest of the MAME 2003/MAME 2003 Plus Teams!)
  • MAME 2003 Plus Experimental (Same as above!)
  • mGBA (better SGB Support)
  • Mupen and Parallel (Both Updated for bug and performance fixes)
  • PicoDrive (which will be showcased in a Tutorial this week!)
  • Reicast Xtreme (only works with 1.7.5 Xtreme RetroArch, for now!) Reicast Standard for 1.7.4 and before.
  • RetroArch Xtreme 1.71-1.7.5 (I Updated all of these)
  • SNES9x 2016 (Bug Fixes)
  • SNES9x 2016 Bright (Personal thanks to byuu, and all those who worked on the Special Chip Coding on the original, Standalone SNES9x PC Emulator!) And, of course, thanks to kps501 and madmonkey, who helped make this possible for us on our Platforms, which would normally not handle Special Chip Emulation without a massive performance hit! It is to be noted that this is an Unofficial Libretro Core, due to it potentially being a MESS of conflicts with the Base Mainline Coding! So, this is a fun sandbox venture, so to speak. SNES9x 2016 should still be the Primary Core, as it is most stable! 2005 for games that are more stubborn due to the increased Accuracy of 2016! Command Line also fixed for Select Emulation Core!

Video Time!

SNES Classic - Nintendo DS - Is 100% Full Speed Really Possible?!!!

SNES Classic - Dreamcast 'Stravaganza - Part 1

SNES Classic - HORROR 'Stravaganza - Part 15

SNES Classic - Dreamcast Cheats + Upgrade (Performance & Accuracy)!!!

Refresher SNES Classic - Custom UI & Custom Music - USB-HOST

Refresher SNES Classic - NEW SNES Core (SNES9x 2016 Bright!) Top Gear 3000 now playable at Full Speed Ahead!

See You All Next Update, and on YouTube, Reddit, GBA Temp, Discord, in the meantime!

Sincerely, KMFDManic AKA MDFMKanic AKA Kyland K

P.S. Set will Update to Mod Hub, a little while after it goes Live. Now to Post, then see the new Bohemian Rhapsody Movie! Have a great week!

P.S.S I also added my personal Cheat Sheet for Castlevania: Harmony of Despair to Xtras/MXYZPTLK I will add Phantasy Star Online stuff when I get it together:)


Great News! Hakchi2 CE 3.5.0 has been released thanks to the hard work and dedication of Team Shinkansen:)

On my end, expect more Videos and other fun surprises over the weekend:)


Thank you all so much for being incredibly patient. Had power outage yesterday and was unable to post before sleep time! I also had a few last minute additions and things to clean up and fix! So, here we go!

Well, here we are again for yet another incredibly awesome Update! First, Bullet Points, then Descriptive Notes, then Videos to coincide with this Release, and Final Closing Notes:)

  • WIP Hakchi2 CE Mod Hub Integration!!!
  • ScummVM Fully Functional!!!
  • gpSP Saves Fixed!!!
  • RetroArch 1.7.5 Xtreme!!!
  • Reicast Xtreme!!!
  • Dreamcast Cheats!!!
  • Final Burn Alpha 2016 Performance Upgrade!!!
  • Beautiful and Glorious Video Game Art!!!
  • NEW Sega Saturn Core with CHD Support (still slow)!!!
  • PPSSPP Xtreme nearly 10 MB Smaller!!!
  • Hatari and Free2JME Removed from Set
  • YouTube Shout-Outs!!!
  • Speaking of HORROR 'Stravaganza & Hardest NES!!!
  • Vice x64 Core Fixed & How to add Games to the Commodore 64 Mini!!!
  • NEO-GEO Mini...Is it worth hacking and modding!!!?
  • Xtreme & Legacy Core Sets!!!
  • WIP!!!

Release Notes

WIP Hakchi2 CE Mod Hub Integration!!!

Huge personal thanks to DanTheMan827, madmonkey, and Team Shinkansen for incorporating my Core Set into a context menu for the Upcoming Hakchi2 CE Release. You will still be able to get the Core Set Release, per normal, via Github and the 2 alternative links. But, you can also use Hakchi2 CE, itself, to "grab" anything from the Main Release that you so choose! You will also have the nifty ability to "multi-select" Cores! This will be one of many amazing features and updated perks to the upcoming CE Release! I am in constant communication with Team Shinkansen and try to adapt every Release to any and all changes made within CE:) You will notice dates have been removed from the file names, to make updating easier and more intuitive. For future reference, when troubleshooting with me, just refer to the "date" of the Release Archive Folder that said HMOD comes from and it will be a very easy process! I will notate the biggest Core changes with each and every future Update, so you are in the know. The final implementation of how Hakchi2 CE next Release unfolds will be based on testing. Thank you all for your patience. Testing is most paramount in anything Released. If all goes well, the CE Update will roll out in due time.

ScummVM Fully Functional!!!

I was starting to think this day would never come! But, low and behold, here we are and here it is! We now have ScummVM! And, it is fully functional! Myself (KMFDManic), Beylie, and madmonkey happily bring this to you with very high compatibility due to the extra time put into generating and putting all but 24 known ScummVM games from the most current set into launcher format, as well as getting the Core up and running as optimally as possible! Huge personal thanks to Yellow and Black 1965, Beylie, and madmonkey for helping with testing! And, Yellow and Black 1965, you will get more personal thanks in another special video:)

For those of you are uninitiated, ScummVM stands for Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion Virtual Machine. It is a truly amazing subset of Point and Click Adventure and similarly minded games that has developed quite a cult following over the years! It is a very niche genre and has had more than great success on the most well known games, such as the Monkey Island series...and, of course Maniac Mansion! Many have become accustomed to the greatness of Maniac Mansion from its prominence on the original Nintendo Entertainment System!

To add games for play on the Mini, use Hakchi to add one of the pertinent launcher files. Make sure the .scummvm file is not compressed by Hakchi. You can disable compress games when adding, or simply right click and decompress after the fact! After adding the .scummvm launcher file as a game, navigate to that CLV folder directory, and copy the entire contents of whichever game you choose to play into said folder. Add art, then synch/export, etc:) Enjoy:)

Launcher wise, there are 3 sets. One is officially tested, but missing many games! Two is generated unofficially
tested ones that cover the missing games from the first set. Three is generated unofficially, also covering by
platforms! In testing, the unofficial sets have been quite reliable. They have not been fully tested, as of yet.
But, you should potentially be able to run all (roughly 435) but 27 games with the unofficial ones! The officially
tested ones are included as back-up, just in case any of you need to use those instead! We will work on filling in
the gaps for the remaining games!

In preliminary tests, saving via "start" ScummVM menu seemed to worked out quite well. Other methods, such as RetroArch and Suspend States may not work or prove to be unreliable. You can't type a save game name without a keyboard, but the right shoulder button let's you add the number 5, so that may help to uniquely identify your save games for now. I delayed this Core Set Release an extra day to ensure you Guys and Gals would be able to play as many games as possible, with better overall optimization and performance and compatibility, as well as had to fix "saves". We discovered the saves were being deleted upon exiting games and/or shutting down. I applied a couple adjustments and fixes and they should save with both NAND and USB-HOST (hakchi/saves) now:)

For more info on this Core, check out the ScummVM Videos below the descriptive Release Notes, as well as the ReadMe! in the Xtras/ScummVM Folder.

I have also included 8 legal to distribute Freeware Games in the Mega NZ Link, in Xtras/Games/ScummVM. Since I talk to so many people from a variety of Countries around the world, who speak several different languages...I have decided to do my best to include multiple versions of as many of these Freeware Versions as I possibly could, to cover some of these languages, such as French, German, Spanish, and so on! Enjoy these awesome games!

gpSP Saves Fixed!!!

As usual, feedback is very important, and several of you came forward stating some GBA games saved and some did not. It turns out, the reason some were not saving was due to a double extension bug, IE: .gba within .zip. BsLeNuL was kind enough to come up with a fix which is now applied within this Update! You will need to install any version of RetroArch Xtreme and gpSP in order for the saves to properly function.

RetroArch 1.7.5 Xtreme & Reicast Xtreme!!!

First of all, there is a new option in RetroArch, under Configuration, to Reset to Defaults. Do Not Use This Option for now. It will default to expected path perimeters of PC, etc. RetroArch. Just like with a flash drive, just because an option to "Format" is there, does not mean you should get click happy and use it. This option could have technically been hidden. But, there are also a dozen other options that can equally screw things up if you inadvertently mess with them. Just be careful changing options that you are not familiar with. Ask, if in doubt. Learn in the process. But, again, if you accidentally use this option, do not be too concerned. You can simply reinstall RetroArch and/or use Load Configuration and select from _RetroArch Defaults, the back-up Configuration I put into place. It is always a good idea to know exactly what something does before you click it. I will let you know if anything changes regarding this option. But, for now, stick to not using it.

Next up, we have a Performance and Compatibility Upgrade for Reicast. This specific Updated Core is now called Reicast Xtreme, and will ONLY work on RetroArch 1.7.5 Xtreme. If you try to use it on 1.7.4 it will have not have sound and be prone to C7/C8 Crashes. But, it works exceptionally well on 1.7.5 Xtreme, and has better and smoother Performance and overall better Compatibility than the non-Xtreme Reicast Core. Not to mention, keyboard and online support have been added! In order to use keyboard, you will have to set controller number 1 to keyboard, save the configuration for that specific game, exit, then when you reload game, keyboard will work! As far as Online, I did not get to fully test this on the Mini as of yet. But, it works great with Phantasy Star Online V2 on my PC testing! Hopefully, we will be able to get some decent online matches with Marvel Vs Capcom 2 going! Once this Update is out, I will play around more with the Online Component! As always, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!

Standard Reicast Core can be used with RetroArch 1.7.4 Xtreme and Neo. And, again, Reicast Xtreme can only be used with RetroArch 1.7.5 Xtreme. Only install one Reicast Core at a time, just like with PPSSPP and PPSSPP Xtreme.

Dreamcast Cheats!!!

Absolutely love this addition, personally! You can easily unlock all characters in Marvel Vs Capcom 2, and do many other amazing things in other games with the Dreamcast Cheats! Have fun!

Final Burn Alpha 2016 Performance Upgrade!!!

Many games will run much better and more optimally. Try loading up Night Slashers Japan Version (nslasherj), as an example. I will be doing more performance upgrades for games that were previously stubborn to run, such as this one! Feel free to request me to look into any! Do not expect Ninja Baseball Batman and a few other Irem games to benefit, however. These still run best on MAME 2003 Xtreme! Enjoy this Update. More things will change with Final Burn Alpha 2016 in the near future!

Beautiful & Glorious Video Game Art!!!

You've all seen me use this absolutely beautiful and amazing Video Game Art in my videos over the last 2 years! I have gotten very special permission to include them with my set:) I personally thank RetroKenesis for explicit permission to include these truly amazing Art Packs in my Core Set Releases:) These are the result of hundreds of hours of true dedication and hard work, blood, sweat, and tears...And, it shows in these masterpieces! Due to our precious size limitations with NAND Internal Flash Memory, the files were losslessly reduced with PNGoo, which is included in Xtras/Tools. There is not any loss in quality, yet file sizes are much smaller:)

They are a permanent fixture in my collection, and now you will all be able to easily enjoy them! They are in Mega NZ Link, in Xtras/Game Art!!! I will add more in future Updates! But, for now, enjoy ones he has done for NES, Sega 32X, Sega-CD AKA Sega Mega-CD, Sega Genesis AKA Sega Mega Drive, Sega Master System, and Turbografx-CD, and so on!!! Enjoy the mind-blowing art work which will be a true showcase on your Main UI!!!

Rubbishmonkey's equally awesome, coverage of some of the more obscure games, translations, hacks, and so on, were included a few Updates back.

I have also included Soulctcher's amazing "Cart Art" package for those who want NES/FDS games as they looked once outside the boxes!

Since Arcade Games are my life blood and one of the biggest reason I ever got into computers to begin with...I have added a very extensive Arcade Flyer Art Pack, which covers several thousand games! The very first 2 MAME games I ever emulated via CMD prompts were Michael Jackson's Moonwalker and Sly Spy. I spent an entire Summer on a 56k AOL connection trying to acquire the entire MAME set. Prehistoric Isle failed many many times, and was one of the more difficult ones to successfully get! Download managers did not yet exist. I have used ClrMAMEPro over the years and have just adjusted my original set to adapt to coding and driver changes since the late 1990s, when I first got into MAME.

I will most certainly look into adding many more Art Packs in the very near future, to fill in any other missing Systems! Feel free to request any and I will add them! And, you won't necessarily have to wait for an Update either, as I will be hosting these (again) entirely within the Mega NZ Link, in Xtras/Game Art. So, request away!

Keep checking the Mega NZ this link this week, as I will continue to add many more Art Packs!

NEW Sega Saturn Core with CHD Support (still slow)!!!

We now have yet another Sega Saturn Core with full CHD Support. You can use the Xtras/Tools/CHDMAN set-up I previously put together to easily convert bin+cue, etc. into CHDs! You will need BIOS for this. The pertinent files are mpr-17933.bin, sega_101.bin, which can be installed via Master BIOS Module, like any other HMOD. Simply copy and paste them into the root libretro/system folder!

PPSSPP Xtreme nearly 10 MB Smaller!!!

Dependencies no longer needed (still needed for normal version!) and launcher Updated. Every big of MB
counts on our precious Minis!

Hatari and Free2JME Removed from Set

It has been confirmed through much testing that both of these Cores are not at all functional. They load, but will not run games. So, I have removed them, for now. They may or may not be fixed in future Updates. I would definitely love to see both of them eventually work!

YouTube Shout-Outs!!!

I have made many acquaintances and friends in the YouTube Community. I am going to start Shouting out to some that have amazing and fun channels to watch. For now, I will start with one to go along with the theme of HORROR' Stravaganza! Any others that communicate with or follow me on YouTube, if you are comfortable with your channel being shared, by all means let me know! I am only adding one for now! But, definitely "refresh" my Github, and I will add more in "blog" format in the interim before the Next Update! This means you Mr Dank Games, and ArcNoculus and anyone else that has been incredibly amazing to me on YouTube! Let me know:) For now, enjoy!

Second Prize Comedy:) Truly great guy and friend to boot!

Speaking of HORROR 'Stravaganza & Hardest NES Games!!!

Many of you have given me absolutely incredible support and feedback on both of these series. I will be doing another one of both this week! There is a prelude to Hardest NES Part 2 in the videos below! But, expect two amazing videos after this Update is Released, later this week! This will be the month of HORROR 'Stravaganzas and Hardest NES! Many ideas to unfold for your entertainment! Feel free to suggest any cool games for me to showcase! And, Dank Games, no worries, Silent Hill has not been forgotten! You will see me play it for the first true time!

Vice x64 Core Fixed & How to add Games to the Commodore 64 Mini!!!

Personal thanks to Hoderer for the heads up! We all need our Commodore 64 Fix!

And, low and behold, to the surprise and chagrin of many...Adding Games to the Commodore 64 is very easy! They did absolutely nothing to prevent it from being done, as you can clearly see from this official link:)

RetroArch + Cores is still a possibility. But, the hardware specs slightly under-perform those of the Minis, unfortunately. So, do not expect miracles as far as anything we currently run here to run better there. It will be roughly the same or slightly less of an emulation experience.

NEO-GEO Mini...Is it worth hacking and modding!!!?

Unfortunately, the hardware specs of the NEO-GEO Mini are even lesser than that of the Commodore 64 Mini. In fact, they are nearly a decade old obsolete at this point. I wouldn't expect much better than NES to SNES to potentially NEO-GEO to run on this device. It would make an incredibly cool shell for a RetroPie, however! So, the best reasons to have both the Commodore 64 and NEO-GEO Minis, at this point, would be for the nostalgic value. I am still personally placing my bet on the upcoming Playstation Classic as having more potential than both of these combined! At least we have some truly solid and amazingly sound hardware with the NES/SNES Classics! Just wish that darn NAND wasn't so small:) But, we have USB-HOST and SD Card Modifications...So, not an issue:)

Xtreme & Legacy Core Sets!!!

Again, Legacy Core Set is updated into Mega NZ Link, Xtras/_Releases. These are meant for users of RetroArch 1.7.1-1.7.3 Xtreme. The Xtreme Set is the Main Release, and works with 1.7.4-1.7.5 Xtreme. The Xtreme Set has 75 percent smaller install size, and 400 MB of Cores will really install as only 100 MB:) Precious NAND Internal Flash Memory is what matters here!


Despite this Update posting today, I practically have enough WIP to put together a whole other Update! But, I will focus again on Amiga, a better way of switching between multiple disks, something related to Nintendo Power. Some of you might be aware of the fact that I spearheaded a project roughly 13 years ago to amass and scan the entirety of the Nintendo Power Collection. Over 75 percent of the issues were successfully scanned and archived. I will be doing something else with this, likely by the next Update! Hopefully, many of you have gotten to enjoy the scans over the last decade! Some truly great people helped with the project, of which I am still very good friends with! I scanned 75 percent of the issues myself, richegreen helped with a good 20 percent, with some gaps being filled in by a few other amazing individuals. Each issue took me roughly 3 hours to do! And, I pretty much destroyed them to get the best possible scans I could by completely debinding. Very pleased with the end result!

Justme488 and myself are working on a comprehensive Wiki that will detail the usage of all of the Cores in my set, for easy perusal and accessibility. I will showcase this next Update!!! Feel free to make any suggestions as far as what you'd like to see within the information database to make things easier for you guys and gals!

Lastly, personal thanks to Gingerbeardman, AntiFly, madmonkey, DanTheMan827, for consistently being amazing Collaborators!

Now, onto the Coinciding Videos for this Release. Enjoy:)

SNES Classic - Glorious & Beautiful Game Art + Mod Hub + Prelude to Hardest NES Part 2!!!

SNES Classic - ScummVM Fully Working!!! Test Demonstration!!!

SNES Classic - ScummVM Tutorial!!!

SNES Classic - HORROR 'Stravaganza - Part 13

SNES Classic - HORROR 'Stravaganza - Part 14

Thanks again, everyone! See you Next Update, and of course on YouTube, Reddit, Discord, GBA Temp, in the meantime! And, I will do my best to catch up on and fulfill personal requests and get back to all of your messages:)


Yes, tomorrow is the day. Unfortunately, due to a power outage, the Update will not post til I get home from work! I work in 4 hours, so sleep takes precedence for now:) But, check out the latest YouTube Videos I posted, to be prepped and ready for the Release! It will be a tremendously awesome Release, per usual! Thank you all for being so incredibly patient! Later today, your Minis will have some new toys to play around with!


First of all, the Core Set Update IS, in fact dated 9-23-18. I was sidetracked a bit and wanted to get a few last minute additions added, as well as the necessary testing to ensure a solid Release! Thanks for your patience!

Just when you didn't think things could get any better or crazier, we now have yet another tremendously "super awesome" update, complete with the wall of text that can barely contain all of the Mini Excitement! Bullet Points first, of course!!! Then, there will be descriptions of each of the additions. And, finally, after the Release Notes, some videos showcasing several of them in action!

  • What, where, when, why, how, will it, can it, be hacked - Playstation Classic & NEO-GEO Mini!?
  • Forum for conversations/topics regarding Playstation Classic/Mini NES/SNES/N64/NEO-GEO Mini, etc!
  • Amiga is back with a Vengeance! Re-Introducing P-UAE Xtreme & Introducing UAE4ARM Xtreme!
  • Amiga now has direct loading ability with P-UAE & P-UAE Xtreme!
  • Amazing Arcade Compatibility Document based off of over 150 hours of testing!
  • Fantastic BIOS Cheat Sheet Document Update!
  • PPSSPP has gone Xtreme with better compatibility, reliability, and durability as far as far less graphical glitches!
  • PCSX ReArmed NEON more optimal Hi-Res Mode for more games!
  • PPSSPP Custom Font Support!
  • PPSSPP C8 on Shutdown!?
  • NEW Game Boy Core with better Color Palette Hack Support! Welcome Gearboy!
  • Xtreme & Legacy Core Set Support!
  • Arcade Custom OST samples can now run from USB!
  • 1000 Arcade Custom Borders!
  • Custom Borders can now run from USB!
  • Naomi/Atomisware Compatibility Test Sheet!
  • HORROR 'Stravaganza
  • Classic USB Driver+Unf@#$ your Mini!
  • Ninja Baseball Batman!
  • MAME 2003 Plus Experimental!
  • Cat bumped the keyboard!?
  • What's Next!?

I have been messaged countless times, already, about whether or not the Playstation Classic and/or NEO-GEO Mini are going to be able to be hacked or modded! I give huge personal thanks to those who have made sure I was able to pre-order and secure a Playstation Classic, as well as NEO-GEO Mini! Thank you DRVR 99, Dark Hurrikane, and Gravy! Video after Release Notes covers my theories on this! I will cover NEO-GEO Mini later this week:)

If you'd like to become part of the conversation, feel free to sign up for Reddit and follow which will be a great place to cover hakchi and modding and hacking, general fun, bsing, as far as Mini NES/SNES/N64/NEO-GEO Mini/Playstation Classic/and any other systems that come forth! See you there! And, you can also join me on Discord!

Amiga is back with a vengeance! Not only do you now have the incredible ability to directly load a vast majority of Amiga games! Simply add, as is, via hakchi...Then, have command line set to /bin/puae You also have 2 Player Mode Activate, as well as some of the other P-UAE Xtreme Additions, which are back and better than ever, complete with direct loadability! /bin/puae-xtreme if running that one! If you decide to install both P-UAE and P-UAE Xtreme, use /bin/puae-standard and /bin-puae-xtreme for ease of dual usage! I have updated the Master BIOS Module to account for direct loadability! You will do the "same" BIOS Set-Up as before, in addition to one more step! The original BIOS Set-Up started with placing kick31.rom, and WHDLoad.hdf containing kick34005.A500, kick37175.A500, kick40068.A1200, and kick33180.A500 into root system folder of Master BIOS Module, then installing like any other HMOD! You will additionally have to add kick34005.A500, kick40063.A600, and kick40068.A1200, into system, along with kick31.rom and WHDLoad.hdf, in order to take advantage of the Direct Load Feature that P-UAE and P-UAE Xtreme now employs! As always, due to the non-friendly, more advanced nature of running Amiga Emulation on the Mini, any of you are welcome to let me know if you need personal assistance! I will gladly help out so any and all of you can thoroughly enjoy the pure awesomeness that Amiga has to behold! Personal thanks to DamsRoxxx, twinaphex, qclart, madmonkey and BsLeNuL for their dedication to helping make Amiga better! Note, I would still strongly recommend utilizing the autouae addition that is in Xtras/Amiga, that BsLeNuL put together to run AGA games. If you attempt to directly load an AGA game, you will get an error message. You can still use the uae file method and/or autouae. Or, you can simply run the AGA games where they will run much much faster and better, via UAE4ARM! UAE4ARM will use the same pattern, using /bin/uae4arm-standard and /bin/uae4arm-xtreme for dual usage, if you so choose to go that route!

Very pleased to bring you this great addition, a massively comprehensive Arcade Compatibility List for the Minis and the concurrent Arcade Cores pertinent to run them! And, huge personal thanks to MADMAN for investing a good 150 hours into testing. I have been there and done that, as well, and have directly advised on many games that he had questions about! Also, thanks to Ethanr12 for helping with the special roll-out of the information needed for the document! It is in Xtras/Arcade, as madman_arcade_games.xlsx Again, I commend MADMAN for going far out of his way and showing such dedication to this project!

So, you've gotten your Mini successfully modded. Yet, you are having trouble running a Sega-CD game. What is going on! You find out you need BIOS! Well, I already have the Master BIOS Module, which goes a long way in making these very easy to install! But, we have taken this to the next step with a nifty and incredibly awesome BIOS Cheat Sheet that is easily printable for your perusal! Huge thanks to justme488 for helping make this happen! It is in Xtras/BIOS, as BIOS_Cheat_Sheet_Printer_Friendly.pdf Hope this helps makes things a lot easier and less stressful regarding BIOS!

Just when you didn't think things could get any cooler, we now have a vastly improved, for the better PSP Upgrade! You can still use the older Core, if you decide to. But, if you go the route of PPSSPP Xtreme, you will have some amazing perks, as well as specific rules to follow! For starters, you will no longer need to use the PSP Xtreme Add-On that I put together to help with more stubborn games! I have set up the Core to appropriately handle these stubborn games, with minimal adjustment! You will have better compatibility, better running games as a whole, and far less in the way of graphical glitches! If you found yourself being irritated by missing graphics or HUDs, there is a good chance that may not exist as an issue when you retest the same game/s with the Update! Another perk to this is the ability to now go directly into RetroArch, Load Core, Load PPSSPP, and Load a game via DUMMY folder method, without needing to first load the Core from the Main UI! Now for the rules, which are very important and most paramount to your overall enjoyment of this incredible Upgrade! Once you load into the Core and/or a game, ensure that Core Options have auto frame skip OFF and frame skip at 0! These are meant to be the most optimal defaults to use with how I have things set-up! For more stubborn games, such as Ultimate Ghosts N'Goblins and Burnout Legends and 3rd Birthday, and so on, you can set frame skip to 1. Never change it to anything but 0 or 1! If you happen to change it to 1 and the game suddenly goes crazy with glitches and black screen, that means 1 is not going to play well for that specific game! So, just set it back to 0! And, like I have previously done with the Arcade Performance Tweaks, feel free to request me to look into any "stubborn" games, and I can make them default to optimal settings, automatically when you load them! Least not forget, you can still use the original PPSSPP Core, if you so choose to! But, in my personal tests and set-up, the Update is far superior to the original one! You cannot have both installed at the same time due to them using entirely different dependencies! Only pick one or the other!

This brings me to the next adjustment, which regards the PCSX ReArmed NEON Core! I have followed suit with the exact same principle as I have utlized in the PPSSPP set-up, wherein the default should be frame skip set to 0! Once you load a game, you can toggle on the 2 Hi-Res Options, and see how Hi-Res mode fares for that specific game! Then, after you toggle those on, if the game runs well, just leave it be:) If not, try to set frame skip to 1 and you will have a very good chance at a nice improvement to FPS! Just like with PPSSPP, however, if you run into a black screen or glitching, revert it back to frame skip of 0! I have found many more games work well in Hi-Res Mode following this same aspect that PPSSPP is now using in that Update! So, enjoy more Hi-Res games!!!

Another awesome thing you can do with PPSSPP, is use Custom Fonts! Many of you are not at all aware that the PPSSPP emulator cannot legally distribute or include the original PSP Fonts that came on the Playstation Portable! It has to use generic ones in their place, which has the side effect of "breaking many games", as far as proper display of Fonts! Many games are directly affected by this! There is a new HMOD I put together, in which you can easily copy the "original" PSP Fonts that came with the system. km_ppsspp_custom_fonts_9_23_18.hmod is the one to use. Simply copy the Font/s into the deepest root folder within the HMOD! Additionally, there are over 100 Custom Fonts you can install that are in Xtras/PSP/PSP Fonts! Follow the same method of copying the pertinent Font/s in order to apply it! To revert to the default PPSSPP Fonts, just uninstall/reinstall the Core! If you are already using the Core in my set, you can just reinstall it and it should overwrite the previous installation!
Or, you can reinstall the PPSSPP Custom Fonts, as I put the default PPSSPP Fonts within the root! If using USB-HOST, remember you can make hakchi/transfer and copy HMOD/s into that folder, and reinstall them as many times as you want to easily overwrite. You can also hook up the Mini directly to the PC to do the uninstall/install process! Personal thanks to Birdman1 and unknownbrackets and anyone else who helped in testing and information regarding the Font issues! Note: I decided to put the default PPSSPP Fonts within the PPSSPP Custom Fonts HMOD, so that you can simply reinstall that, to revert:)

PPSSPP C8 on shutdown!? Many of you have complained about this happening. Whether or not you have noc8 HMOD installed, it can still happen simply due to the amount of memory that PPSSPP utilizes! In my PPSSPP Xtreme Video linked to below, I showcase yet another workaround method, similar to 2048 for the older PPSSPP Core, to greatly minimize C8 on shutdowns! I also cover several other "new rules", so the video will be helpful to get the best experience out of the New Core Update, as mentioned above:) But, C8 errors will be far less prominent if you use the alternate workaround, which is essentially "Exit completely from PSP game, then load another game (recommended NES), and then shutdown!

One of the most irritating things that I have personally experienced in my earlier attempts to run a very special Game Boy game, Metroid 2: Return of Samus, was the fact that any Color Palette Hack that I wanted to run...simply did not display correctly! In my original Game Boy Colorizer video, you can clearly see the Palette Hack I am using is not properly running! I followed up my personal set-up using a much better one, that still decidedly so disappointed me as far as not being full-on to how it displayed on PC! This is no longer a problem! Thanks to the incredibly awesome new Game Boy Core Gearboy, which runs with /bin/gearboy you can now run a near flawless Color Palette Hack for Metroid 2! I have included the necessary tool and patch needed to apply this! They are both in Xtras/PERM-CHEAT-PATCHING, as and metroid_ii_-color(ejrt)_v1-2. The patch is best applied to Metroid 2 Return of Samus (UE). You can try it on other rom sets. But, it works perfectly with that exact one I just detailed! Obviously, I cannot provide that rom set:( Enjoy MetroidVania, in a beautiful new way, on your Minis! Personal thanks to Ignacio Sanchez, madmonkey, and Quote:)

What is Xtreme, and what is Legacy? Well, Xtreme will be the Main Core Set that is in the Main Download Release! This consists of the Xtras Folder that many of you have gotten accustomed to in my many Releases, along with the 75 percent smaller Cores on install! In this latest Update, the Cores are even smaller! I was able to take them down a little more in size for install! These should all be run on RetroArch 1.7.4 Xtreme! The Legacy Set will be in the Mega NZ Link, in Releases, and will be able to be used on RetroArch 1.7.1-1.7.3, for those of you who are not quite ready to make the jump to 1.7.4 due to various reasons, such as Controller Input configurations changing after 1.7.1 and so on! Hopefully, you will all make the jump to 1.7.4, as it is a very excellent path moving forward! But, I will retain the Legacy Set in Releases, for the time being!

Two of the absolute biggest requests go into the next two additions! First of all, many of you have grown to absolutely love the truly amazing Arcade Custom OSTs that run with MAME 2003 Xtreme! But, it was tough to run them on NAND, due to the fact that they are fairly big! You could run just one or two at a time! This is no longer a problem! You can now simply create hakchi/samples and within that folder make a pertinent folder for your samples. hakchi/samples/mame2003 for MAME 2003 Xtreme! You can also do mame2000, mame2003-plus, mame2010, mame2014, fba (which is for FBA2016!), and fba2012 This is one of my favorite additions in all of the Releases I have done. Two rules for using this addition! You need to install RetroArch Xtreme 1.71-1.7.4, whichever one you so choose. And, you cannot have External RetroArch installed! It won't work if you do. With this and the next addition I go over, this will help minimize need for usage of External RetroArch. Cores are always best run from NAND. That is my preferred set-up from much testing. Anything that constitutes usage of External RetroArch, we will try to make run from USB, to make things more convenient!

Next up, many of you love using BORDERS (Overlays!). These are incredibly cool, but also take up a lot of space if you use a bunch of them. You can now create hakchi/borders and copy the borders+config files directly into there! Again, you will need RetroArch Xtreme 1.7.1-1.7.4, whichever one you decide upon, as well as not using External RetroArch! Huge thanks to my friend, BsLeNuL for such incredible dedication to the Scene and helping fully realize the magic of getting the samples+borders running from USB! And, of course, personal thanks to ArcNoculus for extensively testing the theoretical addition of USB Borders and pushing for such a drastic change for the better! Props to you, man!

On to 1000 Arcade Custom Borders! These are in the Mega NZ link, inside BORDERS folder! Get your heaping helping of amazing Arcade Custom Border awesomeness!!! Personal thanks to the many hours put into these by sonkun, Krakerman, Grizz, AlexDC22, etc!

AntiFly, another great friend in the scene, has spent several days helping test the various Atomiswave/Naomi games! I put together a compatibility result ReadMe in Xtras/Dreamcast, along with two sets of .lst files! Remember, .lst files are essentially cues that point to the appropriate .bin/.dat files needed to run these games! There is a set of "official" ones, as well as the "tested" ones we work with. Thank you so much AntiFly! So very happy that you have been able to help improve compatibility on these amazing games with such extensive testing! Note: I may potentially decide to change out the recommended and expected Naomi/Atomiswave BIOS, dependent on near future testing! This may help increase compatibility even further! I will keep you all posted in the next Updates!

HORROR 'Stravaganza! Many of you have given me very positive feedback on this video series! I will be doing more of these this week! All of you YouTubers who have been so incredibly awesome with comments and likes and subscriptions, thank you so much!

Huge thanks to madmonkey, DanTheMan827, and Team Shinkansen. Things are much easier and optimal as far as getting the Mini Classic Driver installed on some more stubborn Operating Systems that tend to false positive, as well as putting together an excellent method of Unf@#$ing your Mini, if you so happened to unintentionally have screwed it up by using an older Hakchi, such as 2.30. Side effects include black screen or immediate shutdown upon powering up! Note: black screen or immediate shutdown can also occur from using an incorrect power source, such as your PC, rather than the appropriate AC Adapter! These are both in Xtras/Hakchi! Note: The next Hakchi2 CE Update will account for things such as these!

Ninja Baseball Batman was performance tweaked a bit more, and with the combination of any RetroArch Xtreme+MAME 2003 Xtreme, should run considerably better...albeit with a few encryption related graphical glitches and minor slowdown, that are to be expected...occasionally:) But, it is much more playable than in some of the previous Releases! Enjoy!

MAME 2003 Plus Experimental! Check out the Xtras/Arcade/MAME 2003 Plus/Xtreme Experimental Compatibility ReadMe! This is quite possibly the most actively worked upon Arcade Core! It truly has a lot going on for it, as you can see in the ReadMe! Things that you appreciate within the context of said Core, that do not run as well for you on the Minis as they would typically run on PC/Android, etc, feel free to let me know, and I will do my best to code them into MAME 2003 Xtreme! Enjoy Heavy Smash as one of the most incredibly cool futuristic sports Data East games to check out, full speed ahead, on MAME 2003 Plus Experimental, for now!!!

Cat bumped the keyboard!? Yes, this may potentially happen again when the cat decidedly so needs to help spice things up:)

What's Next!? I have a whole list of things on my agenda to look into, including more along the lines of the Amiga Cores! Everything that other Users have asked me to look into, I will my best to do so for the Next Release! There will also be more changes to better optimize integration with Hakchi2 CE! Enjoy the following videos, as well as yet another Incredible Update! And, to those of you that I have not gotten a chance to respond to as of yet, I will be playing the "catch up game" on messages, etc, over the next few days:) Expect more "fun" videos throughout the week! See you next Update, on Discord, YouTube, Reddit, and so on! Thank you all helping make this such a fun Venture!

Sincerely, Kyland K! Onto the videos!

SNES Classic - Playstation Classic - Will and Can it be hacked or modded!?

SNES Classic - Amiga Is Back With A Vengeance! Direct Load + 2 Player Mode Activate!

SNES Classic - PSP Extreme Update + Custom Fonts!

SNES Classic - MetroidVania FTW with New Game Boy Core + Basic Patching!

SNES Classic - Hardest NES games - Part 1!!!

SNES Classic - HORROR 'Stravaganza - Part 12

SNES Classic - Caught in the CrossFire!!!

SNES Classic - HORROR 'Stravaganza - Part 11

See you next Update! Thanks again for everything Guys & Gals!!!


Hot Fix: P-UAE (Amiga) Core

Here is a fixed one that will work on RetroArch 1.7.4 Xtreme:) Personal thanks to Jul Car, DaveC2020, bolton80, Ashley C, and durpdurp420 for the heads up:) P-UAE Xtreme will still need fixed. It will not work with 1.7.4 for the time being. So, use P-UAE and/or UAE4ARM for now:) There will be more Amiga Goodness in the immediate future, no worries:)

You can grab it from Mega NZ Link, Updated into 7z assets, as well as the following link!

File name is _km_puae_9_7_18


NOTE: Proper Way to uninstall/install New Update is to Reset Kernel. If you have issues, Uninstall Kernel, then Install/Repair Kernel. And, finally, install NEW HMODS/RetroArch. It is best to install HMODS by themselves, THEN RetroArch:)

**First of all, let me put out this very important disclaimer! This Core Set Update will ONLY work with RetroArch 1.7.4, which is added into my set...due to special coding changes...for the time being!!! But, in the Mega NZ Link above (Xtras/Releases), I have a Legacy Core Set download, which will work on NEO and all prior RetroArch Releases, 1.7.1-1.7.3! That being said, if you decide to go the Xtreme Bleeding Edge Route...

"Let's Get Ready To Rumble!", as Michael Buffer would say! Things are about to get much more amazing on your Minis with this Release! Here are some bullet points to clarify the main additions! And, as always, several videos showing these in action, after the Release Notes!

  • RetroArch 1.7.4!

  • NAND Users Rejoice! Cores/HMODS 75 percent smaller!

  • Dreamcast Massive Performance Upgrade!

  • Dreamcast Games no longer Crash with C7 In-Game!

  • Dreamcast Tutorial!

  • Nifty Dreamcast VMU as Game!

  • Atomiswave/Naomi Support!

  • Daphne Core with Laserdisc Game Support!

  • FFMPEG Video Support!

  • 3D NES Box Arts for Obscure Games!

  • BIOS PDF Cheat Sheet!

  • New Console Border Overlays!

  • Legacy Core Set!

Ok, then:) We now have RetroArch 1.7.4! Nuff Said:)

Next up, due to some Voodoo madmonkey Magic, you will now be able to have Cores, upon install, be 75 percent smaller! What does this mean? Well, you know Cores such as MAME 2014, which is 70 MB, and MAME 2003 Xtreme, which is around 26 MB, and so on? Well, MAME 2014 will now be 18 MB, and MAME 2003 Xtreme 6 MB! You could potentially install ALL Primary Cores onto Internal NAND Flash Memory! I wouldn't recommend going overboard, however! But, it is just as nice as knowing your car can drive more than 100 MPH! Typically, your NES, SNES, MD, N64 Roms decompress for play on your Minis! Special Coding has been added so that Cores can do the same thing! So, you will no longer have to micro-manage your precious NAND Memory! Arcade Cores will no longer be a nuisance with their huge install sizes! (As mentioned above, this Release will only work on RetroArch 1.7.4! Keep that in mind!)

Dreamcast Games are now fully playable from beginning to end without C7 Crashing! They also run much smoother and faster! And, saving in-game is very easy to do with the VMU Add As A Game, in Xtras/DREAMCAST Yes, I have tested dozens upon dozens of games, and have beaten several without a single crash! It is recommended, as prerequisites to have RetroArch 1.7.4 and Zram Crash Inhibitor installed (which requires Hakchi CE 3.4.1!) Personal thanks to Autechre, flyinghead, Twinaphex, and grant2258!

Speaking of Zram Crash Inhibitor, I have retitled it from Zram N64 Crash Inhibitor to Zram Crash Inhibitor, as it has been proven to help out, to a lesser degree, Cores such as PPSSPP and Reicast, as well as the obvious N64! PS1 still crashes due to Dynarec Conflicts. So, it is not very helpful there!

Sega Dreamcast Tutorial Video Below after Release Notes! ReadMe also in Xtras/Dreamcast!

Atomiswave/Naomi Arcade Game Support with Reicast Core! Master BIOS Module ReadMe and Xtras/BIOS Updated, accordingly to reflect this! You will need naomi_boot.bin BIOS! And, in Xtras/DREAMCAST, are the lst files, which are essentially cue files for said Arcade Games! They do not run full speed! But, they are incredibly fun to play! You can play such games as the REAL Metal Slug 6 (One that most people attempt to run on FBA and MAME Cores is a fake hack of Metal Slug 3) and Dolphin Blue!

Daphne Laserdisc Games Support! No sound, for the moment. But, this is a truly amazing Core! Information on structure and adding games, in Xtras/Daphne!

FFMPEG Video Support! Install ffmpeg Core, and use /bin/ffmpeg from Main UI, or simply load video file via _DUMMY Folder! 480p is max resolution. Go any higher, you will get choppy video due to not having hardware acceleration! Use this Core with RetroArch 1.7.4, obviously:)

I have a beautiful collection of Custom Made 3D NES Box Arts that Rubbishmonkey did awhile back. This will cover many of your guys' and gals' NES Gaps! Xtras/Box Art!

In Xtras/BIOS is a fantastic BIOS Cheat Sheet that justme488 Updated to make things more convenient as far as what is needed for any given Core. I collaborated with him on pertinent information that would be handy. This will be Updated in future Releases, to make things as easy as possible from an End User standpoint!

Madman put together a great collection of Console Borders, which are in Custom Borders HMOD, in Console Folder!

Many Many Cores Updates, and suspend state fixes for ProSystem (Atari 7800) and Handy (Atari Lynx), plus playlist fix for px68k (Sharp X68000). Personal thanks to Xorloser and Ashley C for heads up on these, and madmonkey for helping with the fixes!

Legacy Core Set, again, for NEO and RetroArch 1.7.1-1.7.3 in Mega NZ Link (Xtras/Releases! Everyone else, who is on RetroArch 1.7.4, can stick to the Main Release! Xtras Folder will work with ALL RetroArchs:) So, if you get the Legacy Cores, just copy and paste Xtras from Main Release into that folder!

For those of you interested in going the Ext4 Route, I included the 2 programs I personally use in Xtras/USB-HOST/Ext4! Disk Genius (AKA Partition Guru) for formatting to Ext4, and Linux File Systems (AKA Paragon ExtFS) for usage of the drive, as far as read/write capabilities! In USB-HOST, is also an OTG folder, which shows the various OTG Set-Up Device Types. Again, NTFS is perfectly fine! But, if you want to go the Ext4 Route, which is the native file system of the Mini, view the ReadMe in Ext4 Folder! Note, Linux File Systems has a 10 Day Trial, then is 20 USD. There are other ways of doing this. But, for me, personally...I opted for the 20 USD route, as I have had no issues with Ext4 since I had been using it with USB-HOST last year.

Now that the Xtreme Route is underway, I hope you all get to enjoy the 75 percent increase in free NAND Space from Core Installs! For next Update, I will focus on shrinking down the size of the overall Core Set (by 200-300+ MB!), and consolidating old/unnecessary files into Mega NZ Link Only! Thank you for being patient with this change, for now!

Enjoy these Videos, and see you next Update!!!

SNES Classic - Sega Dreamcast - Massive Performance Upgrade!!!

SNES Classic - Xtreme Core Test + Dreamcast Performance Upgrade V2:)

SNES Classic - Daphne Laserdisc Games Test

SNES Classic - NEO-GEO CD Test:)

NEO-GEO CD on MAME 2003 Xtreme:) Kind of, almost, sort of!

SNES Classic - Atomiswave Test - Metal Slug 6!!!

SNES Classic - Sega Dreamcast - Tutorial

KMFDManic AKA Kyland K:)


Daphne Laser Disc Core!!! It is posted in Mega NZ Link, for now:) Personal thanks to madmonkey, grant2258, twinaphex, and bslenul!

SNES Classic - Daphne Laserdisc Games Test!!!!e55DVTqA!jkfylvaQ-6I0Y59Ov1SamA

Additionally, one other Core Update for now:) Handy, which plays Atari Lynx Games, can now Suspend State! Personal thanks to Xorloser and Madmonkey! It is also in Mega NZ link above!

Enjoy these til Next Update, later this week!!!

PS, I have a NEO-GEO CD Video uploading, as well:) So, check back for it shortly!


As the Classic KMFDM song goes, "More and Faster"...I bring to you for Today's Core Set Release, the overall theme of everything being "More and Faster!". I will start off with some bullet points to accentuate the specific additions. Then, I will follow-up with more descriptive wall of text passes:) Of course, per usual, scroll to the bottom of today's Release Notes to see videos showcasing many of these additions in action!

  • Dreamcast and DOSBox Performance Upgrades!
  • Loading screens "killed" (faster load times)!
  • NEO-GEO CD Support!
  • Cheat System Overhauled!
  • No C8 Error Deterrent!
  • Icons Overhauled!
  • HD NES Mesen Update: Metroid HD with Custom CD OST (PC usage for now)!

Some of you may have noticed in the last Release that Dreamcast definitely needed a bit of improvement:) In fact, most games crashed within a couple minutes of play! Not to mention, they were also incredibly slow! I have been able to get some "full" sessions with little or no crashing, at much better speeds than previously! C7 errors are what you'd typically get when Dreamcast Games crash on either initial loading or after a minute or few of gameplay. If you get C7 on load, try the game again. You may find it will load on the 2nd attempt, just fine! Once you get the Updated Core, today, which will most benefit from use in conjunction with any of the RetroArch Xtremes. If you experience any lag...simply pause the game for a second or two to free up memory enough to greatly minimize chances of C7 Crashing! I personally added performance tweaks to minimize crashing, freezing, and slowdowns, much like I did with PSP Core, previously!Thanks madmonkey, Autechre, and flyinghead for the assistance on this one:) Remember, BIOS are required for Dreamcast! Use Master BIOS Module, create a folder named dc inside libretro/system, and copy dc_boot.bin and dc_flash.bin into it. Then, install like any other HMOD!

As for DOSBox, the new and special SVN Variant contains Unofficial Coding that has been added that truly makes DOS Games run much more effortlessly than ever before, including 3D Games! The older DOSBox is still included, and you can install and try them both to see for yourself! Duke Nukem 3D runs quite nicely on DOSBox SVN! If you only have one DOSBox Core installed, you can use /bin/dosbox If you have both installed, you can use /bin/dosbox and /bin/dosbox-svn Enjoy your 3D Gaming goodness!!! Also optimized for use with RetroArch Xtreme! Thanks go out to fr500, the same great guy who helped implement keyboard to controller mapping for RetroArch and many concurrent Cores. The mapper feature is detrimental to overall enjoyment of several of the PC Cores!

Speaking of RetroArch Xtreme, I mentioned that many things I do or add are on the basis of End User Requests! Yes, nearly everything you guys and gals ask me to look into, I do my best to implement! One of the most common things asked of me is "how do you remove the loading screens?" I am referring to RetroArch Loading, etc! Well, guess what!? They are no more:) I have completely removed them all! And, you get a nice little perk with their removal. Games load, on average, 1-3 seconds faster! After 50+ people asked about removing them, I decided to take the plunge. We've had more than enough "Loading" from playing PS1 Games back in the day! So, as of now, no more Load Screens! Enjoy the 1-3 second faster load times! Big thanks to XProger for informing me that load screens were affecting his load times. This made me dig further and personally test it and make the change.

Next up is something I already mentioned as a WIP a couple Updates back! NEO-GEO CD is now supported in FBA 2016! Personal thanks to barbudreadmon for helping make this happen! You will, of course, need BIOS., which can be installed via Master BIOS Module. Simply copy it into the libretro/system folder, and install like any other HMOD! Additionally, Mode1/2352 does not work. It is recommended Games be in Mode1/2048. You can run them much like PS1, Sega-CD, and so on. If running iso/cue/wav, you won't have music, since there is no wav readability, as of yet. If in bin+cue, music should play, just fine. More is likely to be done with this in the future. But, this is certainly a great start! Huge thanks to BsLeNuL for helping test this fantastic addition:) I will do a video specifically on NEO-GEO-CD, soon, as well:)

I also thank BsLeNuL for helping fix an sfrom bug within the SNES9x Cores, which have also all been Updated:)

The Cheat System has been vastly overhauled! You will need to install latest RetroArch Xtreme 1.7.3 Variant, along with any related Cores you wish to use "Cheats" on. After installing whichever RetroArch Cheats you choose to from my Release, you can access them via RetroArch Settings, Quick Menu, Cheats. You will also notice you can now directly amend and save them much like save states, amongst several other nifty changes to the set-up! Not all Cheats are guaranteed to work. You can still make/add your own, too! I have maintained and Updated Custom RetroArch Cheats, for this reason. These are located within Xtras/Cheats. To access these, after installing, you will need to back out of the start directory, til you are just outside of retroarch. Then, select the new Cheats directory! Additionally, there are even Rumble Cheats! These activate the Rumble Feature on your controller when they are triggered! Example of this would be being hit by an enemy in a sidescrolling brawler game! Very cool, indeed! Thank you RetroSven for all the hard work you have put into fixing up the overall Cheat System! It is greatly appreciated:)

FokinoPelvis, a very talented graphic artist, has lended a hand in integrating some truly mind blowing Icons for your folder_images. These are all in Xtras/Icons! Simply copy the folder_images over your current Hakchi directory one. Then, use Folder Manager. The ones that really really stand out are the work of Fokino:) He did several great Genre and Cartoon Oriented ones, amongst others! Check them out for yourself! I do not even need to tell you which ones they are! They are instantly noticeable for being so incredibly cool and awesome! I will certainly showcase these in a video sometime this week! Very very impressed:) You will also notice in Xtras/Boot Screens, a few really cool ones he put together! Rename to boot.png (extension included!), and place inside hakchi folder on USB. Expect more greatness from FokinoPelvis! I commend him for doing such an incredible job on his Custom Icons and Boot Screens!

Faustbear has also extensively helped touch up many of the "Video Game System" Icons, and they are also Updated into the same folder_images as above! I appreciate him reaching out to me about including these in my Update! You can view his notes on the Icon Update, here:

The other Icons you see in Xtras/Icons are many I have personally done, as well as some from Sky-cyberguy and modified ones courtesy of NeoRame. Again, enjoy all of the truly amazing Icons!

One of the most annoying things one can encounter on their Mini is a C8 error, especially on shutdown! There are many variables as to why these errors occur, such as too many games in a directory, slow OTG and/or USB device, ui shell taking too long to exit, etc. But, they are mostly harmless. If you get a C8 on shutdown, you may simply toggle the power switch back to on, then off get the system to shut off. The only real side effect of C8 on shutdown is that system settings reset, such as Demo Mode being back on if you had it disabled, etc! Save states, of course, are fine! Madmonkey put together a great HMOD to help with minimizing C8 errors, especially on USB-HOST. It is noc8.hmod and shows up as MM No C8 Error Deterrent in Modules Tab! Personal thanks to TheWez1981 (helping test C8 solutions and finding a safe and magic number of games to stick to, per directory, which is 25!) and gpstar (hardware configuration testing), And, of course, thank you madmonkey, for helping with the "fix"! Look inside Xtras/OTG for a some pics and a brief overview of Hardware configurations for optimal Set-Up!

We have Metroid in HD with a full CD Soundtrack! Unfortunately, Mesen runs far too slow to be realistic, for now...on the Minis! But, I have included, in Xtras/HD NES, the necessary files to run this amazing accomplishment on your PC! Video demonstration below, HORROR 'Stravaganza - Part 10 (28 Minute Mark)!

Justme488 was kind enough to do a PDF of the necessary BIOS, to supplement my current list, in Xtras/BIOS! He will Update it, and it will be a great go to source for when you need to know what BIOS should be installed! Master BIOS Module in my set can be used to install BIOS, in general:)

Nearly everything has been Updated, Tweaked, to some degree, for this Update! As always, uninstall old before installing anew!

WIP for next Update, will include the usual User Requests that I will do my best to look into and add! Remember, many things I do for the Updates are based on all of your requests! I always appreciate the feedback! There will also be another Custom OST, Marvel Vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes!

Here are some videos to enjoy in the meantime!

SNES Classic - C8 Errors Be Gone! Fastest USB-HOST!

SNES Classic - Sega Dreamcast Before & After Performance Upgrade Tests!

SNES Classic - Sega Dreamcast - Before

SNES Classic - Sega Dreamcast - After! (Nearly Full Speed Ahead!

DOSBox Performance Upgrade! Full Speed Ahead!

SNES Classic - HORROR 'Stravaganza - Part 10

See you all Next Update, and on YouTube, Reddit, Discord, in the interim:)

Sincerely, KMFDManic AKA Kyland K!


Where to begin, where to begin:)

Before the Release Notes begin, I will make it known that nearly every addition to this Core Set Update has a video related to it, right after the Notes:) Now for the wall of text of wall of text of wall of text!

Well, for starters, we now have a new very special Custom OST for Arcade Double Dragon, for use with MAME 2003 Xtreme! Personal thanks to gpstar for putting in so much time and effort in helping make this whole concept a reality! And, grant2258 for helping with many bug fixes! And, Wilstorm, arcadez, Markwkidd, and the rest of the great MAME 2003 Standard and Plus Teams! The Custom OST is available in the Mega NZ Link, inside Xtras/Arcade/samples!

Next, we have Amiga 2 Player Activate! Personal thanks to qclart, who went beyond the call of duty here, to ensure the Amiga experience continues to get better every Update! You can run the new additions with the new Variant Core, P-UAE Xtreme!

P-UAE Xtreme Variant has these additions over standard P-UAE!

2nd joystick supported
Increased virtual keyboard size
Removed GUI
New default controller mappings with mouse speed up/down functions

L2 = show/hide status
L = mouse speed down (min 1)
R = mouse speed up (max 6)
SEL = toggle mouse/joy mode
STR = show/hide virtual keyboard (vkbd)
A = joystick fire 1/mouse 1/vkbd key pressed
B = joystick fire 2/mouse 2

Enjoy the awesome new P-UAE Xtreme Variant Core. You can certainly look forward to much more greatness to unfold, Amiga wise, in future Updates, courtesy of qclart and other like minded individuals! And, remember, not fear Amiga. It is not as scary and complicated as it seems! Feel free to ask for help from both myself and qclart, anytime!

BsLeNuL took a very personal interest in helping better Amiga, as well. He made an HMOD that will make adding .hdf files more user friendly!
No need to copy the template file and edit the path of the rom every time you add a game! Instead of adding the .uae file into hakchi CE, just add the .hdf and change the command line to /bin/autouae, it will take care of the rest! He also added a bunch of additional options.

You can check out BsLeNuL's HMOD here! (It is also posted in my set, in Xtras/Amiga, as autouae.hmod!)

Next up, something that has plagued the Mini NES/SNES from day one! Many N64 Games that were supported to begin with had a near 99.7 percent chance of always crashing! Star Fox 64 would always crash after you beat the 1st level, and it started zooming in on the galaxy map stage selection screen! I previously put together an N64 Crash Bypass video to help with cases such as this. You would get into RetroArch Settings the moment an N64 game starts to slow down, before it completely freezes! Then, you would simply toggle srgb, from within video settings, on/off, which would free up enough memory to continue the game! It worked as a decent way to limp through many games! Other games, such as Mario Kart 64, generally crashed after 30 minutes of play, average!

This will no longer be a problem with the newest HMOD, courtesy of madmonkey! I introduce to you, the Zram N64 Crash Inhibitor Modification! What it essentially does is a Virtual Swap compressed in Ram! This will not technically improve performance. But, by having more alotted and accessible memory, things will not max out. And, games will run as well as they should have run to begin with! The order of how well things run is basically this...Ram>Zram>Swap File N64 Games will always crash with normal Ram, due to Dynamic Recompiler maxing out the memory on several games! But, Zram, with its compression, prevents the maxing out from occurring as fast! Think Bullet Time Effect Matrix or DC's The Flash! Star Fox 64 will "still max out on memory" if you intentionally let it sit at the precise moment you know it is going to inevitably crash! But, you now have a change of reaction time from 2.5 seconds, average, to nearly 30 seconds! This is a very good thing, indeed! Swap File works, too. But, system stability drops, as a whole. FPS goes down considerably after bypassing the 1st "Choke Point" in Star Fox 64! You only need to install the HMOD once! And, there is a prerequisite! You will absolutely need to be running Hakchi2 CE 3.4.1 due to the kernel version. But, this amazing modification will potentially be added directly into Hakchi2 CE in the very near future! Another thing to note. PS1 Crashes occur due to a different reason than memory maxing out. There are simply Dynamic Recompiler/Video Plug-In conflicts, and games such as Star Wars Jedi Power Battles, and Parasite Eve 2, which crashed before, will still crash. So, Swap File and/or Zram will NOT prevent PS1 games from crashing (classically speaking, fixing these would involve potential changes to video/audio plug-ins and/or dynamic recompiler and/or a straight up overclock...which is how Jedi Power Battles was fixed on PC!)

Again, this HMOD will only work with Hakchi2 CE 3.4.1, for now! And, despite it not technically boosting performance, games that previously ran at bad FPS on Mupen will now run far better. The games should have run this way to begin with! But, the memory was simply not optimized enough, of which the Zram most definitely helps with! So, enjoy this great HMOD, and it is called zram- in my set, and shows up under km_Zram N64 Crash Inhibitor in Modules Install/Uninstall Tab in CE! Personal thanks to Xorloser for brainstorming with me about the memory issue and us confirming that games that crashed were within 3 MB of Ram Memory Max! I thought of using a Virtual Page style system, like on older PCs! I then conferred with madmonkey, who decided Zram was the optimal way to go. And, hell yes, it works so amazingly well! May you all get your N64 Fixes without worries of crashing every 20-30 Minutes! Enjoy!!

More info on how this Zram Modification works!!!

N64 Goodness continues! The Zram also does one other amazing thing! Some of you may have realized that you'd load an N64 Game from UI or _DUMMY Folder, and sometimes you'd be kicked back to the Main UI, and the game would fail to load! Memory was screwy and locked up! I successfully loaded 400+ N64 Games in a row, without an issue...wherein I would typically have a game or few fail without Zram, and have to reboot the system every once in awhile!

Last point regarding N64, for now, is that you can now use Mupen and Parallel, exit games to Main UI, and create Suspend States! They have been quite reliable in tests! Some of the memory fixes that CompCom implemented last year into RetroArch have vastly improved Suspend State/In Game Save Ability for N64/mGBA. And, BsLeNuL, of course, helped fix the gpSP save conflict! Good stuff, all around! My recommendation, for now, once you install Zram, is to use Mupen as your primary N64 Core! The optimized Ram Usage will make it a far superior to run Core, than previously!!! Plus, suspend states work great! Parallel is great, too! But, you cannot do any save game/core overrides with it! Order of chronological progression, N64 wise is...Glupen became Mupen became Parallel! You will, of course, need to update Mupen/Parallel for suspend states to work!

Now then, since I already mentioned it...We now have a new Dreamcast Core, called Reicast! Personal thanks for the many many hours of time madmonkey put into trying to get this running. And, a special thanks to Autechre and other libretro people involved in helping fix it for use on RetroPie and the Mini NES/SNES! Things to note about this Dreamcast Core! One, it takes roughly 3 Minutes to load each game! This includes the necessary time/date selection screen that will pop up every time you pick a game! Memory usage isn't fully optimized yet. So, you will definitely encounter some slowdowns/hesitations/pauses/C7 Crashes! If you attempt to load a game, and it C7 Crashes on you, this means it simply isn't supported due to Dynamic Recompiler/Video Plug-In/Other such conflicts! Autoechre and madmonkey will actively be helping get things going better. But, in the meantime, enjoy the Core! Note: BIOS are needed! You can use the Master BIOS Module to install them! You will need a directory named dc with the following 2 files in it! dc_boot.bin & dc_flash.bin

I did one simple, yet solid addition to the RetroArch Cheats, particularly Game Boy. Metroid 2: Samus Returns, you can now use Infinite Missiles! There are a variety of factors that inhibit some codes from working. But, when people ask me about specific ones, I will do what I can to fix them or make new codes to take the place of the bad ones! Cheats are very niche! But, they are an absolutely fun way to re-experience games you have played fully, in the past! Mega Man 2, beat it dozens of times, feel free to enable Mega or Moon Jump, for some real fun! There are thousands upon thousands of codes for a good dozen systems! So enjoy them. Do not forget, I also have Custom RetroArch Cheats in Xtras/Cheats, for those of you who want to create and implement your own!

We are not done yet, not for a hot minute:) Irem and Nintendo Vs Games are permanently fixed! No more bad sound in MAME 2003 Xtreme! This also means you will no longer need MAME 2003 Irem Variant! One Core to rule them all again! MAME 2003 Xtreme can now handle all of the Custom OSTs, Data East and Irem and Nintendo Vs Encryption Fixes, as well as System 32 Games and many more amazing additions, that will keep on coming in future Releases!

Mesen, a very CPU/GPU intensive NES Core, is now added! Personal thanks to madmonkey/CompCom:) It is very special, as it can handle NES HD Packs! I have included two sets of NES HD Packs! One is in Main HMODS, and is called _km_mesen_nes_hd_packs_add-on_8_11_18. The other is in Xtras/HD NES. Note: before you get too involved with this...Mesen runs horribly slow on the Mini NES/SNES! So, you will be lucky to get 5-8 FPS, at best! But, if you want to "try out" the HD NES HMOD, you can see some breathtaking HD Sprite Replacements! We may be able to fix the Core to run better in the future, though! Due to case sensitive naming, ensure if you are using the HMOD, the exact game names are as follow (Inside the 7z or zip does not matter, only the name that is designated in main argument!):

1st = What you need to rename game to! 2nd is rom set used!

  • CV = Castlevania (USA)
  • DK = Donkey Kong (JU)
  • KF = Kung Fu (Japan, USA)
  • MM = Mega Man (USA)
  • NG = Ninja Gaiden (USA)
  • NG2 = Ninja Gaiden II - The Dark Sword of Chaos (USA)
  • N&M = Nuts & Milk (Japan)
  • SMB = Super Mario Bros. (World)

Games Not included. It is your own responsibility to provide them.

The ones in Xtras/HD NES use the Rom Set Names, instead. These can be used, quite easily, on a Real full speed for better overall enjoyment! Pay close attention to how amazing the Castlevania one is, complete with a Full CD Soundtrack!!! I absolutely loved the Mega Man one, and was contacted by the person who worked hard on that one, AxlRocks! Each and every one of the HD NES Pack Games are the result of an incredulous amount of work! So, enjoy them all!

RetroArch Xtreme, all 3 Versions have been Updated to handle Shonen Jump support!!! Thank you, madmonkey, yet again!

As usual, many many Cores have been Updated, Tweaked, Optimized for the better! Remember to ALWAYS uninstall previous HMODS/RetroArch before installing anew! This will avoid any potential conflicts!

Enjoy this amazing Update! Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy the following Videos! And, WIP for next Update is potential fix for C8 Errors, 2-4-6-8 Player Mode Activate HMODs, "shrinking down the overall set size", and anything else that you, as a fantastic community, asks me to look into adding! Remember, many of the additions are due to End User Requests! You all help make things better, day by day! It has been a pleasure! Til next Update! See you on Reddit, Discord, GBA Temp, and YouTube, in the meantime:)

Sincerely, KMFDManic AKA Kyland K:)

**SNES Classic - Double Dragon Custom OST!!!

SNES Classic - Amiga 2 Player Activate!!!

SNES Classic - N64 Games Fixed! Crashes Be Gone For Good!:)

SNES Classic - Sega Dreamcast Test - Teaser:)

SNES Classic - HD NES Games on Mesen:)

SNES Classic - HORROR 'Stravaganza - Part 9

If you enjoyed HORROR 'Stravaganza - Part 9, be sure to check out the other 8 Parts!!!

Also, more Videos will be Updated, throughout the night, such as a Dreamcast Test and Irem & Nintendo Vs Encryption Fix Video!!! So, be sure to check back on my YouTube channel:)


Hello everyone, newcomers and veterans to the Mini Scene, alike! Today is going to be quite a Release! There are many new things, changes, optimizations, and so on. Today's Theme is Advanced Advanced Users! Lots of great stuff going out! Let's start with some Bullet Points, then get into more full fledged descriptions:) Danger, Danger, Will...err...Wall of Text incoming!

As always, uninstall previous HMODS, before installing NEW ones:)

  • NEW SNES9x Bright Core!

  • Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Custom OST!

  • Ethanr12 Updated Save State Modification!

  • Advanced Advanced PS1 Ripping Two-Fold!

  • PSX Xtreme BIOS Performance Upgrade!

  • NEW ChaiLove Core!

  • PX68k (Sharp X68000) Core M3U Fix!

  • SGB Border added to RetroArch Xtreme!

  • BIOS Audit Overview

  • Folder Icons!

  • Advanced Music Hack Collection!

  • RetroArch Xtreme Database Add-On!

  • Etc:)

First up, we have a Custom OST like no other:) You can now run Michael Jackson's Moonwalker with a very special Custom Soundtrack, courtesy of gpstar! This has been something I have envisioned since the very first time I ever played Moonwalker on MAME over 20 years ago! Yes, it, along with Sly Spy, were my very first 2 MAME Games Emulated! I had to run DOS prompts to run them then, though! And, hell if I didn't spend an entire summer grabbing the entire MAME set on 56k! Prehistoric Isle 2 failed me a good 50 times, since download managers were not yet possible then! Those were the days, haha! In any case, gpstar did an absolutely incredible job with this Custom OST. He also worked hard and long on boosting load times! And, he implemented flac support and did much more extensive work, than one would first realize. View the ReadMe to see his illustrious notes! You will see a considerable difference in all Custom OST load times! ReadMe for Moonwalker is in Xtras/Arcade! Samples are no longer in the Set. You will need to grab those from the Mega NZ link above! This will help keep the overall Core Set size down:) I will do upcoming Video Tutorials on how to "make" your own Custom OST Samples. Again, gpstar went beyond the call of duty for these Custom OSTs. I will be forever grateful. And, you will never see my Main UI without these Custom OST Games:) Final Fight, Mortal Kombat, NBA Jam, Out Run, now Moonwalker! I will never look back:) Note: MAME 2003 Xtreme required for Custom OSTs!

Next Up, unlike the Brighter Day that the Ryan Reynold's Green Lantern movie attemped to become, we have a brand new spanking SNES9x Core Variant, called Bright! This isn't just any Core. kps501 did an impeccable job taking a bunch of elements that only previously ran on BSNES/Higan (BSNES runs at 7-11 FPS on the Minis!) and got them going for us on the Minis!!! Myself, madmonkey, and gpstar assisted in the transition process. I am so very glad that everything worked out, as it is a truly amazing Core! Remember, if you have just ONE SNES9x Core installed, you can run with /bin/snes But, if you have multiples installed, use the specially separate Command Lines, instead...such as /bin/snes02 /bin/snes05 /bin/snes10 /bin/snes16 And, of course, for Bright, it is /bin/snes-bright And, guess what, guys and gals!? You can now run Top Gear 3000, near perfectly!!! That is true cause for celebration, as it has been one of the most incredibly stubborn games in my many years of Emulation, to properly run! Not only that, but he also has several special SNES enhancement chips properly running, such cx4 (Mega Man X2/X3; proper wireframe emulation), dpsp1 (Pilotwings; more advanced mode 7 scaling and trigonometry calculations!), dpsp2 (Dungeon Master; bitmap conversion and dynamic scaling!), dpsp3 (SD Gundam GX (unplayable, otherwise. AI appropriately accounted for!), dpsp4 (Top Gear 3000 (Proper track drawing, very minimal graphical glitches!), st010 (F1 ROC II: Race of Champions; Smarter and more accurate AI!), st011 (Hayazashi Nidan Morita Shogi; Smartly representative AI!), plus a ton of other notable additions which you can read within the context of the Hakchi2 Modules/Uninstall Tab, while the SNES9x Bright Core is displayed:) I very much thank kps501 for the efforts he put forth on helping port this to the Mini! Also note, you can run nearly everything with hardware in Core Options, except for cx4 games, for the moment:) kps501 will be following all of your feedback, and will be happy to take suggestions as far as making this kick-ass Core even more so better (if that is even possible!). Test Demonstration below! Note: Much like RetroArch Xtreme and MAME 2003 Xtreme, kps501 is like minded as far as being very experimental with coding changes:) This benefits many End Users, as you all get to try out new and exciting things, frequently:) Also, BIOS are absolutely required in order to get the most out of this most excellent of Cores! The cat may have to bump the keyboard a few times:) But, refer to the Master BIOS Module, as well as Xtras/BIOS to see the appropriate configuration you will need. The two Audio ones, will auto install, as kps501 was kind enough to pre-configure those. And, I implemented them into the install process!

Gingerbeardman and myself were bsing, brainstorming and thinking about something quite interesting. You can run PS1 Games on PSP/PS2, etc. But, wouldn't that essentially mean that they are still utilizing PS1 BIOS, of sorts! Well, guess what, we dug deeper, and yes...Low and behold, PS1 BIOS are being used. We went even further than that ideology, and actually went through the process of Ripping said BIOS and implementing them for use on the Minis! And, guess what!? There is a remarkable difference in FPS and overall smoother gameplay. Not to mention, nearly every game I have tested can now run in Hi Res Mode! I will be doing a Video Tutorial on how to rip these very special and much more optimized than the very outdated, Standard PS1 BIOS you have all been using! So, yep, yet another PS1 Performance Upgrade, complete with a new and Updated PS1 Core:)!!! Tools needed to do this, along with a Tutorial, are in a new Advanced Advanced Ripping portion of Xtras/Tools/PS1! Note: PSP IS absolutely required to do this! Those who are able to contact me directly, I will do my best to help you get onto these NEWER, much better BIOS!!! Well, cat keyboard bumping, yet again:)

Not only that...For those of you who have followed my Various PS1 Ripping Tutorials, I started out with Beginner's ones, wherein you rip Audio+Video out of games such as Wipeout. Then, intermediate ones, where you combined multiple bins, for games such as In the Hunt and Die Hard Trilogy. And, advanced onces, to handle Ape files, and such, in the context of Japanese Games! Guess what!? There is now an even more advanced Ripping procedural that myself and gingerbeardman will help you all learn...for those of you who want the challenge:) Games such as Twisted Metal and Crash Bandicoot, and several other first generation PS1 Games, that were in the larger rectangle boxes, had DUMMY files or different Audio Configurations, which are not as easily manipulated with the prior Ripping Tutorial methods! So, there will be an Advanced Advanced Ripping Tutorial method for these ones! This is great for those who want to say they can run a previously impossible to run on NAND, Crash Bandicoot, on NAND! Still very cool as far as getting an idea of the overall structure and how PS1 Games work, as a whole! Right now, I only suggest this for very advanced users!!! You've been warned! In Xtras/Tools/PS1, is a new Advanced Advanced Ripping Portion, for those who want to try something new and incredibly challenging! Gingerbeardman was also kind enough to translate the foreign language program, psx-mode2! Have fun!!!

A very good friend of mine, Ethanr12, has Updated his very special Save State Shortcuts Modification!!! Check it out, if you'd like to essentially have a script will make SHORTCUTS for all games that you have saves for. It places them all in a folder! Making finding your saved games much quicker and less frustrating! Personal thanks to DanTheMan827 and BsLeNuL for assisting in the process:)

Many of you have been having issues running the gpSP Core, which is superior for running the Final Fantasy and Pokemon Games, amongst other problematic and stubborn ones! The reason you've all been having trouble running this Core was simply due to the fact that you did not have BIOS installed. I put together a Bios Audio Overview Video to help you all better understand how things work! Personal thanks to SpiteBard for the heads up!

Per request, I added a Super Game Boy Border for those who want to run GB Games that do not have special SGB Borders! Run via Gambatte, then RetroArch, Shaders, Load Shader, SGB glslp. If you want to revert, do same process, and select Stock glslp. RetroArch Xtreme required to to use this added Border:) Personal thanks to a true Guru of anything and everything Super Game Boy, ReyVGM! He has educated me more so than any google search ever could! He certainly knows SGB inside and out! I have decided to knowledge drop some of his awesome educatory (love making up words) information into a new Xtras/SGB Folder, for all of you to enjoy:)

Two Player Game Boy! Well, not exactly new:) It is just not as well kniyown:) Install TGBDual and use /bin/tgbdual in order to run Two Player Game Boy Games (Core Options must be set to Link Mode!) Test Video below shows this in action!

NEW Core! ChaiLove!!! This is a very unique Core, as you have the ability, provided you have the patience, know-how, and appropriate tools on PC, to make your own Video Games, which you can run via ChaiLove! There are some already pre-made games to try out, however, such as Flappy Bird! Note: While the Core runs, I have experienced random crashes! I found that going into RetroArch Settings, occasionally, helped keep Flappy Bird from crashing! But, overall, very cool and fun to play around with! Personal thanks to madmonkey, Rob Loach (Core Creator, as well as made the Flappy Bird Remake:). Some test games are in Xtras/ChaiLove, in the Mega NZ Link! And, additional shout-out to Advokaten and Superawesome, who have also both actively contributed to the scene, and have also had more than just a passing interest in trying to get this really incredibly cool Core going! Dependencies, Libraries, and so on, can certainly complicate things at times:) But, we are now golden!

Due to temporary conflicts in Coding, there is a new Variant for MAME 2003. I would suggest only installing and using this if you run Irem Games, such as Ninja Baseball Batman, In the Hunt, and other Irem Games which have "bad sound". This bad sound is due to sound encryption! Like some of the previous releases, some of you may be aware that I occasionally have to do temporary Variants to offset coding conflicts...such as when I did ffight, system 32, hi-score, etc! This time, it is for Irem! Run MAME 2003 Xtreme as your Primary MAME 2003 Core! But, if you also want to run these Irem Games, install MAME 2003 Irem, and have /bin/mame2003-irem or /bin/irem as your Command Lines! Sorry for any inconvenience! It is the best thing for now, though! Personal thanks to madmonkey for going out of his way to try to help sort some conflicts out in the compile process! When we get time, we will look deeper into the conflict! But, for now, everything works fine with the coding separated!

So many more things to cover! There was a notable issue with improper m3u loading with the px68k (Sharp X68000) Core. madmonkey took it upon himself to fix this issue! Things work properly now:) Thanks madmonkey!

Everyone loves their Folder Icons!!! In Xtras/Icons, I added all of my personal ones into the mix for you all to enjoy. I also consolidated some great ones faustbear put together! Enjoy them all! I will add more next Update!

RetroArch Xtreme Database Add-On! Recommended only for External RetroArch Users, as it takes up a good 80MB installation size! Once installed, Quick Menu area in RetroArch, Information, Database, and you will be able to check out databases of nearly every video game system ever made, including almost every game ever made for them! Very interesting and cool to check out! If you try it on NAND, be warned, it takes up a LOT of space!!! So, be cautious!!!

For those of you who use Advanced Music Hack, AntiFly went out of his way to put together a massive collection of great samples to use with the Modification! In Xtras/Advanced Music Hack (Only on the Mega NZ Link!) Enjoy the incredible music!!!

Otherwise, nearly half of the Cores/HMODS have been Updated, Tweaked, Optimized, and so on!!! Cannonball now has Core Options, and so on!!!

To Do List:) In next Update/s, there will be more User Requests, and hopefully a few surprises along the way! May we have 2 Player Amiga as one of them! I will also do some 2-4 Player Activate HMODs (as showcased in below video:), and, of course, some precalibrated configurations for some of the more stubborn Arcade Games, so that you can start them up, and play them right away:)

Enjoy this Incredible Update! Thank you all for being so patient! Here are several videos to coincide and watch along with it!!! If any of you need any assistance or help, feel free to open an issue on my Github, or send me a personal message on Reddit, under the name MDFMKanic!

SNES Classic - NEW SNES Core (SNES9x 2016 Bright!) Top Gear 3000 now playable at Full Speed Ahead!

SNES Classic - Michael Jackson's Moonwalker - Custom OST!!!

SNES Classic - PS1 Xtreme BIOS Performance Upgrade Test!!!

SNES Classic - BIOS Audit Overview! (Why won't gpSP run, etc:)

SNES Classic - GB/GBC/GBA Woes! + 2 Player Game Boy!

SNES Classic - ChaiLove Test

SNES Classic - 4 Player Mode Activate - Kinda, Almost, Sorta:)

SNES Classic - HORROR 'Stravaganza - Part 1

SNES Classic - HORROR 'Stravaganza - Part 2

SNES Classic - HORROR 'Stravaganza - Part 3


Update will go out tomorrow. So many things being added, did not have enough time to finalize everything! Thank you all for being so incredibly patient. Check back tomorrow for some true goodness:)


WIP Core Set Update:)

Some big things being worked on for next Release. I am tentatively hoping to post by this Saturday, 7-14-18. Some of you who grew up in the 80s, may remember the goofy and so bad its good horror movie called Saturday the 14th! It is the complete opposite of Friday the 13th! Watch the trailer to see what I mean, haha. It is about as far-fetched as what the original William Katt horror classic, House, ended up becoming in the sequel! Both became so increasingly bad, they were nearly on par with the godawfulness of Troll 2! So, certainly expect more HORROR 'Stravaganza this week!

Otherwise, SNES9x Bright will be released, as should be (hopefully!) the Custom OST for Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Arcade! Two other things being worked on are a tremendous PS1 Performance Upgrade which should make each and every PS1 Game run noticeably smoother, as well as Advanced Advanced PS1 Ripping Tutorial+Tools to go along with it. Currently, Japanese Games are the most notoriously difficult to rip, due to the oddball format they are generally packaged in! We are going to take things up a notch, and do games that are considerably more difficult to work with than even Japanese ones! Not to mention, some of these games could not previously run on NAND!

I will release NEW Cores, NEW HMODS, and, of course, your typical special surprises, within this Next Update!!!

Lastly, I will be shrinking the size of the overall Core Set, and Arcade Samples will be provided in their own separate and very special release!

Personal thanks to kps501, gingerbeardman, gpstar, and madmonkey, for helping make this "Advanced Users" Update a truly excellent one!!! See you Saturday the 14th!!! Here are some long lost horror movie trailers to check out, haha:)

Saturday the 14th Trailer

House Trailer - Before the sequel ruined things, haha:)

House 2: The Second Story Trailer - Yes, it really does suck this bad!!!


Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July. There are big things coming in the next Release:) One of which is this:

SNES Classic - NEW SNES Core (SNES9x 2016 Bright!) Top Gear 3000 now playable at Full Speed Ahead!

The other big thing is still undisclosed:) But, it will be a very nice surprise!

Here are another couple videos to watch, in the meantime:)

SNES Classic - HORROR 'Stravaganza - Part 2

Be sure to watch HORROR 'Stravaganza - Part 1, as well:) See you next Update!!!


Where to begin, where to begin:)

Well, we now have TRUE BS-X Emulation, via SNES9x 2016!!! Videos showcasing this amazing addition below, including a very necessary Sfrom Conversion Bypass Method needed to run BS-X Games via the TRUE BIOS! SOME BS-X Games can be patched, or are pre-patched, and do not need to use TRUE BIOS! But, for any that DO use TRUE BIOS, Sfroms will NOT work, for now, at least! In Xtras/BS-X Folder, are a ReadMe!, the patch you will need to apply to BS-X BIOS, and 2 programs to apply said patch! If you do not use the patch, far less games will work due to DRM Protection! Test Video 1, BIOS are running in Japanese. Test Video 2, BIOS are running in English (above-mentioned patch:) BS-X BIOS, once patched, should be renamed to BS-X.bin, and installed via Master BIOS Module, copied into system folder, and installed like any other HMOD! Personal thanks to twinaphex, kps501, Tatsuya79, hizzlekizzle, bparker06, and everyone else involved in the fantastic SNES9x Team! And, personal thanks to madmonkey:)

Sufami Turbo Games are also now supported! Sufami Turbo BIOS should be renamed to STBIOS.bin and installed exactly as mentioned above for the BS-X BIOS! I would recommend using Sfrom Bypass if you have any issues with games loading! Multi-Carts also work, but need loaded via RetroArch, Multi-Cart! You can see me play a Sufami Turbo Game at the tail end of the first BX-X Test Video below!

Ever wanted to have all of your Saved Games in one single place! Now you can, thanks to EthanR12! Special thanks to DanTheMan827 for advisement on this whole process! I will try to showcase this nifty new Consolidated Saved Games Awesomeness sometime this week in a video! Here ya go!

Next Up, you can now play Video Games in Mirror Imaged Mode with the latest RetroArch Xtremes! This is especially fun if you decide to leave the left/right controls flip flopped, and have a few beers with friends!:) To activate Mirror Imaged Mode, go into RetroArch, Quick Menu, Shaders, Load Shader, Select Flip Horizontal Mirror glslp! Then, you will need to go into controls and swap left with right and right with left, if you so choose to! In MAME 2003, you can do this with MAME Options (R2), Input This Game, as well! Very fun gimmick! When done, simply go into RetroArch Settings, Quick Menu, Shaders, and reselect Stock glslp to revert! And, of course, reswap to the original controls, in the event that you changed them! Personal thanks to hunterk!

Many of you might remember when I had 3 MAME 2003 Cores in my Set (Final Fight Custom OST, System 32, and Standard!) In the last few releases, there have been MAME 2003 Xtreme, MAME 2003 Hi-Score, and MAME 2003 Plus! I consolidated and merged the coding for MAME 2003 Xtreme and MAME 2003 Hi-Score. So, now we are down to just MAME 2003 Xtreme and MAME 2003 Plus! MAME 2003 Xtreme is most optimal for use on the Mini, and has such perks as Fixed Irem and Data East Game Encryptions, System 32 Games, Custom OSTs for Final Fight, NBA Jam, Out Run, and Mortal Kombat, and so on! You can, also, now run Bubble Bobble Arcade! Do NOT use the MAME 2003 Version! Run the NEWER MAME 2010 and on Version, and it will run fantastic! Hi-Scores will also work with MANY Games from Main UI, using MAME 2003 Xtreme! Simply test a game such as 1942 or Fantasy Zone, get a Hi-Score, Enter Initials, Exit Game, Re-Enter Game, and your Score should be the first thing you see! You can shut the System down, turn it back on, and Scores should retain, as well! This is an incredibly amazing Gimmick! You will not need to install the RetroArch Xtreme Hi-Score Add-On anymore, either! It is all done automatically now! So, have fun with Hi-Scores and Bubble Bobble Arcade!!!

MORE Custom Borders, courtesy of paul84333! Install km_retroarch_custom_borders_6_19_18. Remember, you do not have to install ALL Borders in the HMOD! You can make a back-up, then delete the extra Folders of ones you do not care to install! This is especially helpful for maintaining additional space when running via NAND! The NEWER Borders are inside the Game Specific Folder, and include many truly exceptionally fun ones to utilize with Games on the Mini! These will be Updated in future Updates! To access these, once installed, go into RetroArch Settings, Onscreen Overlay, pick default.cfg, which will allow you to change to another.cfg Pick Parent Directory a few times til you are JUST outside of retroarch folder, and then go inside the NEW Overlays Folder, and select whichever .cfg file you'd like to use! You will also need to have SHOW Onscreen Overlay Toggled ON! When done, if you want to revert back, simply do RetroArch Settings, again. Then, Onscreen Overlay, and reselect default.cfg! And, you can toggle SHOW Overlay OFF:) Very easy once you do it once or twice!

MORE Amiga Templates in Xtras/Amiga folder! You can now run ADF Files! There are also templates for UAE4ARM! Personal thanks to Jul Car and Qclart!

MAME 2014 is recompiled and Updated and is now 20 MB Total Install Size Smaller! It WAS 90 MB. It is now 70 MB:) This is extremely helpful for those who DO decide to run this on NAND! Remember, do not use FEL Mode to install this HMOD! Just power on the system, wait a few seconds, THEN install it to use the faster transfer via RAM Mode, which will bypass the 60 MB Install Limit! I personally use MAME 2003 Xtreme/FBA 2012 Combo, as those run nearly everything! But, this will help make MAME 2014 easier to manage, Space Wise!

Several people were complaining about Atari 5200 Games not loading for them, even after installing BIOS. The reason for this was because they have to actually choose Atari 5200 as the System. I made this default, so now all 5200 Games will automatically load, once BIOS and Atari 800 Core are installed, without any additional steps! You will, of course, need RetroArch Xtreme installed for this to work! Also, remember to change controls for 5200 games, go into Controls, select keyboard+mouse, back out once, reenter, then you can remap keyboard keys to your controller!

Glupen now runs games in Hi-Res Mode! RetroArch Xtreme needed:)

Several other Cores Updated, Optimized, Tweaked, per usual! Enjoy the Update, and these following videos!

SNES Classic - It's Me A Mirror-io! Reverse Mode Activate!

SNES Classic - Nintendo BS-X Satellaview Test!

SNES Classic - Nintendo BS-X Satellaview Test - Redux! (English!)

And, personal thanks, also to SebasHCG, DRVR 99, Second Prize, Dank games, Super Steaman, and everyone else on YouTube who gives constant, amazing feedback on my Videos!

Next Up, I am going to try to work on Performance Upgrading many more Arcade Games! And, of course, more Videos! And, music for the Advanced Music Hack (Personal thanks to AntiFly! for a near 800 MB Collection that I have spent a few weeks going through! I will release what can legally be Released of it, as soon as possible!)


Hotfix for mGBA SGB Support:) Grab from Mega NZ link, or from this temporary link, til Updated to full set! Personal thanks to froggydarren for the heads up! Sorry for any inconvenience that may have been caused. I am always very happy to get any and all feedback, especially when it involves something that needs adjusted or fixed:) Thank you all! Additionally, I typoed the Command Lines in the ReadMe for DeSmuME, in last release. The Command Lines are STILL correct. I just accidentally typoed them as /bin/desmune and /bin/desmune2015 in the ReadMe! I have already adjusted the ReadMe and reposted. But, proper Command Lines are and will remain

/bin/ds /bin/nds /bin/desmume and /bin/desmume2015

Here is the "Updated" mGBA with working SGB (Super Game Boy) Border+Palette Support!!!

Thanks again! There will be another Update within a few days:)

Sincerely, KMFDManic!!!


First of all, thank you Soulctcher for being such an incredible part of the Mini NES/SNES Community over the last 2 years! You have been an asset and a great friend! I know you have decided it is time to move on! But, enjoy your future in the Nintendo Switch Community! And, most certainly keep in touch!!! He has left and, Nintendo Classics Discord in safe hands. You can continue to check out both places to bs and have fun, as you had already been doing over the last year:)

Next Up! Playstation One Core, PCSX ReArmed NEON has been optimized and Updated and many Games run better than in the previous Release! You can still run Hi-Res Mode on a ton of Games! Personal thanks to RazHawk, Kafkas_Hat, crx10, kongsnutz, and anyone else who has given me feedback, so that I could fix any issues and make things better:) All good now:) You can see me run a few games in Hi-Res mode in the RACE 'Stravaganza - Part 1 Video, below:) There is also another PS1 Core, called PCSX1! It uses /bin/pcsx1 as Command Line. While not as fully featured as PCSX ReArmed NEON, it is a good back-up PS1 Core! I found that it has one potential perk (If a PS1 Game does Crash (due to dynamic recompiler, which I did video of a couple releases ago:), it usually freezes for a split second, then exits. In my personal test of PCSX1, it froze on a game "known" to always crash (Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles), but didn't immediately exit! This may potentially allow you to go into RetroArch Settings, and create a Save State (while on USB-HOST), from which they could resume once reentering the game! You may also be able to exit normally, and make a Suspend State, and resume it! This workaround is not fully tested, and your personal results may vary! But, it is there to try, in the event you ever have your game freeze or crash on you! I didn't really think about trying this until I typed out these Release Notes:) Other than that, if in doubt, you will be absolutely fine sticking with just PCSX ReArmed NEON as your primary PS1 Core, as it works exceptionally well with many games in Hi-Res Mode:) Personal thanks to madmonkey for helping out with PS1!

Install _km_retroarch_xtreme_ds_add-on_6_6_18, if you'd like to have the Default Border I am using in the beginning of my SHMUP 'Stravaganza - Part 9 Video, below! And, if you decide you want to go back to normal, simply go into RetroArch Settings, Onscreen Overlay, select default.cfg:) There is also, in Xtras/DS, two very nice DS Compatibility Lists that Butter_Spill, Rockmangames, kaknow, several End Users, & Myself have compiled! Both lists will be updated in Future Updates, accordingly, to reflect "fully playable", "slow running', etc, games! Be sure to check it out, and have fun with DS Emulation! Personal thanks to OrionsAngel and Melthris for helping with the Fantastic Border. It will be tweaked and revised to "better" fit more games, universally, in future Updates! But, it is pretty awesome, as it stands...for right now:) Again, if you have any issues/crashes, etc, simply revert back to default cfg, as outlined above:) I will do my best to make it as compatible as possible with all NES/SNES Systems/Regions in future Updates! Personal thanks to Butter_Spill and Yellow and Black 1965 for helping test the DS Cores!!!

Amiga Emulation - Full Speed Ahead! Yes, we can run Amiga Games at full speed now! You will need to install current RetroArch Xtreme, along with the Updated Amiga Cores, or you will run into Aspect Ratio Issues, and have cut off screens, particularly on UAE4ARM! Personal thanks to qclart for bringing the dynamic compiler jit workaround to my attention, and madmonkey for helping get things into place! Video of it in action, below! You should "still" be able to use same Templates you have been previously using for P-UAE! I set up Command Lines much like SNES and FBA Cores, wherein, if you have just one Amiga Core installed, you can simply use /bin/amiga If you have both Cores installed, use /bin/puae and/or /bin/uae4arm Qclart and myself will be updating these Templates more in Future Updates! His Fantastic Tutorial Link, again, is at the below link! Be sure to check it, as well as my Github...regularly, for more Amiga Updates!!! For now, enjoy the Updated Amiga Templates in Xtras/Amiga Folder! Personal thanks to Qclart, madmonkey, mnx78, ∆ + 0 / 9, and anyone else who has gone out of their way to help further Amiga Emulation on the Mini, as well as all who worked on the original P-UAE/UAE4ARM Cores!!! Note, some minor things you may encounter when using UAE4ARM (slight flicker, Core Crashing if attempting to use Save Game/Core Overrides, etc! We will do what we can to Optimize and both amazing Amiga Cores in the Future:)

FBA 2016 is Updated with Preliminary NEO-GEO Emulation Implementation! Do not get TOO excited yet! It will take some clever workarounds to fully utilize this embedded Emulation! So, if all goes well, we will be able to run NEO-GEO CD Games in the very near future! Subsystem is required, and this may not be fully utilized until the next RetroArch Update! But, on PC, it works, for now using special command lines! But, it is truly great news that it is now finally possible! You will, of course, need NEO-GEO CD Bios to even play these games! Again, do not get too excited, just yet! Despite the ability being there, it is still quite tricky to utilize! We will have it, though:) Personal thanks to barbudreadmon and the entire FBA Team for making this happen! I will cover this more in depth as things become more pronounced in the future!

You can run now NEO-GEO UniBIOS with MAME 2003/FBA2012/FBA2016. Video tutorial below:)

And, if using Cannonball Core (thanks to SkyCyberguy for testing this...If you add a file, and it gets renamed by Hakchi2, ie: epr-10381b.132 gets renamed to epr_10382b.132 (underscore instead of a hyphen; simply rename hard file to what it should be:)

Several other Cores Updated, Revised, Tweaked, Optimized, per usual! Enjoy the Update, and these following Videos! More fun stuff to come, next Update! Still sorting through the massive Advanced Music Hack Collection AntiFly put together! So, I will hopefully be able to get all the way through it:) Thanks again, everyone!

SNES Classic - Amiga Emulation - Full Speed! Ahead!

SNES Classic - SHMUP 'Stravaganza - Part 9 (Nintendo DS, too:)

SNES Classic - SHMUP 'Stravaganza - Part 10 (Final One:)

SNES Classic - Exit SHMUP 'Stravaganza - Enter RACE 'Stravaganza

SNES Classic - RACE 'Stravaganza - Part 1

SNES Classic - NEO-GEO UniBIOS Exploit Redux (MAME 2003 & FBA 2012/2016!:)


SNES Classic - Nintendo DS - Hell Yeah, Finally!!:)

The real deal, guys and gals. I have been poking at this Core for over a year, off and on. Madmonkey was a tremendous help in helping sort out some of the bugs preventing games from reliably loading properly:) Shout-Out to Swingflip, who has also recently been trying to get DS going. Both of us succeeded, independently from one another, with Madmonkey's help (a real godsend in this scenario:)

Well, hello again:) We have hit yet another milestone in the Legacy of the Mini NES/SNES! Something goofy had been preventing Nintendo DS Games from reliably loading properly! A precedent had already been set with this issue, with the PPSSPP Core! Thanks madmonkey! We were able to apply this knowledge to fixing the DS Cores! So, today, you now have 2 Nintendo DS Cores to enjoy on your Minis! DeSmuNE 2015 and MelonDS! Many games play at very nice speeds! If you have ONE DS Core installed, you can use /bin/ds and/or /bin/nds If you have BOTH installed, much like the SNES9x Cores, you can use specially separate Command Line Arguments. These are /bin/desmume and/or /bin/desmume2015 AND /bin/melonds Enjoy these Incredible Cores. I have dabbled in these off and on over the last year, and it is incredible to finally be able to run them at speeds better than 7-11 FPS, like in my original DS Test Video running DS Emulation via the PPSSPP Core! Xtreme RetroArchs in THIS Update all optimized for DeSmuNE 2015! You can easily change settings to your own preference as well! Test Video below!!! Huge thanks to madmonkey for helping solve the load issues the DS Cores have had all this time:) The Cores ALWAYS worked, just had a stupid bug as far as properly loading the Games:) Important note! Much like the N64 Cores, I would strongly suggest you run DS Games from the Main UI! Loading from RetroArch. They are much more reliable that way due to proper memory clearing! DeSmuNE does NOT require BIOS! MelonDS does! You will need bios7.rom, bios9.rom, and firmware.bin for MelonDS, which can be easily installed via the Master BIOS Module in my set. Simply copy them into the root system folder of the HMOD, then install like any other HMOD:)

So, with PS1 running in Hi-Res now (Lot of positive feedback on this addition:), I have theoretically thought of potentially overclocking the Core to get even better results. This will require special testing and may end up causing some games to crash and burn or have graphical or sound glitches! I still want to give it a go and see how things turn out! I will also work on the 3 N64 Cores, as far as Performance Upgrading those, as well! Shame that Dynamic Recompiler is a double edged sword in this case (Needed to run the Cores fast, but can inadvertently lead to random crashes! Covered in previous Updates and Videos, by the way:)

I am still sorting through the massive Advanced Music Hack Collection that AntiFly so graciously took the time to compile and put together for all of you to enjoy! I will get these posted to the Mega NZ link, once I am good to go on that!

I will also be working on a side project with ArcNoculus regarding more very "Special" Custom Borders, as you will soon see:)

Multiple Other Cores/HMODS Updated, per usual:) These will have 5-31-18 Date on them!!!

Many people are confused about how, when, why, where, who, and how to get NES Games properly running on the NESC/SNESC! But, in brevity, since videos are not ALWAYS needed:) Essentially, the original NESC was set up so that /bin/nes would run NES games via the default kachikachi emulator! It would smart switch, based on lack there of "patches and/or unsupported" mappers, to fceumm Core! This worked absolutely fine on the NESC! But, obviously, once this same coding went onto SNESC, without kachikachi being there, some ended up getting black screens when trying to run with /bin/nes So, I introduced additional Command Lines to easily force them to fceumm and/or nestopia. These are /bin/fceumm and/or /bin/nestopia You can ALSO use /bin/quicknes if using any RetroArch from my set, for a 3rd NES Core Options! Now then, /bin/fceumm AND /bin/nestopia BOTH work with ANY RetroArch in my set, as well as NEO RetroArch! But, for those of you who are NOT using Hakchi2 CE or RetroArchs from my set, or NEO, and might be on Cluster's RetroArch or Hakchi2.30! This little bit of information will help you out:) ALL Cores from my set will work with Cluster's 2.30, as well as his Variant of RetroArch, with exception of NES! These need to be done a different way to ensure they load properly:) If on NESC, as mentioned.../bin/nes should be fine! But, if on SNESC, I would suggest doing the following! At the tail end of each NES Game, after a space, add one of these 2 command lines!

--retroarch --core nestopia and/or --retroarch --fceumm

These both work on ALL RetroArchs, Cluster's, ones in my set, and NEO!


/bin/nes /usr/share/games/CLV-Z-CBAWW/faxanadu.7z --retroarch --fceumm

On Hakchi2 CE, this would be /var/games, as that is more optimal for both NESC/SNESC!

/bin/nes /var/games/CLV-Z-CBAWW/faxanadu.7z --retroarch --fceumm (This is my exact current set-up:)

OR, if on ones in my set, or NEO!

/bin/fceumm /var/games/CLV-Z-CBAWW/faxanadu.7z

/bin/nestopia /var/games/CLV-Z-CBAWW/faxanadu.7z

You can also very easily use Find & Replace to change /bin/nes to /bin/fceumm and/or /bin/nestopia

This is in Xtras/Tools:)

Enjoy the Update! And, here are some Videos to enjoy!

And, to see just how far things have come! Here is my original DS Test Video, which practically unplayable Games:)

SNES Classic - Nintendo DS Test

And, let's exploit some Enemy AI in a few Video Games, while we are at it:)

NES Classic - AI & Algorithm Manipulation - Part 1: Bayou Billy

My original Find and Replace Video:) Very easy to use:) Just remember, we use /var/games now!

SNES Classic - Convert Entire NES Classic Set-Up to work on SNES Classic, and vice-versa!

Till Next Time, Enjoy!!! Thanks again, everyone!!! As always, feel free to ask me any questions!


As always, uninstall previous HMODS/Cores/RetroArchs, before Updating to the new ones, to avoid any conflicts or issues!

This is quite an Update:) Huge personal thanks to madmonkey for being of absolute incredible help, as always:) And, also, great thanks to BsLeNuL, another amazing friend in the scene:) Both of these guys never cease to amaze me:) As always, I can go on and on and on thanking many many people. So, I will just thank everyone in the scene, developers and modders, alike:)

First-off, there are now 3 N64 Cores! Glupen64, Mupen64Plus, and Parallel! Think Nintendo Emulator'Ception! Glupen became Mupen became Parallel! For best results, and to ensure the proper memory cache clearing occurs, I would recommend running N64 Games from the Main UI, not from RetroArch/Load Content! N64 and Sega Saturn are 2 Systems that tend to have memory issues when attempting to run via Load Content! UI is definitely most reliable and optimal in these instances:) And, of course, PPSSPP, ALWAYS needs run from UI, initially:) If you have just one of these installed, you can use /bin/n64 If you have multiple installed, use /bin/glupen and/or /bin/mupen and/or bin/parallel I generally try a game on Mupen, then Glupen, then Parallel. In-Game Saves work on all 3 Cores! Check out Super Mario 64, in particular, on Parallel. It looks and runs fantastic!

We now have Pseudo Super Game Boy Support in mGBA!

Personal thanks to fr500, who hooked up the SGB Subsystem Support in BSNES originally, and the incredibly talented mGBA team, including endrift (implementation of SGB palette and border support in mGBA, You rock, endrift!), sergiobenrocha2, bentley, and everyone else. They will all be updated into the ReadMe in the very near future! And, personal thanks to slash004, BsLeNuL, Zach Reddy, and Zeikark, who helped test the SGB addition:)

sgb_bios.bin MAY be required:) It can be installed via Master BIOS Module in my Set:) Even if BIOSES are optional, I tend to install them, to be on the safe side! PSX is a prime example of this, where they are optional! But, many games will have issues or not work properly, without BIOS! Video below shows me running SGB!

Now then, PSX Core gets a nice Performance Upgrade! When NESC was first out, the PSX Core was abnormally slow and required some tweaks to even run decently! I kept adding tweaks and optimizations over the last 2 years. The current PCSX ReArmed NEON has Performance Tweaks to help it run more optimally at normal speed. But, with Today's Update, these Performance Tweaks needed to be removed! The Core Clock Speed is officially 43 percent faster now! What does this mean? Well, now you can run HD (Hi-Res) Mode with MANY Games, at normal to near normal speed! Simply go into Core Options, while in a game, and toggle the 2 options for Enhanced Resolution (Slow) and Enhanced Resolution Speed Hack to the ON Position! Many games I tested with the New Core worked great with Hi-Res Mode! So, have fun! I highly recommend trying Ridge Racer as a starter game to see just how great Hi-Res is! You can see me running Hi-Res Mode in the below "Why do N64/PS1 Games Crash Video!, at the 6 Minute Mark!

All RetroArchs have been Updated with several optimizations and fixes, including more reliable default Shaders, Overlays, and memory fixes:)

Cannonball is a fantastic Enhanced Out Run Engine Core! It is also available in the Update, and a video tutorial of how to run it is below! /bin/cannonball

Custom Borders HMOD Updated with many Fixes:) There are borders to cover virtually any console and handheld you can imagine! Personal thanks to TheWez1981 for taking many hours of his time to amend the entire Originals Folder to have more optimal Square Shapes. To load these, install the HMOD, then choose Onscreen Overlay from RetroArch Options, then toggle "Show Overlay" to ON. Remember, default.cfg is the one to change back to when done! But, the CUSTOM ones need to be loaded by choosing start directory, then backing out til just out of retroarch folder. Then, choose the new Overlay directory, and pick the appropriate .cfg file you'd like to run! Also, thanks go to OrionsAngel, ArcNoculus, and hunterk, , and libretro!

Amiga gets another Update! Personal thanks to qclart for helping Update the Templates to have save fixes for games, while using the WHDLoad! Just use the new WHDLoad, and apply the appropriate kickstart bioses via ADF Opus! His guide, again, is at...

As usual, many other Cores/HMODS Updated with fixes, optimizations, and tweaks! Anything dated 5-29-18, has been Updated!

I will also push more Updates to Essential Cores and Mod Store by next Week:) And, I will also change things up so that the NEXT Release is separated into 2 downloads, (Cores & Xtras). Thank you all for being so incredibly patient with this specific upcoming change:) I am still going through the massive Advanced Music Collection that AntiFly supplied me with! Expect that, too!

Enjoy the Update, and thank you everyone, as always...for being so incredibly awesome!!! One last personal thanks to Yellow and Black who helped do some last minute Testing on some of the changes! Here are some videos to enjoy, showcasing some of the above notated additions (Plus another way to do NEO-GEO BIOS, based on the Last Update!), and so on!

SNES Classic - Super Game Boy For Real - Hell Yeah!:)

SNES Classic - Why do N64 and PS1 Games Crash? + PS1 Performance Upgrade

SNES Classic - NEO-GEO UniBIOS Exploit Set-Up:)

SNES Classic - Intermediate Game Adding - Cannonball & DOSBox

SNES Classic - SHMUP 'Stravaganza - Part 8 - WTF!!! Time Travel!!!


SNES Classic - Super Game Boy For Real - Hell Yeah!:)

Yes, for real this time:) Enjoy the incredible Super Game Boy Palettes and Borders in all their full glory, at normal speed to boot:)

Personal thanks to fr500, who hooked up the SGB Subsystem Support in BSNES originally, and the incredibly talented mGBA team, including endrift (implementation of SGB palette and border support in mGBA, You rock, endrift!), sergiobenrocha2, bentley, and everyone else. They will all be updated into the ReadMe in the very near future! And, personal thanks to slash004, who helped test the SGB addition:)

sgb_bios.bin MAY be required:) It can be installed via Master BIOS Module in my Set:)

You can grab this nifty SGB mGBA updated Core from this temporary link til Officially Updated into the Set:) Enjoy your weekend!!!


You all enjoy the Memorial Weekend. Here is something to play around with til next Update:)

Cannonball: Enhanced Out Run Engine Core!

Core is also in Mega NZ Link:)

SNES Classic - Intermediate Game Adding - Cannonball & DOSBox

SNES Classic - SHMUP 'Stravaganza - Part 8 - WTF!!! Time Travel!!!

Personal thanks to madmonkey, fr500, and twinaphex, this time around:)

Have a good weekend!

HOTFIX 5-22-18

Amiga PUAE Core had minor bug. Personal thanks to AntiFly for the heads up! Here is a temporary link to it, if you do not want to redownload entire Set:) Just delete _km_puae_5_21_18, and replace with the fixed _km_puae_5_22_18. I also updated it into the Mega NZ Link! Sorry for any inconvenience:) Here is the link:)

UPDATE 5-21-18

It is ALWAYS best to uninstall previous Cores/HMODS before installing NEW ones, to avoid any issues or conflicts:)

I have quite the Update for you Guys and Gals this time! NEO-GEO is officially fixed! This has been an issue since the beginning of USB-HOST! Depending on various factors, one could not properly copy into game folders, nor system! This is no longer a problem! Not only that, there are now 3 different ways to run NEO-GEO Games! 1. You can simply use pertaining to whichever Arcade Core you'd like to run them with, be it MAME 2003 or FBA 2012, etc! 2. You can run dual NEO-GEO Bioses, by having MAME 2003 renamed to and FBA 2012, etc, stay as And, of course, 3. You can simply merge the Bioses into one single entity! I have videos at the end of today's Release Notes, showing these in action! Personal thanks to BsLeNuL, grant2258, markwkidd, dankcushions, Wilstorm, ZappaUtopia, madmonkey, and DanTheMan827 for their input and collaboration on this amazing fix and change for the better! In order to enjoy the NEO-GEO Fix, you will be required to install any RetroArch from my set, along with any Arcade Core that supports NEO-GEO! Then, use Master BIOS Module, putting the appropriate into the root, system folder:) Then, install as any other HMOD, and you will be good to go! NEO-GEO Gaming is back!

Amiga Folder, in Xtras, is Updated with Newly Revised Templates! Personal thanks to qclart for his continued efforts in collaborating on this amazing Core! It is quickly becoming one of the best Cores to enjoy and play! He has proven to be incredible in his devotion to this Core! Additionally, if you install any Xtreme RetroArch Variant in my set, you will have appropriate set-up for the Amiga PUAE Core. It will run native 50hz Pal Refresh Rate, and have proper scaling! Things are looking good on the Amiga Front! Enjoy:)

MAME 2003 Hi-Score! Again, with this current Update, in order to properly use Hi-Score Ability...You will need to install MAME 2003 Hi-Score Variant, along with any RetroArch in my set, and, of course, the MAME 2003 Hi-Score HMOD! Games that DO work with Hi-Score will only retain Hi-Scores if run from the Main UI! Command line is /bin/mame2003-hi-score 1942 and Fantasy Zone are perfect test examples! This is a very fun addition!

PSP Folder, in Xtras has a pretty nifty Update. I have included PSP Based Emulators, that run many systems from ZX Spectrum to BBC Micro to Intellivision to NES to SNES, and so on! Not all of these will work! Some will expect Custom PSP Firmware! But, I will fully test them all out, and weed out the ones requiring Custom Firmware and remove them when I can:) But, they are there, if anyone wants to test them out! I will also be adding more in the near future!

gpSP is a faster Emulator than mGBA. But, up til this point, it was incapable of properly saving games! Guess what, now it can! So, now you can run the best GBA Emulator, and save games! Have fun! Command line is
/bin/gpsp Personal thanks to BsLeNuL for his help on this! You will need to install a RetroArch from this Update in order for this fix to work:) Yes, you can finally play FFIV and FFV in all of their full glory! (Personal thanks to ducktoaster8) for testing feedback on this fix!

Sega CD had an issue where suspend states worked, but battery saves did not! Guess what, battery saves now work:) Again, personal thanks to BsLeNuL for his assistance on this:) You will need to install a RetroArch from this Update in order for this fix to work:) This only works for Genesis Plus GX for the moment:)

ALL SNES Cores Updated to properly handle Sfroms with RetroAchievement Support! Personal thanks to madmonkey for this amazing fix!

Aglid01 put together a truly amazing Arcade Compatibility List which is Updated into Xtras/Arcade Folder! He spent countless hours compiling the list and testing games! Huge props and respect for sharing this amazing List with us!

Not EVERY Core/HMOD is updated this time! Only ones that have the 5-21-18 Date are!

As always, what goes into the Updates is based a whole lot on User Feedback, which is always greatly appreciated! Thank you all for helping make this yet another truly incredible Update!

Next Update, there will be more Borders (optimized for use on NESC/SNESC), courtesy of TheWez1981, and more Amiga Updates, plus C64 Updates! There will also be a very special addition for Advanced Music Hack, courtesy of AntiFly! Many things to come, Guys and Gals:) Thanks, as always!!!

Enjoy the Update, as well as these Videos!!!

SNES Classic - NEO-GEO Game Changer! Dual BIOS to rule them all!

SNES Classic - NEO-GEO Bios Fix Overview!

SNES Classic - SHMUP 'Stravaganza - Part 7

HOTFIX 5-14-18

Bug Fix for SNES9x 2002, 2005, 2010, and 2016, when handling Sfrom Files. In certain instances, they would be deleted when attempting to run them. This particularly affected USB-HOST Users on certain Flash Drives, and under specific conditions. Personal thanks to madmonkey for jumping on helping with this quick Bug Fix! Simply download and install the 5-14-18 SNES9x Cores, again, from Mega NZ Link above, or from this temporary link, til I officially Update them to the set this week:) Sorry for any inconvenience:) Personal thanks to Jul Car for the heads up on the Bug! NOTE: Do not attempt to run Sfroms from Dummy Folder. They should be run strictly from the main UI:) If you want to run SNES from Dummy Folder, use non-Sfroms, instead! This may change in the near future!

Updated into Set:)

UPDATE 5-12-18

Let us all take a personal moment to thank madmonkey and reflect upon the Legacy he has brought us, with USB-HOST, ONLINE, and who knows what else, in the future!!! Maybe one day, we will be able to run KODI, or even Netflix and Chill?:) And, also, the hard work of Team Shinkansen and ClusterM and 'TheOtherGuys' and BsLeNuL, and everyone else listed and unlisted below! So many have made this Scene so great!

Now then, where to even begin!:) Well, let's start with the amazing NEW RetroArch (1.7.3 Standard or Xtreme) which is optimized for ONLINE+NetPLAY+RetroAchievements, and so much more! I retained Legacy Support for RetroArch 1.7.1 (FFMPEG & OLD Input Style) and 1.7.2 (FFMPEG) due to several requesting I do so! Remember, Inputs are VERY different in 1.7.2 and 1.73! They will take getting used to! Huge personal thanks to madmonkey, ClusterM, Mugi, princess_daphie, thomascrha, mistydemeo, potyl, zigg, skogaby, thomas-alrek, xorloser, ghoost82, and many others who have helped further this amazing Scene, as well as this truly magnificent ONLINE Ability! Xtras/WI-FI Folder has all you need to get started, minus the obvious OTG Device+Wireless Adapter! I also recorded Video Tutorial, which is linked to below!

TP-LINK TL-WN725N, which is of the Realtek 8188 chipset, is the currently best tested one! Personal thanks to any and all who have tested this ('TheOtherGuys', and everyone else!) adapter, and helped conclude for madmonkey and company, that it is a great "base" starting adapter point! More will potentially be supported in the near future!

AMIGA!!! Template Folder has been updated with starter support for more Aggressive AGA Games, courtesy of qclart & mnx78 & ∆ + 0 / 9. The new structure is AGA, OCS, Specific Games Folders! I will happily add new uae files, as all get better findings, via test results! Currently, the Templates are a combination of ∆ + 0 / 9, qclart, mnx78, and myself. I welcome any other Amiga fans to submit uae settings, they discover to any of us three, so they can benefit us all:) Qclart's guide has also been updated to reflect this, as well as several other things, including CHEATS Support! Check it out again at:

Run and Gun, the fantastic Konami Arcade Basketball Game is now fully supported on MAME 2003 Xtreme, thanks to the personal help of the fantastic markwkidd. Very clever bootstrap nvram initialization fix workaround that he came up with to help this game properly work! Amazing! Definitely check it out!

This brings me onto the NEXT Addition, which is Hi-Score Support for MAME 2003! Part 6 of The SHMUP 'Stravaganza Video, below, shows this in action! You will need to install MAME 2003 Hi-Score Variant in order to take advantage of this ability. View the Arcade Compatibility Update ReadMe! File in Xtras/Arcade for more details! Personal thanks to, yet again, markwkidd (So nice of him to take time away from the PC/RetroPie Scene to help out!), & of course my very good ami français, BsLeNuL (A truly excellent friend in the Mini Scene), for helping make this Addition even possible! As mentioned, view the ReadMe!, as it has important information regarding the NOW 3 MAME 2003 Cores in the Set!

Next up, drastic overhaul of Borders! Install ANY RetroArch Version to enjoy these! You have Canoe Borders, Xtra (Console & Handheld Specific Borders, RetroArch Borders, as well as an additional Xtreme Borders HMOD! Once installed, simply go into RetroArch Options, Onscreen Display, and choose the .cfg file of whichever overlay you would like to use. Also, make sure the option to SHOW Overlay is enabled! When done, simply switch back to "default" cfg! These work on both NESC & SNESC! Personal thanks to hunterk, OrionsAngel, ArcNoculus, TheWez1981, and anyone else involved in helping with these fantastic Borders! I will be sure to showcase them in my next Video!Lastly, to use Canoe Borders on SNESC, remember Bezel Mode (Thanks again BsLeNuL:) Rules. Holding L1 while loading a game from the main UI, in order to toggle border on/off for that particular game! And, L2 while loading a game, to toggle borders on/off...globally, for all games!

There is a NEW Core, REminiscence, which is an absolutely great Port of Gregory Montoir's Flashback emulator, running on libretro! In Xtras/Games/REminiscence Folder are the data files you need, as well as a ReadMe! The Game itself, is NOT included for obvious reasons! But, the ReadMe will detail how to set things up! It is exactly like DOSBox setup for those who have familiarity with that Core! Personal thanks to madmonkey & shawnsub, fellow fans of this amazing Delphine Classic! Delphine also made the incredibly awesome Out of This World (Another World)! Enjoy this truly fun and amazing Game! I will also do a mini-video with the set-up and such, likely tomorrow! Command Lines are /bin/flashback OR /bin/reminiscence and, should point to the .exe!

Least not forget, MANY Cores/HMODS were updated with the usual bug fixes, optimizations, and so on!

Enjoy this Fantastic Update! Here are some Videos to enjoy, along with it! Personal thanks to many SHMUP 'Tastic Friends: Aglid01, Second Prize, Yellow and Black, The Restart Point, Super Steaman, Dank games, SebasHCG, Shade Frost, Geo K, SK SK, Jul Car, SchIAUchi, justme488, TopHat, BsLeNuL, DR1001, Shawnsub, gingerbeardman, AntiFly (Who has put together some incredible music for the advanced music hack, which should be in the Next Update!), DanTheMan827, princess_daphie, skogaby, xorloser, and madmonkey! Geeze, I could go on for quite some time just listing all of the incredible people I communicate with on a daily basis! Again, thank you all for being so amazing!

SNES Classic - Online Tutorial Redux!!! RetroAchievements!!!

SNES Classic - Sports - RPG Hybrids, Really:)?

SNES Classic - SHMUP 'Stravaganza - Part 6

SNES Classic - SHMUP 'Stravaganza - Part 5

Enjoy the Update!!!


Yes, today:) Sometime today! For now, check out this Online Tutorial:)

SNES Classic - Online Tutorial Redux!!! RetroAchievements!!!

And, if bored for a few nifty and really cool games to play in the meantime:)

SNES Classic - Sports - RPG Hybrids, Really:)?

Check back in a bit! Fun stuff on the way:)


DOSBox Hot Fix (Thanks to M Bakker & mnx78 for the heads up!)

Simply uninstall current one, and install the fixed one:) I will post, officially, in next Update:)


Avengers Assemble!!! What a fun movie it was!!! I am genuinely looking forward to the conclusion, and am very close to buying the Comics! Today is NOT a new Update, it is just a repost of 4-28-18 Update:) If anyone needs any help or has absolutely any questions, at all...Feel free to ask me:)

The Core Set Restructure has been thoroughly tested, and I have had tremendously positive feedback from roughly 50+ people. Thank you all for helping test things out:) Now then! If using RetroArch NEO with Custom Load Screens, you will need to add km_ as a prefix to any given Load Screen name, if using Cores from My Set:) IE: nestopia.png will be km_nestopia.png, and genesis_plus_gx.png will be km_genesis_plus_gx.png :) Very simple!:) This will need done for all Cores within my set, except PPSSPP! That remains as ppsspp.png :) I will communicate with 'TheOtherGuys' to help make this transition as seamless as possible:)

Additionally, as previously mentioned in the Release Notes for 4-28-18, it is ALWAYS recommended to uninstall previous HMODS before installing NEW Ones:) This avoids any potential conflicts! This should always be standard practice:) Again, if in Hakchi2 CE, use Module Uninstall Tab, if in Hakchi GUI, use uninstall file, and if in External RetroArch, delete libretro folder:)

This restructure was done for several reasons, which I will go over sometime by next Update, in a video! But, in testing, it is for the best, moving forward:)

Expect another Update by the weekend, with some really awesome new things!!! Every single Update, I do my best to add things that people ask me to get implemented into the Core Set! For now, Enjoy the 4-28-18 Update, and all of the awesomeness that Out Run Arcade's Custom OST (courtesy of the amazing work of gpstar) has to offer!!! And, be sure to check out the _km_retroarch_history_mame2003_4_28_18.hmod, which is incredibly fun! You can see it in action, again, in the Video right down below this:) And, of course, due to the absolutely overwhelmingly awesome feedback on the SHMUP 'Stravaganza Videos, Part 5 will be incoming by the weekend, as well!!! Also, expect some other fun videos!!!

SNES Classic - Out Run Arcade - Custom OST - Test Two Redux

UPDATE 4-28-18

First-off, happy nearly half Year Anniversary of USB-HOST!!! Thanks to madmonkey, we are all pushing our Minis to the maximum potential with some tremendously large games, that would never have run, otherwise! He has had a gargantuan impact on the entire Mini Modding Scene! So, everyone take a moment, to celebrate the nearly half Year Anniversary! His latest advancement to the Scene is WI-Fi Capability for the Minis, via OTG+Special HMOD:) This will be covered in future Updates! He also did a tremendously awesome job porting over Cannonball (A greatly Enhanced Out Run Engine Game!) It is located in Xtras/Games Folder!!! (Currently only works with Wii Classic Controller, but will be fixed!:) Also, huge thanks to Team Shinkansen for their incredible patience and devotion to bettering the Scene, as well!!! And, of course, thanks cluster/pcm720!!!

Out Run Arcade - Custom OST Support!!! (Personal thanks to the amazing coding prowess of gpstar!) Videos of this in action, below! View the ReadMe! in Xtras/Arcade (Samples located there, as well:)

Arcade History!!! Now, you can pull up a very nifty comprehensive history lesson for most games within MAME 2003 Xtreme! Simply hold down R2 to pull up MAME Options, then click History! You can reconfigure your R1 Button, temporarily to R2, if you do not have an R2 Button:) You can see me using this incredible HMOD in the Out Run Arcade Custom OST - Test One Redux Video! _km_retroarch_history_mame2003_4_28_18

Advanced Ripping Tools for PS1 Games (Video Tutorial below:)

Permanent Cheats!!! Ever get annoyed that you couldn't use cheats on PCE Games! Well, now you can!!! In Xtras/PERM-CHEATS folder. Use Lunar IPS, select the appropriate rom set+ips patch, then make the magic happen! I recommend Aero Blasters (J), as a good tester SHMUP Game! Permanent Cheats included for NES, Sega Master System, and Turbografx-16!!! Game Genie Guy Tool, also included! Note, due to header issues, not all games will function as expected. But, I will include tools to work around the headers, in a future Update! Personal thanks to Kyle and Slywars (for pushing me to work this into the set:)

Amiga Templates Updated, as well as all _DUMMY Folder HMODS. It is recommended to keep _DUMMY, as _DUMMY. Amiga is very case sensitive! I also updated the ReadMes! Personal thanks to Hilly, Ransom, and qclart!!! Be sure to check out some Game Recommendations, courtesy of Loafmeister! I also included the starter, ISSUES txt file, which I will Update, as we go on! Thanks all Amiga Fans!

For 8Bitdo Users, I updated that folder with two Tutorials and appropriate firmware files (Huge thanks to DR1001 and BBSGod!!!)

There is another, NEW Folder, called MXYZPTLK. From this point on, it will contain various Curios and other nostalgic items of interest to me. A few things you may find fun are some "Best Translation" Screenshots and a Cheatbook Database!!! I will continue to add fun stuff to this folder, as I Update!

Oh yeah, there are many more Supported Arcade Games, using the RetroArch Xtreme + MAME 2003 Xtreme Combo!!! These are all listed in the Xtras/Arcade/Arcade Compatibility ReadMe! But, they include some nice gems, such as Rush N'Attack, Iron Horse, and so on! Last Update, all Midway/Bally Games were fixed:) Note: some of the games Updated within compatibility will be imperfect! But, most I have tested, run fine:) (Personal thanks to ZappaUtopia/Markwkidd/arcadez/Wilstorm/dankcushions/Twinaphex/hunterk/gamez-fan/grant2258, and anyone else I missed!)

Lastly, There has been a complete restructure of the Core Set. It is absolutely mandatory to uninstall previous HMODS to Update to the New ones. If on Hakchi2 CE, use Reset or manually uninstall. If on Hakchi GUI, use uninstall file. If on External RetroArch, delete entire libretro folder, and reinstall HMODS, accordingly:) Updating will be more seamless, after this adjustment, for future Updates! Each and every Core, HMOD, etc, was adjusted and Updated! I also added support for the Thomson TO8D, with the Theodore Core!

Additionally, since the Updates are getting quite large, I am considering setting things up so that one can download the Cores+Xtras, in separate 7zips, within next few Releases:) I will also try to do some Custom Shader Updates with the help of TheWez1981 (who has been awesome with helping with some of the Custom Borders in the past! Intellivision Fans can enjoy his Intellivision and SNES Overlay (Injected into RetroArch!) I will showcase some of these in a very near Future Video! Anyone who has previously used the Shader Add-On, will know not all Shaders work on both NESC/SNESC. We will work on some fun custom set-ups to counteract this!

I will also be working with the MAME Team to bring about some incredible new changes to MAME 2003:) You will see some of these by the next Update!!! They are incredible people to work with:)

Anyone having BIOS Issues, do not feel you need to be on the old HMODs! Just communicate with me, and I will do my best to help you all along with the process!!

For now, Enjoy this Update and here are a few Videos!

SNES Classic - Out Run Arcade - Custom OST - Test One Redux

SNES Classic - Out Run Arcade - Custom OST - Test Two Redux

SNES Classic - Advanced PS1 Ripping - Japanese Games!!!

UPDATE 4-21-18

You can now play Midway-Bally Games + Atari Vector Games with MAME 2003 Xtreme & RetroArch Xtreme Combo. Be sure to install both:) The list of Games you can now run, include:

(Atari Vector) Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe, Black Widow, Black Widow, Empire Strikes Back, Gravitar, Major Havoc, Quantum, Red Baron, Space Duel, Star Trek, Star Wars, & Tempest.

And, (Midway-Bally) Arch Rivals, Blasted, Crater Raider, Demolition Derby, Discs Of Tron, Domino Man, Journey, Kick, Kozmik Kroozer, Max RPM, Pigskin 621AD, Power Drive, Rampage, Root Beer Tapper, Sarge, Satan's Hollow, Solar Fox, Spy Hunter, Spy Hunter 2, Star Guards, Tapper, Timber, Tri-Sports, Tron, Turbo Tag, Two Tigers, Xenophobe, Wacko, & Zwackery, Enjoy the awesomeness! Personal thanks to Grant5528 for helping with the timing issues! And, ZappaUtopia/Markwkidd/arcadez/Wilstorm/dankcushions/Twinaphex/hunterk for their incredible awesomeness:)

AMIGA! AMIGA! AMIGA! qclart, madmonkey, ∆ + 0 / 9 did an exceptional job helping get this Core off the ground!!! qclart put together a great typewritten Tutorial (which is also linked to in the ReadMe! in the Xtras/AMIGA Folder. He also put together two Templates for Original Chipset and Special Chipset Games. I streamlined the process, changed the BIOS configuration so you can use Master BIOS Module for both, rather than needing to have WHDLoad.hdf for every single instance of an Amiga Game, and put together many more Templates to cover every single scenario one can imagine, be it NAND, USB-HOST, Linked Export NESC/SNESC, Dummy Folder USB and Dummy Folder NAND, etc! All in Xtras/AMIGA Folder! I also did 3 video Tutorials to help everyone along:) Personal thanks, also to hilly and ameise2k7 and Jul Car (fellow Amiga Fans:)

Written Tutorial by Qclart!!!

Xtras/Cheats Folder has 2 incredible new additions. Databases with codes, cheats, for a variety of Systems, as well as a Genesis Offline Database! These are amongst some of my archived treasures from nearly 20 years ago! I have many more that I will incrementally add in future Updates!

PS1 Advanced Ripping Tools and Compatibility Update! These will come incredibly handy for Japanese Games! Xtras/Tools/PS1. Cues and SBIs, will include patches for many games that have protection! Back in the day, when I made back-ups of my games, these were absolutely necessary for some games. They auto patch, on the fly, if named identically to the file in your folder! ResidentEvil3.eboot, :) Cues also included to help out in that respect! ECM Tools, simply drag and drop an ECM file onto unecm, and it will convert into a BIN! If you have an APE Audio File, install and convert it to Wav using Monkey Audio! Then, convert the resulting Wav into a Bin using the Wav to Bin Script! Afterwards, simply name the bins to simplified names, open the cue, and match the names up, accordingly! Then, add cue as a game, and copy the resulting bins into same directory! Or, you can use Intermediate PS1 Ripping Video (linked to below) to merge into a single Eboot! I will update with a very nice Written Guide a great friend of mine put together, when he adds this information to it:) I will follow-up, tomorrow with a Video Guide on Ripping a Japanese Game, properly!

Of course, multiple Cores were Updated, per usual, with the usual bug fixes, optimizations, etc! Enjoy the Amiga, Enjoy the Midway Bally & Atari Vector Games!!!

Til next Update:) Sincerely, KMFDManic!!!

Amiga Video Tutorial - Part 1

Amiga Video Tutorial - Part 2

Amiga Video Tutorial - Part 3

Midway-Bally & Atari Vector Games on MAME 2003 Xtreme!!!

PS1 Intermediate Ripping - In The Hunt

UPDATE 4-16-18

NBA JAM with Sega-CD OST Support!!! You will need to use MAME 2003 Xtreme, and view the ReadMe! in Xtras/Arcade, as well as install the samples (in same folder). This is an absolutely incredible addition, and I give blood, sweat, and tears in thanks to gpstar for putting so much effort, time, and patience into the best addition since sliced bread:)

For those of you who are going crazy wondering which Arcade Games work, I added Compatibility Lists to the Xtras/Arcade Folder that are quite accurate, for the most part, to the Xtras/Arcade Folder for MAME 2000/ MAME 2003/ MAME 2010/ FBA 2016!

Shaders have been updated with some really cool handheld ones!

DOSBox has gotten a nifty Performance Upgrade! I have tested 50+ Games, and found a good median that has worked well with all of the test subjects. Commander Keen up to Raptor: Call of Shadows, all worked great for me:) Install RetroArch Xtreme to take advantage of this Performance Boost! SHMUP 'Stravaganza - Part 3 Video, linked to below, shows the Performance Upgrade in action for Raptor!!!

MESS Dependencies & Dummy Folder have both been updated!, as have over 40 of the main Cores! Many bug fixes and optimizations:)

Enjoy the Update!!! Here are some recent videos to enjoy! Thanks everyone!! You all rock!

SNES Classic - NBA Jam Arcade with SEGA-CD OST!!! The Trifecta of OST Perfection!!!

SNES Classic - Journey of Sight and Sound - Canoe Borders + Mario Paint Drum-Off:)

SNES Classic - SHMUP 'Stravaganza - Part 1

SNES Classic - SHMUP 'Stravaganza - Part 2

SNES Classic - SHMUP 'Stravaganza - Part 3

SNES Classic - SHMUP 'Stravaganza - Part 4

Til Next Time:) Have fun with NBA Jam!!! Personal thanks to madmonkey/gpstar/ ∆ + 0 / 9, BsLeNuL:)

UPDATE 4-9-18

MESS 2016 Revised! Enjoy this fantastic Multi Emulator Super System, with capability of handling hundreds upon hundreds of different Systems! I did two videos related to the more complicated than normal set-up for this amazing Core! (Personal Thanks to my incredible friend and fellow MESS'Pert, ∆ + 0 / 9, for his assistance in this insane endeavor!

MAME 2003 Xtreme Updated (Irem Encryption fixed to work in conjunction with Custom MK OST!) I also Performance Upgraded Darius Gaiden for MAME 2003! RetroArch Updated. You can now play the rare Magic Kid GooGoo (Previously unsupported due to being mapper 190). Personal thanks to retro-wertz and rdanbrook for the mapper support!) Both FCEUMM and NESTOPIA run this. /bin/fceumm and/or /bin/nestopia I also updated 20+ Other Cores with various bug fixes, tweaks, optimizations!

NES Cheats Updated with support for Contra NES. I incorrectly labeled the last release with N64, so you would end up seeing N64 listed twice in Module Tab! But, it would still install fine! All good now:)

Here is the big one:) There are 4 WIP Cores, which require very special set-up, that I am releasing today!
Amiga (P-UAE), Hatari (Atari ST), Free2JME (Mobile Java Game Support). and ScummVM (SCUMM stands for "Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion". It is a utility used to create the famous LucasArts adventure games like the Monkey Island series and also gave ScummVM its name). Each of them requires much more complex set-up than your typical Cores! That being said, they are WIP, which means I have not fully tested them, yet!
But, do to so many requests, I am releasing them for you to play around with! I will do my best to get around to finalizing tutorials and such for them! Also, keep in mind, you can run many ScummVM Games via DosBOX:) Personal thanks to madmonkey for helping with Amiga! A few notes regarding these Cores. You cannot directly load games with them. They, instead, with exception of Free2JME, require configuration files to be loaded instead! All but, ScummVM require BIOS dependencies to run, which I, unfortunately, cannot share.

I added 3 more sets of Wallpapers to the km_retroarch_custom_wallpapers.hmod. Have fun checking them out!
I removed the retrocat Wallpapers, and they are now on Mega NZ link, only:)

The video on how to use them, again, is...

SNES Classic - RetroCat, erm RetroArch Custom Wallpapers + CPS3 Test!!!

In Xtras/Performance, I updated both ReadMes! Check them out!

And, last but not least are some Tutorial, Test, and fun Videos to check out!

SNES Classic - MESS 2016 Tutorial

SNES Classic - MESS 2016 Test

SNES Classic - Undiscovered NES Gems - Magic Kid GooGoo, Dragon Knife, Happily Ever After


SNES Classic - SHMUP 'Stravaganza - Part 1

As always, thanks to all of you for your support. I am grateful to have so many great people to communicate with on a daily basis, and glad to help you all better enjoy your Minis! Next Update will be a very nice surprise:)

Sincerely, KMFDManic!!!


Note: MESS 2016, and the Dependency and Dummy Folder HMODS are in Mega NZ Link, for now, and will be Updated to the Set, tomorrow

UPDATE 4-7-18

SNES Classic - MESS 2016 Test

We now have the most complicated Emulator in the Core Set, none other than MESS! MESS 2016, to be more specific:) Personal thanks, this time around, to ∆ + 0 / 9, an amazing friend/MESS'Pert (who practically lives and breathes this amazing Core!), as well as shawnsub, for consistently pushing me towards the MESS that MESS is:) MESS stands for Multiple Emulator Super System! You can NOW potentially run Philips CDI, NEO-GEO CD, and several hundred other Systems/Computers/etc! I have personally put together 3 HMODS, specifically to help out!

_km_mess2016_4_9_18.hmod is the primary Core, to run the Games

km_mess2016_dependencies_4_9_18.hmod, is required to run the Emulators within MESS

km_mess2016_dummy_folder_nand_4_9_18.hmod is to help with running them via _Dummy Folder on NAND. You can, additionally, copy the _Dummy Folder directly from the HMOD, once set-up, to your USB-HOST/hakchi/games directory:)

You can make back-up copies of the dependencies and dummy bios and game HMODS, and then delete any excess folders, from within, that you are not likely to use:)

MESS is an amazing Core, with lots of potential! I would personally recommend sticking to systems that you cannot, otherwise, run on other Cores, such as Casio, Apple, CD-I, NEO-GEO CD, etc! But, NES, ColecoVision, etc, run quite nicely, too! Arcade Games, despite it being MAME 2016, are more optimally suited to the other Arcade Cores in the set:)

Note: As mentioned, it is pretty complex. I will do my best to post Tutorials to help with running as many of these Systems as possible! I recorded one Video, to start things off! Next up, will be more Performance Upgrades, MAME 2003 Updates, and so on:) I will also record more Videos, tomorrow, including a great SHMUP related one! Enjoy this Update, for now:)

UPDATE 4-5-18

I bring to you, RetroArch Custom Wallpapers (km_retroarch_custom_wallpapers_4_5_18.hmod) in the Core Set! SNES Classic Canoe Borders added for use with NES Classic, as well! RetroArch Options, Settings, Custom Overlays, choose Mini SNES Border.cfg file! To go back to default Border, simply select default.cfg!

Many many Cores Updated with bugfixes, tweaks, optimizations, etc, including FBA 2016, FBA 2012, PCSX ReArmed NEON, and 20+ others! IREM Protection broken in MAME 2003 Xtreme (Thanks to shedeus for heads up!). If you are not running Custom Mortal Kombat OST, you can use _km_mame2003_2_26_18, instead, for now! I will see what can be done to fix the IREM Games, without screwing up the MK Change! Sorry for any inconvenience!

Performance Upgrades are still WIP! But, you can look at the WIP ReadMe in Xtras/Performance Folder to see what I am currently working on! Feel free to keep suggesting other Games! For now, enjoy the Update, and have fun with the RetroArch Custom Wallpapers, Canoe Borders on NESC, and several Updated Cores! I am working on several other things, for the Next Update:) Enjoy these Videos, in the meantime!!!

SNES Classic - RetroCat, erm RetroArch Custom Wallpapers + CPS3 Test!!!

SNES Classic - Cat Themed Games?!

SNES NES Classic - Voodoo Cat Magic - Convert NESC into SNESC & Vice Versa + Alt HMOD Installation:)

SNES NES Classic - April Fools! Or, Is It!? - Canoe Borders on NES Classic!?

UPDATE 4-1-18

**April Fools, or Is It!"

A few people expected me to do something crazy or epic for April Fools Day. I didn't. But, my cat did! He royally screwed my NES Classic up! Check it out for yourself! I do my best to recover from it, and show a few tricks and drop some knowledge in the process, including how to use the same flash drive for both NES and SNES Classic USB-HOST! This is especially important if you have games from ANY previous hakchi2 that have been migrated over to Hakchi2 CE! Anything related to this video, is considered a "soft" release for now, and will only be in my Mega NZ link:) It will be integrated into my Next Core Set Update, otherwise! I have some other nifty things to add, anyways! For now, check the Mega NZ link! Enjoy the Video:) Personal thanks to hunterk for all that he does for the RetroArch scene!

SNES NES Classic - April Fools! Or, Is It!? - Canoe Borders on NES Classic!?

UPDATE 4-1-18

No, there will be no epic April Fool's Day prank. But, enjoy these two videos, and enjoy your Easter Weekend!!!

Literal Speedrunning

And, my cat, who loves to bump the keyboard:)

UPDATE 3-31-18

First and foremost, DarkAkuma did it! He successfully Canoe Patched Star Ocean!!! Go to the DarkAkuma Sfrom Tool Link below to enjoy this amazing labor of love, on his part! Those who do run Canoe, will be able to enjoy the better lag input and rewind ability!!! I will do a video about his incredible Sfrom Tool, soon:)

DarkAkuma's Star Ocean (Canoe Patch)

Next up, Custom Mortal Kombat OST!!! You will need to use the NEW MAME 2003 Xtreme in my set! It will completely replace the current MAME 2003! It will still work with all of the great Irem, Data East, System 32, etc, additions!!! Command line remains, /bin/mame2003 Samples for Mortal Kombat are in Xtras/Arcade/samples folder! You will need to provide your own rom set to go with them! Enjoy this absolutely amazing gem of an OST Boost to MK:) Personal thanks to gpstar, who also went into overdrive to get Final Fight Sega CD OST working with MAME 2003, as well (based off the original idea and coding prowess of big blue frontend!!!) Samples for ffight are also in samples folder!!!

Otherwise, there is a NEW NES Emulator you can play around with, that is is less in options, but quite reliable for a majority of NES Games! Command line is /bin/quicknes You can also load Core/Load quicknes/load content:) I also Updated NP2Kai, 4DO, SNES9x2005/2010/2016, DOSBox, and RetroArch. TheWez1981 did a fantastic Custom Intellivision Border, which is in km_retroarch_custom_borders_3_31_18 Be sure to check it out:)

I did two Tutorials for utilizing the Custom Mortal Kombat OST. I have had several requests about Hakchi2 CE Tutorials. So, I used the OST Addition as a Base Point for NAND and USB-HOST Tutorials:)

On a final note, looking forward to more feedback on any other Games that may need checked into for Performance Boosts:) Thanks to you All! Be sure to check out the PERFORMANCE Folder, in the meantime! I will do what I can get to get some awesome Boosts into the Next Update!!! Enjoy this Update for now, and have fun with MK and the great CD Quality Soundtrack, courtesy of the hard work of gpstar and the Original People who did all of the tracks. I will do my best to list these incredible Artists, when I can!!!

SNES Classic - Turbo Fire & Rewind Fun

SNES Classic - Mortal Kombat !!! Fans Rejoice:) Custom OST!!!

SNES Classic - Hakchi2 CE - NAND Tutorial (Mortal Kombat Custom OST Edition:)

SNES Classic - Hakchi2 CE - USB-HOST Tutorial (Mortal Kombat Custom OST Edition:)

UPDATE 3-29-18

**2000 Subscribers on YouTube!!! Thank You All:) I did a Celebration Video, showcasing several Obscure Games that I love! 2 NEW Cores Added Today:) CrocoDS (CPC Amstrad) & SameBoy (GB/GBC). Command lines are /bin/crocods & /bin/sameboy I also Updated multiple other Cores with bugfixes, optimizations, etc, including RetroArch, SNES9x2010, 4DO, NP2Kai, Final Burn Alpha 2016, etc! Look in Xtras, Performance, to see the Specific Games that have Performance Boosts applied to them:)

Due to a Legal Grey Area, Bios must be provided by You, the User. I made a video about this! And, I also provided an HMOD for easy BIOS installations! Feel free to message me on Reddit under MDFMKanic, on GBA Temp under KMFDManic, on YouTube under KMFDManic, on Discord under KMFDManic, if you have absolutely any issues, questions, or need any help, whatsoever, running Cores that require Bios:) I will be very happy to help you Guys and Gals out! DO NOT be afraid to ask:) I am here to help you all best enjoy your Modding Experience!

Again, thanks to all of you, for making this Modding Scene so wonderful! And, thanks to all of the 2000+ YouTube Subscribers, Redditors, GBA Temp People, Discord, and everyone else I have come into contact with in this amazing Modding Adventure:) Enjoy the Update! Next up will be an Sfrom Tutorial, Code Making Tutorial, and more User Requests! Feel free to suggest, request, or ask anything you'd like me to work on or post a video of:) Thank You!!! And, last but not least, thanks to madmonkey and BsLeNuL for helping with Border Bug Fixes:)

SNES Classic - 2000 Subscribers + Obscure Games Showcase:)

SNES Classic - Performance Upgrade Boosts Overview

SNES Classic - Master BIOS Module Overview

Thanks Ashpey for breaking through and pushing me to veer away from the Wall of Text:)

UPDATE 3-22-18

Let's try something:

Bugfix for Performance Upgrade Tweaks:)

You can now load Elevator Action Returns, Demon Front, Outrunners, Stadium Cross, and the tweaks should trigger properly! Additionally, Outrunners & Stadium Cross will load full screen!!!

Feel free to request any other additional Arcade Games that have Performance issues, to look into fixing! I did an overhaul of the Core Set for better implementation with Hakchi2 CE! They are now currently much nicer, integration wise, with User Mods Tab!

I updated FBA 2016, MGBA, RetroArch:) Another Aspect Ratio Fix will be posted NEXT Update!

Canoe Borders are sometimes bugged, particularly on USB-HOST! Fix will be posted:)
Video recorded, as usual, to cover these few things:)

You can also see me go over how to generally fix "slow" load times on USB-HOST, if they occur:)

Enjoy the Update! Next up will be Tutorials for Sfrom Patching, Disk Switching, Code Making, and anything else you Guys and Gals let me know you'd like to see!!! I am still tweaking Atari Jaguar and a few other Sloooowwww Cores, in the meantime:)

SNES Classic - Performance Upgrade Redux + Core Set Overhaul + Fix slow USB-HOST Load Times!!!

WIP 3-21-18

Bugfix will be released later today, that will greatly help with an issue that the NESC/SNESC has ALWAYS had, that many are simply not aware of! I am also implementing better integration for use with Hakchi2 CE:) I have more goodies and optimizations to get posted, likely by Thursday/Fri, as well! Due to very constant requests, I will do a few more Tutorials on Disk Switching, Hakchi2 CE, how to make and use your own Cheat Codes, etc! I am always getting a ton of suggestions, requests, feedback, and such! Thanks again to you all for helping make this Modding Scene so great! Look back later for the Bugfix, and the Next Release:) Enjoy the Current 3-20-18 Release, for now!!

UPDATE 3-20-18

This is a very special release:) RetroArch has some voodoo magic going on now, courtesy of the very magical Aspect Ratio Fix Additions of BsLeNuL! You can now use CRT/4:3/Pixel Perfect with Canoe Borders with a very nifty Toggle Ability! Simply hold down L1 while loading a Game from Main GUI to enable the --bezel-mode, and R1 while loading a Game from Main GUI to disable the --bezel-mode! Like OpenBor, you will be running Desmune Emulator via PPSSPP Core:) Go figure! In Xtras Folder is the NDS Template! Merely add the eboot portion of it as a Game, then copy the NDSROM folder into the install directory, as well as any games you wish to test within it. There is no limit to how many games you can copy, unlike OpenBor! /bin/ppsspp will load it. You can additionally use Dummy Folder method and copy the template folder. I also applied MAME 2003 tweaks for Outrunners and Stadium Cross. Go to Core Options and set frame skip to 5 to get better sound and speed! I updated FBA 2016, MAME 2010, and RetroArch. I also added M.U.G.E.N. Tech Demo in Xtras! Enjoy this fine RetroArch, NDS themed release for now! Personal thanks to BsLeNuL, who is now an honorary and true member of both the Original & the Other Guys' Team, due to his absolute devotion to this scene!!! And, thanks to DanTheMan827 and TeamShinansen for their great work with Hakchi2 CE! Definitely check it out from the above link! And, as always, thanks madmonkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, lastly, thanks to Shawnsub & Gingerbeardman for their patience and help in testing many many things!!! Here are a few videos showing this Release in action!!! I will get to more User Requests this week:) Thanks for surviving the Wall of Text, as usual:)

SNES Classic - Nintendo DS Test

SNES Classic - M.U.G.E.N. Demo, RetroArch Magical Bezel On the Fly Mode! Nintendo DS & Odyssey 2:)

SNES Classic - Arcade Woes - Vol 2 - NBA JAM 2P & Outrunners

UPDATE 3-17-18

At Mega Link, there is now fully realized, in Xtras, Arcade Folder, Arcade Bios/Samples Sections! This should help those who have had issue with some of the sound files in various Games! I also updated a Newer NEO-GEO Bios. There are now 4 to play with:) Otherwise, I also Updated TyrQuake, SNES9x2005, 2010, 2016, 4DO, MrBoom! In Xtras Folder is also the OPENBOR Template you will need to run OPENBOR Games! A tutorial video is below! There will be more Aspect Ratio Fixes, etc, for Next Release:) Enjoy this Update:)

SNES Classic - OPENBOR Tutorial :)


SNES Classic - Aspect Ratio Magic + Ikari Warriors:)

Enjoy:) Personal thanks to BsLeNuL Will be in next Core Set Update, along with some more Optimizations for other fun stuff:)


OPENBOR Test!! + RetroArch Aspect Fixes Explained + Toobin ARC Controls!

Openbor gets a Test Run! I also cover a few things from the previous Update as far as 16:9, Integer Scaling, Canoe + RetroArch Borders:) As always, any and all feedback is appreciated. Every Core Set Update has this as the number one priority:) And, of course, I cover Toobin' Arcade Controls!!! (Thanks to fellow Midway Fan mulliganman30 for bringing this one to my attention, that it was troublesome to run:) Controls all sorted out once I tested it!

Personal thanks to BsLeNul for his hand in the Aspect Fixes, as well as john proudlock, #Or름Cr운Sa랑#, shedeus, bankaiprimera for aspect test feedback:)

Feel free to request anything for next Core Set Update/s:) Feedback is most welcome, as always!!!

UPDATE 3-13-18

Big changes today:) NEO Changes are merged into the RetroArch in my Core Set. Standard RetroArch can be gotten from 'TheOtherGuys' Github. Xtreme RetroArch, which contains my own Experimental Core Optimizations, will be in my set:) The video covers Xtreme RetroArch and the Add-Ons:) NEO Changes for the better include Loading Screens, Cache and Memory Clearing, CRT Filter for both NESC/SNESC, without any additional HMOD installation!, amongst other incredibly awesome changes:) Things will be very bright for the Future of the NESC/SNESC Modding Scene! As always, feedback is much appreciated! Definitely inform me of anything you would love to see added, and I will look into it! This release also has Updated 4DO, FBA 2016, NP2Kai, SNES9x2016, PPSSPP Core with NEO Changes (hakchi/saves on USB, and back-up your PSP saves, and you can use them fine with NEO:). Enjoy the Update!!! Personal Thanks to 'TheOtherGuys', Defkorns, darkdev1, Bslenul, Gingerbeardman, zetraex, shedeus, madmonkey!!!, and of course, all of You Guys and Gals!!! Expect for next Update, more along lines of Codes and Samples, etc! Don't forget to check out ComCom's Amazing Options Menu HMOD for RetroArch, linked to above! Enjoy this tremendous Update!!!

SNES Classic - NEO Merged + MAME 2010 Performance Upgrade & Xtreme RetroArch Overview

UPDATE 3-10-18

Xtreme Shaders Add-On (Hundreds upon Hundreds of nifty things you can do with this! Some of them are showcased in the video! You can do a Mini GB, NES Classic Filter, Bezel, Etc!!! Expect me to be doing Updated Changes with these Shaders, as feedback comes in:) I look forward to "Preferred" Shader feedback, especially! I am also doing a WIP on implementation of Stubborn Games, as also detailed in a video, for NEXT Release:) Otherwise, I updated FBA 2016 (Mega Drive Additions), TGBDual (Subsystem Support like SGB with Dual Link Games; Thanks fr500!!!), NP2Kai (m3u Load Fixes; Thanks Tomohiro Yoshidomi!!!), Fuse (Keyboard Mapping Fixes; Thanks leiradel, pjft), MAME 2014 (Input Lag Fix; Thanks Tatsuya79!!!, MrBoom, RetroArch with a minor tweak (Overlay Blocking Gui). I updated NES Cheats to include Final Fantasy. I still plan on working additional NEO Changes into my RetroArch, and vice versa, in the very near future! Enjoy the Update, as well as these two videos! Personal thanks this time to markwkidd (Try out the FreeINT Core he worked on to play some magnificent Retro Intellivision Goodness!), gpstar (MAME 2014 Updating & Testing/Incoming Mortal Kombat Goodness), madmonkey!!!!!!, Kane1985/TheWez1981 for pushing me towards doing a Shaders Update, and ALL Elevator Action Return Fans out there! Taito Rules too! Lastly, thanks to TwinAphex!!! and, frranck (Incredibly awesome MrBoom Core!!! Enjoy the Update, everyone:) And, thanks for putting up with my unorthodox, non-bullet style Wall of Texts in every Update:)

SNES Classic - SNES Classic - Xtreme Shaders Add-On Test - Mini GB, Etc:)

SNES Classic - Stubborn Game Tweaks


I will try to push out another release later today fulfilling more User Requests. There will also be a chance of yet another Arcade Compatibility Update in either this or the next release. There will be more Xtreme Add-On Tweaks, including Atari Jaguar running just a little better:) I will throw up a Test Video with them in action. I may also release 1-2 additional HMODS for Nand Users, only:) NESC will also get more love, today! I will update, much later today! Since many of you check on a daily basis for new Updates, I will try to post a little tidbit of what I am currently working on, between Updates! See ya all later:)


Due to hundreds of messages in one single day that I had trouble even keeping up with, I have had to make this Clarification post:)

UPDATE 3-5-18

Very Nice Update, indeed:) I was able to Fix, Update, and Merge all of the RetroArchs into one single Entity of a Version:) FFMPEG Video Support and Xtreme Performance Upgrade are now Add-Ons! Things will be much less confusing and easier to manage! RetroArch Merged Video covers the Install/Uninstall Process! CRT Filter Hack for NESC also Updated again, into one singular version for RetroArch in my set! MAME 2000 UPDATED! (You can now use MAME Options with R2 and configure Controls!!! I additionally Updated FBA 2016, mGBA, NP2kai, MrBoom, Genesis Plus GX,& fceumm. Today, I give very personal thanks to my good friend gpstar, who helped with the MAME 2000 testing and updating. He has some very nice surprises coming our way soon, related to MK!!! Think Final Fight Sega CD OST with a MK Twist! Personal thanks to Shawnsub, as well, for being a valuable asset and friend in many test Perimeters, including PSP, PC-98, X68000! Expect more fun stuff throughout the week, including something along the lines of Zelda, as well as more User Requests!!! Enjoy the Update, everyone:)

SNES Classic - RetroArch [s] Merged - Donkey Kong Samples Test

SNES Classic - MAME 2000 Updated!

UPDATE 3-3-18

Today is for you NESC Users:) I fixed and Updated the NESC CRT Filter Hack to work properly with Current RetroArchs in my set. Watch the video to see it in action, and how to install/uninstall/use it:) Again, this is meant for RetroArchs in my Core Set, for now. I will modify things to work with "Other" RetroArchs tomorrow. For now, install the appropriate CRT Filter Hack, based on whether you are using Standard or FFMPEG RetroArch Variants! Otherwise, MAME 2010 Fixed, NP2Kai Updated, FBA 2016 Updated:) I will get more User Requests in, for next Update, too! But, CRT Filter was the number one Priority, based on User Feedback, for the moment. Enjoy the Update NESC Users:) Personal Thanks to the original people who helped work on this amazing CRT Hack! (rhester72, Tmnt4242, hizzlekizzle, Kobe46, etc:)

NES Classic - CRT Filter Hack Updated!

UPDATE 3-1-18

Note: Until further notice, only install No-Thumbnails HMOD if Non-USB-HOST. It has conflicts with USB-HOST, and can lead to random in-game C8 crashes.

I only Updated files in Mega NZ link, for now. MAME 2010 was broken. I reverted it, and it now works again:) Thanks to Bully79 & DRVR 99 for bringing this to my attention! There is a new PSP SAVES folder in _km_Xtras. The video I posted will show how to apply saves, via USB-HOST:) I may do a Nand Variant of it, as well. I also did a MAME 2000 Showcase Video, since it truly is an underappreciated Gem of a Core that has amazing compatibility with a lot of games that do not run well on any of the other Cores! I will post a Standard Core Set Update tomorrow (which will include coding additions to help with support with 'The Other Guys' Options HMOD:), etc, and get more Videos posted, as well! Enjoy PSP Save Exploiting, and play some games on MAME 2000, in the meantime:) As always, thanks for the entire support of the Community! It means a lot:)

SNES Classic - PSP Save Exploiting - USB-HOST

MAME 2000 Showcase

UPDATE 2-27-18

N64/PS1/PSP Stability Boost. Games are less likely to crash on all 3 Systems with the 4 Cores that run them!!!:) Install any of the Updated RetroArchs & have the most Current Version of the Cores that run these in my Set installed to take advantage of this change. Make sure to uninstall previous RetroArchs and Cores before installing New ones! If you screw up, Uninstall Kernel/Flash Custom Kernel/Reinstall HMODS:) I also Updated FBA 2016 and SNES9x2010:) Enjoy the Update! I will work on more Performance Tweaks, Boosts, Adjustments, as well as the Videos for how to make your own Cheat Codes, and a few other User Requests, throughout this week! Hope you are all enjoying the amazing MAME 2003 that was released yesterday!!!

UPDATE 2-26-18

This is the Big One:) Irem Decryption Fixed & All 3 MAME 2003 Cores are fully merged into one single entity! No more need to Dual MAME! So, now, Sega System 32 Games, Final Fight Sega-CD OST (thanks gpstar &, big blue frontend) and Standard (Had several Decrypted Data East Games, Killer Instinct 1 & 2 Support, etc!), are just one, Ultra, Amazing Arcade Core:) Enjoy the space save! /bin/mame2003 will be the Command Line Argument, henceforth! You can use Find & Replace in Xtras/Tools to quickly change command lines in all desktop files from /bin/mame2003-standard /bin/mame2003-sys32 /bin/mame2003-ffight TO /bin/mame2003 :) Or, any command lines to any other command lines, for that matter! I additionally did a tweak to make all MAME 2003 games boot faster. I also Updated FBA2016, NP2Kai, MAME2010, FCEUMM, and RetroArchs. Note: If one ever has conflicts Updating Cores and/or RetroArch, simply Uninstall Kernel/Flash Custom Kernel/Reinstall HMODS! This will clean up leftover remnants and ensure a nice and clean installation! Enjoy the Update! To expect next, this week, will be potential fixes to input saving for Controller 2, Video on how to make your own Cheat Codes for use on NESC/SNESC, more optimizations for PS1/N64, etc, Sega-CD Save Fix, Enjoy the Update!!! (Personal Thanks to madmonkey (always goes up and beyond the call of duty!) & arcadez & twinaphex (tremendous MAME 2003 libretro Guys!) & any and all Irem Fans out there, including realcreamstick, Super Steaman, and klurman! Irem for life!)

SNES Classic - Irem Rules! Encryption Don't!

*SNES Classic - MAME 2003 Merging!

Everything this company (Irem) touches turns to gold:) I briefly play most of their Arcade Catalog.

UPDATE 2-23-18

NOTE: If you have trouble changing UI, it can easily be done by installing CloverApp from my Core Set, xtras, hakchi2 folder, then applying like in the video.

Gambatte now handles all GB/GBC Games with /bin/gb & /bin/gbc And, MGBA is preferred GBA Core (Thanks to InsertCookiesHere, superGeekSquad, and all else who pushed for this change:) Lag Input adjustment for Standard RetroArchs (Thanks TheAponte for the request:) Lag Input is great for saving frames in Speed Runs:) Updated several other Cores, per usual, with bug fixes, optimizations, etc! Once I am caught up on everything, I will add to the Arcade Compatibility, with another Update! I will also be attempting to Merge all 3 Mame 2003 Variants into 1-2 Variants, at most:) FFight, Standard Combined, and possibly Sys32 Separate. Not sure if I can properly merge all 3 without a conflict. But, I should be able to get at least FFight and Standard together! I have a few new Videos posted, fulfilling User Requests. Be sure to check them out:) Enjoy the Update!!! PS, I will keep fulfilling more User Requests:)

SNES Classic - RetroArch 1.7.1 - Change UI

SNES Classic - MAME Controller Frustration!

SNES Classic - Gambatte / mGBA Change:)


I will get an Update out today or tomorrow with more lag adjustments, performance boosts, and other fun stuff! I will update this, as things develop:) But, for now, read this:)


SNES Classic - Fixed Legend of Mana Controls + Running Nintendo 64 with the SNESC Controller + WIP:)

Yes, despite what people think, you can run Legend of Mana with Bios, and have controls!

Enjoy!!! Personal thanks to bslenul for helping test things, as well as being an incredibly valuable asset and friend in this Modding scene!!!

You can Bind all to Default, too:)

If you really screw up, simply uninstall RetroArch, then reinstall it! But, as long as you don't mess with select+start, you are generally ok:) I will focus on getting Golden Eye as optimal as possible!

As far as WIP, I will be doing a System 32 Performance Update, soon, as well as more refinements for Input Lag, and how to "Make" your own Cheat Codes for use on the NESC/SNESC, amongst other additions! Have fun til my next Update:)


P.S., Change pad 1 back to default if you have any issues with other Games:)

UPDATE 2-21-18

Super Slooooww Super Game Boy Support Added:) Thanks for the help, madmonkey:) Thanks to bslenul for helping test! And, thanks to fr500 for the subsystem support hook-up! New RetroArch 1.7.1 (Better Stability + Input Lag Adjustments + Aspect Ratio + Input Keybind Fixes; Personal thanks to lithium210 for helping test my changes!) For Aspect Ratio, go into RetroArch Settings, Video, Aspect Ratio, and adjust accordingly, if need be...then quick settings, save core override:) The Xtreme RetroArch Variants are my own personalized, custom optimizations and tweaks for better performance. Feel free to try both, and see which you prefer:) RetroArch 1.6.7/1.7.0 are retired from my Core Set, and "The Other Guys" will handle Neo Variants of them:) I will still, of course, assist in bug fixes, Updates, etc, for them:) Updated Multiple Cores, including FBA 2016, PrBoom, MrBoom, MAME 2010, SNES9x2005, NP2Kai, GME, Mednafen PCE Fast, Mednafen WSwan, TyrQuake, with bug fixes and optimizations! Next up, will be finalization of SNESC Controller support for N64/More Cheats, including a Tutorial on how to "make" your own Cheats:) I will try to get to everyones' requests! And, of course, Updating the ReadMes in my Core Set!!! Enjoy the Update, and have fun with Super Slooww Game Boy:) Check out my video of me playing them at AOL 56k Internet Speed! Lastly, huge thanks to my great friend Gingerbeardman for his continual support on my Github:) And, of course to all of you on Reddit, GBA Temp, Discord, YouTube, Libretro, and Github! Enjoy the Update! I will try to get more fun stuff out tomorrow!

SNES Classic - Super Game Boy Test

WIP 2-20-18

I will try to add easier support for running N64 with SNESC Controller:) Hopefully, there will be another surprise, too:) Still looking into it! And, of course, any feedback will be addressed, per normal:)

UPDATE 2-19-18

Redownload & Replace the _km_retroarch_170_standard_xtreme_2_19_18 from either Mega Link or redownload the .7z. Fixed up and proper version now posted:)

UPDATE 2-19-18

I have received a ton of feedback, and have adjusted my Core Set, accordingly:) Aspect Ratio fixes for CRT/4:3/Pixel Perfect have been applied. CRT Filter has been fixed for SNESC, only. Some misinterpreted my Hotfix Post to imply it also worked for NESC. Sorry for the confusion! But, fixes I did also apply to NESC, otherwise! If you use ANY RetroArch with Neo in the name, use the PPSSPP Neo Core! Use standard PPSSPP Core for Non-Neo Cores. If you have leftover saves, use the pertinent combination of PPSSPP & RetroArch Cores until they are expendable:) Again, Xtreme Variants are my own personaliized optimizations for PSP/N64/Sega Saturn/generally System Wide Performance Boosts. Even System 32 Games & MSU-1 Games run better, now! Ideally, RetroArch Variants will be reduced to as few as possible, and potentially contain a switcher option to toggle between Xtreme and Standard! But, due to current feedback, I will leave it like this for the moment:) As always, feel free to ask anything, and open an issue on my Github (or message me on Reddit, GBA Temp, etc!), if need be, for my direct support of anything in my Core Set! BlueMSX fixed and Updated! Multiple Other Cores also Updated with other bugfixes and optimizations! I appreciate all of you Guys and Gals continually throwing yourself into the fray with these experimental changes! The feedback and input helps make this better for us all! I needed to push this out for now! But, there may possibly be a few more additions (PS1 IMG Conversion Support, N64 with SNESC Controller, etc!) later today:) If not, for sure tomorrow!!! Enjoy the Update, and looking forward to any and all feedback to make things better! Personal thanks to Swingflip, Viral DNA, & CompCom of 'Other Guys' PS: Still need to do nifty markdown support for Hakchi2 CE:)


CRT Filter (ONLY for SNES) fixed and working properly in all RetroArchs in my Set. Mini SNES, Options, Display, Choose CRT initially, choose your border. Then, once it triggers, you can use borders with 4:3, as well. Thanks for the feedback, beazleybub & twicefalles. Same dates, but the fix is applied to all 6! Sorry for any inconvenience:) Grab from Mega Link or full 7z:)

SNES Classic - Sega Saturn V1 Test

SNES Classic - PSP Performance Upgrade V3

UPDATE 2-18-18

Welcome to RetroArch Neo:) RetroArch Neo consists of merged code from both the Original Team (myself, madmonkey, cluster, pcm) & 'TheOtherGuys' (Swingflip, Viral DNA, & CompCom). The Neo Additions contain a set of very clever & carefully calculated optimizations to clear & ensure more memory is always available for emulation via RetroArch. This minimizes potential slowdowns, as well as allows for more reliable game play. Feedback from the Community at large will always be most paramount as far as future changes for the better!
1.6.7 & 1.7.0 now have Neo Versions:) The Xtreme Variants are my own personal Optimizations to help with PSP/N64/Sega Saturn, and a System Wide Boost for all other Cores! Be sure to check out the latest, amazing version of Hakchi2 CE!!! Fantastic Release!!! Note: With the Xtreme Variants, use the following settings:)

For PSP:
Frame Skip Enabled & set to 1 for MOST Games &
Frame Skip Disabled & set to 2-4 for CPU Intensive
Restart may be required after making changes

Additionally, Many Cores were updated with optimizations, bug fixes, etc:) V1 Sega Saturn, V2 N64, and V3 PSP Performance Upgrades:) I will post videos of these in action:)

Enjoy the Update:) Next up will be some User Requests, such as running Golden Eye with SNES Controller, and a few other nifty things:) And, I will also make all the Cores look nicer to accommodate the new, nifty Module Window in Hakchi2 CE!!! Don't forget to grab the latest Release:) It is a truly beautiful thing!

UPDATE 2-16-18

WIP, no video yet:) But, there will be a Sega Saturn Performance Upgrade incoming:) I actually got some games running full speed. Several others are playable. Do not expect miracles, in the way of Panzer Dragoon! That just isn't happening! There will be a few other additional surprises for the next Update! Expect a test video of Sega Saturn in action by tomorrow:) Fun stuff!

UPDATE 2-15-18

Lo and behold, here is the Update:) RetroArch had to be done a very special way. There are now 2 Sets! One is Default Settings, for those who want completely untainted RetroArchs to play around with:) The other set, the extreme variant, has all of my optimizations for PSP, N64, System Wide Performance Boosts, and so on! Even System 32 Games run better with the MAME 2003 - Sys 32 Variant! Remember, with the Extreme Variants of RetroArch, PSP default is Frame Skip Enabled and it is set to 1!!! This will work for MOST Games. The more CPU Intensive ones, disable Frame Skip! And, then set it to 2-4. This will do a boost to help run more CPU Intensive Games:) I will post a technical explanation of how and why this works tomorrow! You can use Quick Settings Save Game Override on Games:) The video linked to in the Update WIP Update 2-14-18 Below shows me doing these specific Changes! So, pay very close attention to what I do in the video! And, of course, if you don't like my optimizations, feel free to use the standard ones:) There will be more RetroArch Updating, as well as more Performance Boosts for Sega Saturn, PS1, etc! I will certainly listen to feedback as far as Updating my Extreme RetroArch Variants:) Oh, and anyone who had trouble using Clovercon, should be able to use it again:) Enjoy the Update for now!!!

UPDATE 2-14-18

SNES Classic - PSP Performance Upgrade V2 Test - Phase 3

Still hoping to get things out sometime today:)

UPDATE 2-13-18

SNES Classic - PSP Performance Upgrade V2 Test - Phase 2

UPDATE 2-11-18

WIP SNES Classic - PSP Performance Upgrade V2:)

SNES Classic - Ultimate Ghosts N' Goblins - PSP Performance Upgrade V2:)

First PSP, then N64, now PSP again, next up...Sega Saturn:) Will push this nifty Performance Upgrade out as soon as possible:)

UPDATE 2-10-18

Nintendo 64 Performance Upgrade:) Install whichever RetroArch of your choosing to enjoy the changes:) Crashes and freezes will still happen! But, I have successfully been able to bypass them and beat multiple games in test sessions over the last few days:) The video linked to will show just HOW to bypass them, as well as the reason why they do occur! I also added Custom FPS Controls to help with N64 Games such as Golden Eye! RetroArch Options/Controls/Load Remap/Load Nintendo 64 FPS:) Choose Nintendo 64 Standard to Revert! I also updated several Cores with various bug fixes, etc. SNES9x 2005/2010/2016 now have overclock mode! It is very experimental and not necessarily stable! I also did a System Wide optimization for Many Cores. But, I will look more into trying to beef up some of the more stubborn ones, such as Sega Saturn, Atari Jaguar, 3DO, if at all possible to, for the next Update or two:) As a final Note, it is best recommended to use Quick Settings/Save Game Override to have changes save, on a case by case scenario! Enjoy the Update:)

SNES Classic - N64 Bypass Crash & Freeze Points + FPS Controls (Golden Eye, etc!)

NOTE: For those of you using different controllers, simply go into Controls, and turn Left analog to NON, to help on the oddball FPS Games:) This will effectively help with the goofy controlling games and allow digital control, instead! Some use analog, some use digital. I will do secondary Mappers to accommodate these instances tomorrow:)

UPDATE 2-7-18

PSP Performance Upgrade!!! After playing, testing, tweaking, over the last week, I have finally netted some Beautiful Results. Games look much better right out of the box, and have some decent FPS Gains to boot! Do not expect miracles, obviously:) Watch the Test Video of this in action:) Personal Thanks to Gravy for tipping me off on the amazing Dragon's Lair Conversion that I was not even aware of:) Simply uninstall current RetroArch, and install one from Today's Update to experience these changes:) I had to revert 1.7.0 ffmpeg to 2-2-18, due to video support being broken:) I also adjusted it so videos can load from the get go, without any change in settings:) Enjoy the Update! I will get another Update out later in the week with many Updated Cores and other such fun!

SNES Classic - PSP Performance Upgrade Video :)


Minor bugfix to take care of conflict, where pushing reset or home button pulls up RetroArch Menu for a split second before exiting:) Sorry for any inconvenience! Next Update will have a PSP Performance Upgrade:) Thank You! Bugfix applied to the RetroArchs:)

UPDATE 2-5-18

Things are a changing, this time around:) There are now 4 RetroArchs! Fixes have been applied to all of them to help with Saves & Proper Exiting of RetroArch (Thanks for the help CompCom:) This also changes how N64 Save handle with Mupen/Glupen & GBA Saves handle with MGba! N64 (Nearly every Game that has ability for in-game sram saves, now should work!) GBA (in-game sram may not function for the largest of the Games. But, suspend states should!!) Saves should also be universally more stable, all across the board (for Cores that supported them to begin with!). Of course, it is always recommended to back up your saves! Enjoy the Update! Next up will be a PSP Performance Upgrade, in the next Update:) I am currently working on that! As an added bonus, if you are looking to be able to use your own Canoe Custom Borders, check out this great Mod (Called defkorns_bordershack.hmod; Click on it for info, right click on it to download!) that my good friend Defkorns put together at:

Lastly, I will get a video or few out later today!

UPDATE 2-1-18

As promised:) PSP is here (Thanks madmonkey and hrydgard!). Highly recommended to install 2048 as an easy Trojan (great Core, too, btw!) way to exit PSP Games! Load Core, 2048, Start Core, Exit RetroArch! To use Dummy Folder, first load a PSP Game from UI, then load content! In game saves work for both methods! But, suspend states do not, at all function! /bin/ppsspp is proper command line! BSNES reverted (thanks for heads up Defkorns!), Lastly, check out this amazing Variant of Hakchi2, from the Union of DanTheMan827, Skogaby, & Princess Daphie! AKA TeamShinkansen USB-HOST can be done completely, via their latest Release! Exceptional Work!!!

Video of me using the TeamShinkansen special Hakchi2 Community Edition Variant for USB-HOST, as well as running a Final PSP Test, before this Release!

Be sure to check out my Phase 1-3 PSP Test Videos, also in my most Recent Video Uploads on YouTube! They go over the general progress, as well as most optimal settings to use with the Core!


SNES Classic - Wait For It... PSP Test!!!

SNES Classic - PSP Test - Phase 2

SNES Classic - PSP Test - Phase 3

Enjoy:) Personal thanks to Henrik Rydgard and Madmonkey!!! Tentative release set within next couple of days. Just a few more kinks and optimizations to iron out:) I will get another Test Video up tomorrow with progress.


Revert BlueMSX Core to stable. Use Alternative Link to quickly grab the 12-24-17 one and replace the 1-27-18 one:) Sorry for any inconvenience! Thanks to monkey69 for the heads up:)

UPDATE 1-29-18

All 3 RetroArchs Updated to have MAME 2003 Cheats Automatically Enabled (Thanks Shawnsub for letting me know enabling them was less intuitive:). Given you have my RetroArch MAME 2003 Cheats HMOD Installed, simply use R2 to access Cheats:) If only using SNES Controller, you can temporarily remap R2 to R1, from RetroArch Options, Controls. Minor Fixes, otherwise:)

UPDATE 1-28-18

Complete Restructuring of the Set with several changes:) First of all, refer to the HOTFIX folder and apply the fix if you have any issues running NES/SNES, especially on NON-USB-HOST. Also, refer to the COMMANDS folder for a Command Line Argument Cheat Sheet (thanks shawnsub for the great idea!) that I made up for ease of use:) Use the appropriate Command Lines for NES/SNES, as notated in that ReadMe! Sega CD Fixed so that PAL Games now work with both Genesis Plus GX/PicoDrive. Multiple Cores Updated! Custom Borders Template Added (Thanks TheWez1981). Make sure png name matches file pointed to within cfg, before installing. Due to much confusion on where SNES9x fits within the context of other SNES9x Variants, it is now deemed SNES9x2016. It is also the ONLY SNES9x Core capable of running MSU-1 Games! I will get some videos out tomorrow related to some of the changes within the last 2 Updates! I will also do a Prefix Video, per request:) Two noteworthy things to mention:) There is a NEW Hakchi2 Variant that will progressively embody the combined efforts of DanTheMan827, Princess_Daphie, and Skogaby! Check it out! It is still a WIP. But, it is coming along quite nicely, and has MANY really cool experimental features! Do not forget to apply the hotfix, before using it:) Lastly, I offer an alternative way to grab specific items from my Core Set, without needing to download the whole shebang:) Thanks for the great suggestion DanTheMan827! Sorry for the wall of text!
Enjoy the Update! Here is the Experimental Princess Daphie Hakchi2 Build!

Alternative Link to my Core Set in Folder Structure:)!a9JHVR7B!Iti-eTx0fwxuv2vP0P4Y2Q


ATTENTION:) In order to use the NEW RetroArchs in my Core Set from 1-24-18,
you will need to take the included remote-exec file and OVERWRITE
the current one in your hakchi2 directory.


Search for remote exec

Open Containing Directory

Let included one overwrite it

**Then, for anyone with issues running NES/SNES should be back in
action! And, of course, Special Characters will work for USB-HOST!

Directory the remote-exec is in..


Personal thanks to Madmonkey for helping fix this:)

Sincerely, KMFDManic... Sorry for any inconvenience.

UPDATE 1-24-18

Probably one of the most incredible Updates, yet:) USB-HOST can now be used WITH Special Characters (Thanks for the assist Madmonkey!) You will NEED to be using one of the Newly Revised & Updated RetroArchs in my Set to take advantage of this! And, additionally, make sure no Previous SNES Hmods are they are all revised, too! You will need to use the Newly Revised ones, also in the Update! Dual SNES Cores are No longer necessary!!! RetroArch is now has proper coding integration to handle sfroms/snes9x, without conflict:)
Courtesy of DanTheMan827, comes the ability to mount User Interface to Flash Drive! This has many perks, including Custom UI Music! I added support for your own Custom Borders (Thanks for helping test, Deathr0w:), as well as Custom Controller Mapping for Cores such as MAME 2000! SNES Canoe Custom Filters HMOD added for USB-HOST (Thanks for the help Defkorns!!!). And, of course, I brought the Core Set, truly into the year 2018 by Updating and Fixing nearly 50+ Cores! So, it is a tremendous Update! FBA 2016 should work better now! I will await feedback on that one, and hopefully not have to revert coding, again:) Mr.Boom has many great AI Additions courtesy of frranck! Lastly, Linked Export can now be used with 1-14-18 Hakchi, and Default Games for both NESC/SNESC work. I still have MANY things to work on, and many things on my immediate agenda! I will do Dropbox so that additions to the Core Set can be grabbed without downloading the entire Zip, Cheat Sheet for Command lines, etc! But, Enjoy this Fantastic Release, for now:) Thanks for all of your continual Support!!! Here are a couple videos of the latest additions in action:) I also did a couple other videos on Custom MAME 2000 Controls and Custom Borders! Check those out, too:)

SNES Classic - Best USB-HOST Update Yet:) Special Characters Now Work!

SNES Classic - Custom UI & Custom Music - USB-HOST

WIP UPDATE For 1-24-18

Update will be when I wake up:) Included in the Update will be some nice new additions, such as the ability to Map Controller for MAME 2000 (which, for the record, plays Mortal Kombat and many other games better than ANY other Core). Also, you will be able to use your own Custom Borders! Multiple Cores have been been fixed and Updated. Expect the Update in the AM:)

WIP UPDATE For 1-23-18

Special Characters may no longer be an issue:) Many Cores Updated and Fixed! For now, enjoy this video of something I had pushed for, that was added within RetroArch Code, thanks to fr500! That is the ability to play ANY of the PC Cores, such as DOSBOX, BlueMSX, X68000, CPC Amstrad, and keybind ANY of the keyboard keys to your Controller! Here is the video of this amazing addition in action! Look back for the Update tomorrow:)

SNES Classic - DOSBOX (Commander Keen), MSX (Metal Gear), PC Cores, Mapping Keyboard to Controller!

UPDATE 1-20-18

Today's Update has some really truly awesome stuff! DarkAkuma had invested a ton of time into helping boost Canoe Compatibility! He did an exceptional job! I included a link to his site in the SFROMS Folder, which includes an Sfrom Tool and information about patching, if you want to have the latest and greatest Canoe Compatibility! Next, we have the last of the long lost classic Retro Systems, none other than the great Mattel Intellivision! (Freeintv; Thanks madmonkey, markwkidd, recompile); Hakchi1 1-14-18 fix for broken, default games (thanks DanTheMan827:), Dual-MAME 2003 (ability to install and use all 3 MAME 2003 Variants! ( bin/mame2003-sys32 /bin/mame2003-ffight /bin/mame2003-standard ) Also, you can now install EVERY HMOD, and have them on Flash Drive, rather than bogging down the internal Nand Flash Memory! Use the nifty dtm external retroarch hmod! Sky-cyberguy was nice enough to do some "missing" system Icons for Folder Images:) Enjoy the Core Set Update! More fun stuff to be released after the weekend, in Another Update:) Here are videos of the Dual-MAME 2003 in action, as well as Intellivision! You can look at my most recent video, to see the one about External RetroArch!

SNES Classic - Dual-MAME 2003

SNES Classic - Mattel Intellivision Test

DarkAkuma Canoe Compatibllity Sfrom Tool Link:)

UPDATE 1-18-18

Custom Cheats Fixed:) (Thanks for heads up Dark Hurrikane!) They need to be selected a special way (back out til you are just out of retroarch directory, then select NEW cheats folder), as in my video. I did it this way to avoid conflicts and formatting issues. Intermediate Ripping Tools for PS1, etc. Games! Videos showcasing both are at end of this description! Fixed Nestopia. All RetroArchs are Updated to reflect this! RetroArch 1.6.7 added back for those who prefer to use that Variant. Secondary Arcade Compatibility list added (Thanks deathr0w!). I updated chdman to work with both 32/64 bit (thanks for heads up on 32 bit shawnsub:) Lastly, picodrive is one version now. All games run on it using /bin/32x or /bin/picodrive I always listen to feedback, and greatly appreciate all who follow me here, Reddit, GBA Temp, YouTube, etc:) Thank you all! I am trying to fulfill all requests, and I get some for every Update:) I will be restructuring my Core Set, probably by the weekend, so that files do not HAVE to be downloaded in one massive .7zip file. I will make them individually available, for grabs:) Enjoy Today's Update! There will be more Arcade Series Videos and another Update by the weekend:) Anyone having issues with SD Card, be patient, and use previous version of Hakchi, for now. Thank you:) I will also revise the 3 MAME 2003 Cores so they can be used simultaneously, for the Next Update:)

SNES Classic - In the Hunt - Intermediate PS1 Ripping:)

SNES Classic - Custom RetroArch Filters!

UPDATE 1-16-18


This is a crucial Update to better streamline the hakchi Uninstall/Reinstall Process! Huge thanks to shawnsub and defkorns for spending hours helping me test the refined streamlined process! If you have issues on one hakchi, there are 2 others to try! I am able to use all 3, some, have reported they can only use 1st release. It varies. But, regardless, as long as one is on the appropriate hardware, 1 or all 3 of them should be able to be used:) Hopefully, this streamline helps boost compatibility for those who have previously had issues! It has, in tests! There will be another Update Wed/Thurs, to fix other things:) _km_extras/_USB-HOST/HMODS Folder, view the readme. The necessary uninstall/reinstall files are all organized by Release! See you all tomorrow or Thurs for the NEXT Release!

NOTE: ALL Hakchi Versions are revised, so they NEED to be overwritten. I recommend using the ones in this Hotfix Release!

UPDATE 1-14-18

RetroArch now has Video Support! Use the RetroArch ffmpeg Variant. Videos & Music can be played using the built-in media player:) Video shows proper setup for use with RetroArch. /bin/retroarch-ffmpeg if adding media as a Game. NEW Hakchi!!! This Official 1-14-18 Release has more optimal NESC USB-HOST Support/SD Card & NTFS Support (NTFS I will do tutorial on, as far as how to properly handle uninstalls and installs and such!), and new busybox. This is a truly incredible Update, and an incredulous amount of hours have gone into it! Personal thanks to madmonkey, DanTheMan827, skogaby, pcm720, xorloser, melthris, soulctcher, and cluster! Barely a few weeks into 2018, and such amazing goodness, already! Also, in this Update, latest 8bitdo firmwares (Thanks DR1001) & Lutro Games! RetroArch Borders Fixed:) Lastly, there are 3 MAME 2003 Variants! Games like Rogha, from recent Updates, will only work with 1-4-18 Variant, not the ffight Variant. NESC USB-HOST Tutorial and Video Support Prepping videos, here for your perusal:) Also, I am including some Vintage Video Game Commercials, to try out with this Update:) Have fun!!!

Vintage Video Game Commercial Test Videos:)


SNES Classic - RetroArch Video Support:)

UPDATE 1-11-18

With no further ado, here is another amazing update for you guys and gals! Starting with the truly excellent Random Game Generator that DanTheMan827 put together! Then, we have a NEW, fuller fledged RetroArch 1.7.0. I tweaked it to be as small a size as it reasonably can, while maintaining the integrity of its Options! RetroArch Extreme is no more. The Extreme HMODS are all separate, and listed under XMB, now:) I included PNGoo Lossless Art Compressor, which is great for NON-USB-HOST! I put together an HMOD to use Custom Fonts with RetroArch, while in XMB Mode! Final Burn Alpha reverted to 12-21-17, due to some broken games. DanTheMan827's Font Remount has an Update. And, last but not least, the true awesomeness of a MAME 2003 Update, which can handle support for the truly phenomenal Sega CD Soundtrack, in conjunction with Final Fight Arcade Version! Included a ReadMe! Personal thanks to DanTheMan827, madmonkey, pcm720, soulctcher, defkorns, big blue frontend, and gpstar! for helping make this one of the absolute Best Updates I have ever had, Enjoy the Update, and have an excellent weekend, everyone!!! And, I will Update Source Files tomorrow, so they are all Current!!! And, more Cores will be Updated, too!

Here is a video showing some of the Core Updates in action, as well as a link to the needed Samples for Final Fight!

SNES Classic - Random Game Generator! - NEW RetroArch! Sega CD OST Support for MAME 2003!

Final Fight MAME 2003 Samples!

UPDATE 1-6-18

Here is a Doom Game for you all to try out with PrBoom:)

Free Doom: Phase 2: Version v0.9 (Install PrBoom, copy prboom.wad into install directory, command line to /bin/prboom and, have fun:) I will post more of these, and hopefully some cooler mods, to boot, as time progresses!

WIP: I will offer up a Custom RetroArch Border Core, as well as NEO-GEO USB Bypass for USB-HOST, and a few other nifty, fun, surprises, per usual. I will adjust this post, accordingly, if anything else changes!

UPDATE 1-6-18

The theme of today is that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks! But, you can certainly teach a new dog old tricks! Special Characters Be Gone! You can now use the newly revised version of Linked Export by DanTheMan827 to add games, and remove special characters in the process!!! Be sure to add them with compressed option disabled! Then, compress them:) USB-HOST is consolidated into just 2 versions now, 1st release, and the latest, which has a black and white fix to make kachikachi games properly display in color on USB-HOST! MAME 2003 is Updated (Thanks gamez-fan) with some more fun games to play, such as Bonk's Adventure, Bakuretsu Breaker, and Pocket Gal Deluxe! Updated XMB Monochrome for use with current RetroArch:) RetroArch is still at 1.6.7. due to 2 minor conflicts (7zip and XMB do not currently function). Added freeware method of ext4. Other fun additions include much cooler Startup Music for Sega-CD!!! & a hot fix so that you can properly run Japanese Games with the PCSX Core! Enjoy Today's Update! I will put up WIP to let everyone know what to expect next:) But, expect tutorials on how to run NEO-GEO on USB-HOST, etc:) Personal thanks to DefKorns, SuperAwesome, Advokaten, bslenul, The Frenchman, pilotS1, DR1001, gingerbeardman, & pcm720 for helping test some of the Updates! Here are a few videos showing the newest additions

SNES Classic - Special Characters Be Gone!!! USB-HOST

SNES Classic - Brief XMB Monochrome Test

SNES Classic - MAME 2003 Compatibility Update!!!

UPDATE 1-1-18

Yes, I actually got the year right:) Force of habit usually dictates one do the incorrect date, at least for a few days or weeks:) Anyways, Hope you ALL had an absolutely wonderful New Year. Today's Update starts the year off with a Bang! I recorded a few videos showcasing the new things I added, and then some. Doom, Quake, Custom RetroArch Borders, a NEW SNES Core, that is very accurate (but, also very slow!). This same Core will be the one to play Super Game Boy Games with, once configured properly! That is on my agenda! I also included the Back Door I always use in my Videos (in folder_images:) Cores I Updated are px68k, Mr.Boom (AI Tweaks!; Thanks frranck!!!), MAME 2003, RetroArch (Nestopia), RetroArch Extreme Filters (RetroArch & Custom Borders!), All of the Mednafen Cores, MAME 2010, SNES9x2010, SNES9x2002 (Thanks PCM!), To expect in near future Updates are Custom Controller Mapping, NEW RetroArch, and other fun stuff:) I will add more Doom Mods in Future Updates, as well! Here are a few Videos I recorded, to enjoy, along with this Update!!!

Custom Folders & Special Characters V2:)

Custom RetroArch Borders & Top Gear 3000

DOOM Video:)

Dual Canoe Revised & Special Characters V1

Enjoy Today's Update:)

UPDATE 12-28-17

More Arcade Goodness with MAME 2003 Update (Personal Thanks to gamez-fan!!!)! I also Updated nearly every other Core! Also, I put together a Dummies Guide For USB-HOST, to take the minimalist approach to getting things going! I included a few more tools to help you Guys & Gals out! I updated the Arcade Compatibility, too. Lastly, there is now a Dummies USB-HOST Text File with a few Cardinal Rules to follow! Here are two videos for you to enjoy, and have fun with the Update!!!

SNES Classic - MAME 2003 Goodness!!

SNES Classic - USB-HOST For Dummies!!!

UPDATE 12-27-17

Nothing TOO crazy today. This is mainly an Arcade Compatibility Update:) Grab today's MAME 2003 and you can play some completely awesome new Games! Boogie Wings by Data East and one other special one, that is a true spiritual successor to the great Strider 1 Arcade Game, as depicted in the video at the end of today's Update info:) I added an Arcade Compatibility Folder to help further the knowledge as far as what can and cannot run within our Arcade Cores!!! This will constantly be updated, henceforth! I will be working with realcreamstick and the Community, to better increase knowledge of such:) I added templates for "sound samples" for the other Arcade Cores that use them. Tomorrow's Update will have more goodies! But, today's is notably about some Arcade Goodness! Expect, also, another USB-HOST Video that will help many who are stuck! So, enjoy the Update!!! And, enjoy the Video!!! And, see you all tomorrow!!!

UPDATE 12-25-17

Merry Christmas Everyone! Today's Update includes ability to now run Night Slashers via MAME 2003, as well as PC-98 Cores for USB-HOST & Non-USB-HOST (Tremendous thanks to shawnsub for helping me with perimeter tests!). Those of you who have difficulty getting PC-98 going, I will do my best to help you out! SNES9x2010 has speed hack improvement for Starfox 2. Video shows all 3 of these in action!! I also added some more Custom Fonts, including a Mario 64 like one! (Thanks Melthris, BsLeNuL, & fsuarez913!). Genesis Plus GX Updated. Lastly, that "guy" who spent all Xmas Eve trolling me on YouTube, telling me I should stop making videos because I have a speech impediment, and am horrifying to listen to, and am probably grossly obese, etc, etc,, I wish you a very Merry Xmas and an even happier New Year!

For you to all enjoy, is one of his many very nice comments to me:)

"You should avoid using words with S in them. Especially avoid words with multiple Ses. Also, your diaphragm sounds like it is compressed in some way -- something wrong with your gut muscles or perhaps it is compressed in some way -- obesity perhaps. You're absolutely horrifying to hear speaking."

Maybe I should just listen to him and just stop sharing my technical ability to help others have fun and enjoy a little time away from reality, hide under a rock and hide my shameful existence away from society?

Anyways, back to the fun stuff:) And, thanks to all who do support me!

For those of you who play the Arcade Cores, feel free to offer your input to help boost the compatibility list at this link (Thanks realcreamstick!)

Video of the 3 new things in action:)

To expect in near future Updates: Dummy's Guide to USB-HOST, including why games won't work, etc! I may possibly be able to get Super Game Boy & Atari ST going. There will be more Ripping Tools, and alternate firmware methods! And, anyone who I have not responded to...keep in mind, I get over 300 messages/emails average, a day. So, it isn't always easy for me to keep up! But, I do my absolute best to respond to and help everyone out!

UPDATE 12-21-17

Today is a truly Magical Update! Thanks to Rhester72 & DanTheMan827, you can now use Custom Firmware Switching Magic! I put together a video showcasing this as well as two other nifty USB-HOST Relative Updates. These are USB-HOST dedicated Cores & converting NTFS & Fat32, etc., Flash & Hard Drives into a more suitable and reliable format for use with NESC/SNESC. You will need to use Hakchi 12-14-17, and can Update it by Flash Kernel, Rebuild Kernel, & Memboot! Many Cores Updated, per usual...including MAME 2003 (Build Fixes; Thanks clienthax & twinaphex!), MAME 2010 (Build Fixes: Thanks orbea & twinaphex!), FBA 2016 (Save State Fixes; Thanks barbudreadmon!), Eighty-One, Genesis Plus GX, Mednafen VB, Mednafen PCE-Fast, Mednafen SGFX, Mednafen NGP, SNES9X, RetroArch (Both Fceumm & Nestopia). I renamed both RetroArchs to keep them from being separate, and to notate which RetroArch Version they are on:) Enjoy Today's magical Update, and here is the video related to the 3 USB-HOST specific enhancements!

UPDATE 12-19-17

Unfortunately, RetroArch 1.6.9. Update needed to be reverted back to 1.6.7. due to some unforeseen conflicts with some of the Cores. I tested a half dozen Cores. Of course they ended up being ones that worked without issue! I apologize my friends, and today's Update has fixed RetroArch:) I had 2 other pretty big things to add to the Core Set. But, I need to run a few tests with them, before officially releasing them tomorrow! Yes, they will be released tomorrow, as long as all goes well:) These will be helpful to USB-HOST, as well as running NESC with USB-HOST! For today, you now have Fixed RetroArch, complete with Updated Fceumm:) I also Updated MAME 2010 (Frame Skip Added, Fix for some Crashes related to "Warning" Screens; Thanks wonder199999 & twinaphex!), SNES9x, Mednafen PC-FX, Mednafen PCE-Fast, Mednafen VB, Mednafen WSwan, & Mednafen NGP! As always, I truly appreciate any and all feedback. All of your input helps make my Experimental Core Set all that much better for all of us! Looking forward to adding some more awesome stuff tomorrow! I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by yesterday's release. I am always quick to fix things, once I realize something is amiss! Look for more stuff tomorrow! Til then, enjoy Today's Update!!!

UPDATE 12-18-17

Today's Magnificent Update includes many things. First-off, courtesy of the collaborative efforts of DanTheMan827, Melthris, and myself, you now have ability for Custom Fonts (Fonts Folder)! Pat yourselves on the back. You have all done so extremely well with USB-HOST, that I have now retitled the Advanced Users Folder! I have restructured all HMODS to be within one directory. USB-HOST Specific ones are prefixed, accordingly. MAME 2003 System 32 Variant Fixed! I included 4 more of my personal Ripping Tools; TurboRip, Popstation GUI, PocketISO, and ISO Compressor. I have used them all in previous Videos of mine. RetroArch is Updated to 1.6.9. (Thanks pcm720!!!) I also Updated FCEUMM. Filters for Extreme RetroArch also Updated. As for the Main Core Updates, I have done MANY this time around, including 4DO, FBA 2016, Gambatte, MAME 2003 (SNK Vs Capcom Bootleg & In Your Face now work; Thanks gamez-fan & twinaphex!), MAME 2010 (Thunder Cepter, Shaolin's Road, Final Lap, Shadow Dancer, Chouji Meikyuu Legion, Refresh Rate Fixes, etc.; Thanks wonder199999 & twinaphex!), Mednafen NGP, Mednafen Mednafen PCE-Fast, PC-FX, Mednafen SuperGrafx, Mednafen VB, Mednafen WSwan, mGBA, PCSX ReArmed Neon, SNES9x2010, and VBAM. To expect in next Update/s will be newer revisions to hakchi1!!! I will also be doing video tutorial on USB-HOST for NESC, as well as an overview of my Current Core Set. Enjoy Today's Considerable Update!

UPDATE 12-11-17

Hot Fix Update:) Last minute fantastic Update courtesy of DanTheMan827! In Advanced Users Folder is With this, you can essentially Extract it to your USB-Drive, doesn't matter where! Do games, folders, per normal! When going to synch, hold down SHIFT key, then choose games folder on USB Drive/HDD. If you get directory not empty error, delete the contents of that directory and/or back it up elsewhere. You can technically export to an empty directory, THEN transfer back to games folder! But, you may end up causing a conflict and getting C3, C7, etc errors. It is best recommended you do it from an Empty Directory Status! This amazing addition will allow you to export games lightning fast, since they are not technically being copied! They are being linked to! Enjoy the amazing Update!

UPDATE 12-11-17

Some Nice Updates Today:) DanTheMan827 did a Font Remount Update to clean things up! Thanks Dan!!! I updated the Auto Convert Script in Ripping Tools Folder to now include ability to batch convert ISO Files for Sega-CD/Turbografx-CD. View the ReadMe! I Updated CheatSheet to include a link to a fantastic USB-HOST Tutorial that my Reddit friend, BsLeNuL, painstakingly put together using my information, as well as a variety of other inputs/feedbacks, etc!! Props to you, BsLeNuL, for your assistance in this! I will communicate with him directly, and use his Tutorial as a Base Point for Future Reference! CheatSheet also has a tidbit added about C2, C3, C7, etc errors. I briefly addressed this in my Videos. But, some may have not realized it. Thanks to SkyCyberguy for his help in Testing! CheatSheet also updated to change priority Format Type for Flash Drive/etc, to Fat32, as highest success rate amongst feedback I have received over the last month!

**Attention: Test results on Save States. Some have reported issues with saves with gpSP. I have perfectly found a median to make MGBA and N64 saves function extremely reliably using Suspend States/In Game Sram Saves for GBA, and ONLY In Game Sram Saves for N64. I cannot fix gpSP saves, without breaking both MGBA and N64! So, if you decide you want to run gpSP, run it with games that you are not concerned with saving! /bin/gpsp AND /bin/mgba for Dual Use:) Lastly, if your shortcut from RetroArch does not properly work with Saves, be sure clovercon or clovercon-usb is installed! If it still gives issues, simply push reset button ON the NESC/SNESC, as that works with saves, properly, each and every time...given they work to begin with! Thanks to bslenul, DocFishopolis, and all else who helped me test this!

As for mainstay Core Updates, I Updated FBA 2016 (eeprom change, audio refactoring; Thanks barbudreadmon!), MAME 2003 (Sound Improvements for Fantasy, Nibbler, Pioneer Balloon, Sasuke and Vanguard, etc; Thanks Curt Coder, twinaphex, gamez-fan!), ProSystem (Atari 7800, Logic Error Fixed; Thanks msheehan79 & twinaphex!), Mr.Boom (Version Update, Keyboard Fix, etc; Thanks frranck. For the Record, Mr. Boom is an amazing Core, and in the event we do network ability, 8 Player Bomberman Clone is untouchable, as far as fun factor! This was what made Bomberman on Sega Saturn, arguably, the best Bomberman Game, ever! I will do a video of this Core in Action!!! I also updated Mednafen PCE-Fast & Supergrafx (Turbo Fixes; Thanks retro-wertz & twinaphex!), PCSX ReArmed Neon (Various Fixes; Thanks hevey & twinaphex!), mGBA (Various Fixes; Thanks endrift & ilovezfs!), GW (Game & Watch; Mouse Fixes, enhancements, bug fixes, etc; Thanks leiradel!!!)

As a final added bonus, due to so many requests, I added the Freeware Game Cave Story for both NXEngine & MegaDrive/Sega Genesis! It is in Extras & Dependencies Folder, along with a proper ReadMe! Enjoy Today's Update! Expect Custom Fonts, NESC USB-HOST Tutorial, etc,, deeper uninstall of Cores Method, etc, in next Updates!

UPDATE 12-7-17

MGBA has better compatibility than gpSP. But, gpSP is faster, overall. Due to feedback, some have been reportedly having issues using newer hakchi1 for USB-HOST. But, they had no issues using slightly older variants. I have personally had no trouble using all of them. But, there could be variables related to USER-END Error, etc. As a result, I am including EVERY version of USB-HOST, just in case someone wants to try on an older version. SNESC works nicely. NESC is a bit trickier! So, keep that in mind. I updated the CheatSheet to briefly list the notable changes with each new Hakchi1

Changes to each version!

hakchi-gui-win32(official)(11-28-17) = Adds ability to install/uninstall
hmods via flash drive!

hakchi-gui-win32(official)(12-1-17) = Adds ability to use custom splash screen

Otherwise, I updated MAME 2010 (Fixes to Dream Soccer 94 and Fire Barrel; Thanks wonder199999 & twinaphex!), FBA 2016 (Minor Fixes; Thanks barbudreadmon ), Mednafen SuperGrafx (Minor Fixes; Thanks retro-wertz & twinaphex!), and lastly, Updated GW, the truly excellent Core that simulates Handheld Games! Not only has the Core been Updated. But, so have the Games that run on the Core! They are much more accurate representations of the Real Deals, now:) This "older video" I posted, shows them in action! I will do a newer video, when I can!

Enjoy Today's Update! Expect more related to Ripping & Compressing Games in near future Updates!

UPDATE 12-5-17

Fulfilling a few requests today:) First, it has been brought to my attention that GBA Emulation, in general, has not been "fast" enough on the NESC/SNESC. I bring to you, today, a NEW GBA Core, gpsp (Command Line /bin/gba OR /bin/gpsp , which in preliminary testing, runs quite nicely! Check it out! Those of you who download bin+cue, and find the oddity of them being in ECM Files, I included in my Ripping Tools Section, the ability to UNECM the files, per normal! Simply drag the ECM file onto UNECM and it will automatically convert to Bin! I will continue to include more of my personal Ripping Tools, as well as do Videos on how to use them. System 32 Games were broken with other Sega Updates. I included the last working System 32 MAME 2003 Variant in Extras & Dependencies Folder. Otherwise, I updated NP2kai (General Fixes; Thanks Tomohiro Yoshidomi & AZO234 & SpiralCut & r-type!), Mr.Boom (Source Removing; Thanks frranck!) , MAME 2010 (Sound & Improvements for Denjin Makai; Thanks wonder199999 & twinaphex!), and FBA 2016 (Attempt to Fix Gunbird 2 from Freezing; Thanks sergiobenrocha2 & barbudreadmon!) Enjoy Today's Update!!!

**UPDATE 12-4-17

Today is one truly Kickass Update:) You will now have ability to Transfer Saves to and from NAND & USB (Thanks to DanTheMan827!!!). In Advanced Users Folder (Saves). Due to so many requests, I put together a video as well as a nifty script (Extras & Dependencies Folder; Ripping Tools) to auto-convert Sega-CD & Turbografx-CD Games for use on the NESC/SNESC:) This video shows the old way of doing it, as well as my preferred method of doing it, for your perusal!


The hard work and patience and perseverance of madmonkey & skogaby, also nets us this excellent Tutorial Guide on HOW to add a Micro-SD Card for use with the SNES Classic!

I also Updated MAME 2003 (Knuckle Bash 2 & Williams Sound; Thanks gamez-fan & twinaphex!), RetroArch (Fceumm -Compile Fixes; Thanks bparker06!), VirtualJaguar (makefile targets; Thanks bparker06!), Mr. Boom (general fixes; Thanks frranck!) , Mednafen Supergrafx (aspect ratio & other fixes; Thanks hizzlekizzle, retro-wertz, & twinaphex!), as well as as an Updated dtm Font Overmount NES Bug Fixed Version:) Enjoy Today's Update!

UPDATE 12-2-17

As usual, thanks to madmonkey, DanTheMan827, and Melthris, for their assistance in making my Updates so awesome!

USB-HOST Updated, so that you can now change the Splash Screen. Briefly, within hakchi directory, throw a 1280x720 resolution .png file, named boot.png It will be loaded upon boot-up! Deleting boot.png, will make it revert to original madmonkey knock-knock splash screen:) I also included DanTheMan's amazing Font Overmount, which will help with both NESC/SNESC! Make this path, hakchi/fonts Anything thrown into the fonts folder will be auto-loaded, upon boot! I included 2 sample font sets within Extras & Dependencies Folder, in Fonts Folder! I updated FBA 2016, Mednafen PCE-Fast, Mednafen PC-FX, Mednafen SuperGrafx, Fuse, MAME 2003 (Williams Game Speedhack Fix; thanks gamez-fan & twinaphex), & MAME 2010 (Turbo-Fire Core Option; Thanks wonder199999 & twinaphex!) In order to use USB-HOST on NESC, you will need to make hakchi/saves folder, and have fontfix or dtm_font_overmount installed! Some are having mixed results, due to various factors. I will put together another Video Tutorial, specifically for the NES Classic, soon! Good luck, in the meantime! Here is the video of Splash Screen Change, Font Change, and Inode Index Breaking with 10,000+ Games, in action:) I also briefly show how to change between multiple discs with the PSX Emulator! It is a truly trivial thing:) Updated RetroArch to 1.6.7. Added This Important Note to CheatSheet! It has been brought to my attention by madmonkey, that after Uninstalling with hakchi2, you do NOT need to flash original kernel:) Even if hakchi2 asks to, Just Say No. In any case, Enjoy Today's Update!!!!

**SNES Classic - 10,000+ Game Test (USB-HOST) + Change Splash Screen +Change Fonts**

**Saves will NOT work, if using Inode Break Method depicted in the Video. Stick to Main UI for Important Games, you want to save, for now:)

As a final note, I will get to updating the Source Files, soon!

UPDATE 11-30-17

Thanks to DanTheMan827 and madmonkey, per usual, a tremendously beneficial Update to USB-HOST! There is now a third way to install/uninstall HMODS! This third method also keeps your NESC/SNESC untethered to Hakchi1/2. You will, of course, still need to use hakchi2 if you want to uninstall to stock, and hakchi1 if you want to Update to the latest Revisions! CheatSheet has brief run down of the new transfer method. I also recorded and posted another video showing it in action! Otherwise, I also updated MAME 2003 (Again, more Sega Fixes, along with trackball patches for Cabal, Improved Sample Sounds for Donkey Kong/Donkey Kong Jr., Fire Barrel & FixEight now work. Additionally, I updated MAME 2010 (some improvements to display aspect ratio), GW (button mapping fixes, sound loop corrections, transparency issues), FBA 2016 (Save Bug Fixes for Violent Storm and Metamorphic Force), TGBDual (Fix of G++ Compile error that kept it from working on NESC/SNESC; Now it is properly Updated to current version!), Genesis Plus GX (Various Fixes), Fuse.

I also added a new Core, xrick, which plays a fantastic clone of Rick Dangerous!

Finally, I cleaned up things a bit, and updated Core Info Files, etc!

Here is a video of the Revised Tutorial for USB-HOST, along with the third method of HMOD installs/uninstalls in action:)

**SNES Classic - USB-HOST Revised Tutorial (With NEW HMOD Transfer Method:)

Enjoy today's Update:)

UPDATE 11-27-17

Light Gun Support added for NES Games, using USB-HOST!!! You will need to install either of today's RetroArch Variants for 11-25-17, then use one of the two following command lines...

/bin/fceumm OR at end of argument, leave a space, then --retroarch --fceumm

I also Updated MAME 2003 (More Sega Fixes) The USB-HOST Cheat Sheet is Updated to detail another method of installing/uninstalling HMODS using hakchi1, rather than hakchi2:) _KM_CHEATS.7z in Extras & Dependencies, I shortened the paths, to make using in Folder HMOD Structure easier with character limits. I would still recommend not having your hakchi2 directory buried too far! As a final note, I will leave you with a video I just posted showing both Light Gun Games & alternate way of doing HMOD installs/uninstalls!

Alternately, you can use hakchi1, itself to install/uninstall HMODS! This may
be helpful to those of you who get shutdown errors when trying to do USB-HOST
Modification. To do this, navigate to the following path...


Then, simply copy and paste the HMODS you want installed. It is recommended to
keep these to 60 Mb or less, per transfer. Delete any that you want uninstalled.
Rebuild Kernel THEN, Memboot will install/uninstall these.

Enjoy Today's Update!!!

SNES Classic - NES Light Gun Games - USB-HOST!!!

UPDATE 11-24-17

Today, you now have the ability to play MP3s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can do this using PocketCDG. It also handles CDG Karaoke+MP3 Combos:) I also got Sharp X68000 Running (px68k)! Now, you can run the awesome Castlevania Game, amongst other Games that were on the System! I updated FBA 2016, Atari 800, and NP2kai. In Advanced Users Folder, there are now two additions, a 7z script fix for USB-HOST, as well as a dedicated clovercon-usb Module, both courtesy of madmonkey!!! Enjoy Today's Update!!!

The MAME 2017 in 11-22-17 was a test file. Unfortunately, due to it being so large, it is not possible to install on the NESC/SNESC. It triggers the invalid kernel size perimeter. I may work more with it, and see about it functioning on USB-HOST, albeit, a different way. But, for now, it is DOA.

UPDATE 11-22-17

Hot Fix to 11-22-17 (Updated Clovercon & Fontfix:)

It has been brought to my attention (Thanks alcuin & madmonkey!) that the tiny7z that was in my Advanced Users Folder for USB-HOST was the incorrect one. The proper one has now replaced it, complete with a ReadMe file crediting the original Author of this amazing Tool:) You can NOW run 7z Games via USB-HOST, given you have proper names (minus Parenthesis and any other odd characters) I thoroughly apologize for accidentally posting the wrong one. Bug Fixes & Updates for USB-HOST have also been merged into hakchi-gui-win32(official), in Advanced Users. These include various bug fixes, repair of games, and simplified overmounting for Games. (Thanks DanTheMan827!!!!!). These changes will also help with Nes Classic more optimally running USB-HOST. If on SNES Classic with USB-HOST, hakchi/saves folder is optional. If on NES Classic with USB-HOST, hakchi/saves folder is required! Otherwise, Storage is mounted RO (You will have no fonts and menu will not start!). Also, Updates to MAME 2003 (NBA Jam Sound Fixes), FBA 2016 (Another Sound Fix for Sol Divide). Enjoy Today's Update:)

UPDATE 11-20-17

Older MAME 2003 is no longer needed to run System 32 Games (Spider-Man, Golden Axe 2, Jurassic Park, Alien 3: The Gun, and so on!). The proper coding changes are now merged into the newer, MAME 2003 11-20-17 Variant (Thanks gamez-fan & twinaphex!) Also, a ton of Sega System 16, etc, Arcade Games have had fixes to them! So, check out games like Out Run, After Burner, Super Hang-On, and so on, to likely see different and better results than you've become accustomed to when using them with MAME 2003 up til this point!!! Enjoy! Also, Updated MGBA, RetroArch (FCEUMM), SNES9x (Save fix for Light Fantasy & Timing Fix for Chou Aniki) Thanks Oggom!, & NP2Kai. Expect Updates for USB-HOST, Fonts, NEO-GEO Revision, and a few other things, over the course of this week:) Lastly, be sure to check out my MSU-1 Tutorial & Test Video:)

UPDATE 11-17-17

USB-HOST Expandable Storage Modification:) Updated proper fontfix.hmod to use, along with tiny7zx-dynamic.hmod, to cover Font Issues, as well as allow ability to run 7z. SNES-Genesis-GBA, etc Games:) The Font Set-Up May change, for the better, in the NEXT Update! I also put together a quick USB-HOST Cheat Sheet, which should be helpful in quickly getting things going! You will also notice a custom method of adding Folders to USB-HOST Storage Device, as well! (Also, thanks to DanTheMan827) Read the Cheat Sheet for info on this method! Otherwise, I updated MAME 2003, BlueMSX, RetroArch (FCEUMM), FBA 2016. I also threw in a few more Shaders into Extreme Filters (crt-bp.glsl, crt-bp-warm.glslp, andcrt-bp-cool.glslp Thanks to bparker06 for passing these my way!!!!!) I am paying attention to any and all feedback about USB-HOST, which again, is the pet-project of madmonkey:) I will do as much Updating and Optimization as I can, to more optimize things, and make it more user-friendly, day by day! There are some very advanced things that can be done with USB-HOST! But, these sorts of things will be gone into more detail about, as time permits! Enjoy Today's Update!!! And, here is a Redux Video, going over a few of these changes:)

UPDATE 11-14-17

Thanks to DanTheMan827 for doing some bug fixes (Paths and Loading) to USB-HOST!!! File is named the same, hakchi-gui-win32(official). But, I applied the fixes! You may know him as the one who pioneered the Dual Boot NESC/SNESC Modification! Check out his Github , particularly the Repositories Section, for some truly awesome Modifications! Otherwise, I updated MAME 2003, FBA 2016, BlueMSX, VirtualJaguar. And, based on request, threw a 32x only Variant of PicoDrive into the Extras & Dependencies Folder. For my NEXT Update, expect a Revision to NEO-GEO:) And, I will be posting a video on USB-HOST Set-Up, Overview, and in Action by Wed/Thurs! Enjoy today's Core Update!

UPDATE 11-11-17

Fixed Broken MAME 2003 Core, as well as Updated it! Sorry about that:) Updated MGBA, Vecx, Mednafen Virtual Boy, SNES 9X (Resolution Fix for Chrono Trigger, to account for the disorientation when switching from Normal In-Game to Battle Scenes (Thanks retro-wertz & twinaphex)! I also Updated SNES9X 2010. Additionally, I added MrBoom Core! This is a fantastic Dynablaster (BomberMan) Clone! To run it, Install the HMOD, THEN, you can load via NESC/SNESC RetroArch, Load Core Option:) I still plan on doing a video about alternative ways to run this and other embedded Games! I updated the ReadMe for USB-HOST, in Advanced Users Section. For those of you having difficulty using the Official Release, feel free to try out the Prototype (although it is buggier). I will do my best to continually update the ReadMe to make using Official Release as user-friendly as possible! Finally, per request, I included the hakchi2 I personally use, 2.21e Debug Version. Use it if you are having issues with 2.21f. Enjoy today's Update!!!

UPDATE 11-9-17

Today's fascinating news is that Expandable Storage is no longer a fantasy. It is a fully realized reality. You can go into my Extras & Dependencies Folder, within the Advanced Users Portion, view the ReadMe, then proceed from there to truly open up your NESC/SNESC to many more wondrous possibilities!!! Thank you @madmonkey1907, for entrusting such awesomeness to me.

Otherwise, I merged more Bios/Core Set-Ups, to much better streamline the One and Done Install Process for HMODS. Sega-CD, PCE-CD, Sega Saturn, and so on. Only a few remaining Bios leftover, that are better left to manual you will see in today's release! I cleaned up the ReadMe files for several Cores, added a few more optimal command lines for Cores that run the same type of games, such as MSX, N64, and so on. Lastly, I updated MAME 2003, FBA 2016, PicoDrive, ProSystem (Atari 7800). I would recommend removing previous HMODS from your User Mods folder, and replacing with these, to keep things nice and smooth, transition wise! Be sure to uninstall them, as well! Enjoy today's Update!!!

UPDATE 11-6-17

First-Off, thanks for bearing with me as I have done adjustments to try to better Save Ability for N64/GBA. Again, thanks to @kaosushijin, @NeroSchiz, and @krofinzki! In any case, I have arrived at a potential Median that should work for a majority of Games (some of you may have experienced Manual Save issues with GBA. But, this is now corrected!). Too little incremental time leads to No Save or Corrupt Saves. Too much incremental time leads also leads to No Save or Corrupt Saves. I tested the current adjustment with games like Banjo-Kazooie, Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time on N64, and Mother 3 on GBA, etc. Again, manual saves do not work for N64! So, do not use them. In-Game saves do work! If the game is too large (N64 wise, you will need to run it uncompressed, so that in-game saves work! I will see about other adjustments. But, this is pretty stable for now. Most games save, just fine! Those that do not, work with saves, when uncompressed:) This primarily affects N64/GBA! PS1, for example, matter what size the game:) Install the latest RetroArch in today's Core Update to apply this adjusted fix:) Otherwise, I updated Yabause (Sega Saturn), SNES9x & SNES9x2010, MAME 2003 (DJ Boy now works!!!), FBA 2016, and Mednafen Virtual Boy. I addressed the Atari 800 Core and Bios Read issues. You can install JUST the Atari 800 Core, and not worry about configuration file, nor Bios:) I also adapted this to other Cores that have required Bios installs, within reason, of course! You will no longer need to install Bios for PS1, FDS, CPS2, Odyssey, FMSX, etc. The only Bios you will still need to install, will be ones you can see plain, in sight, within this Core Update! Obviously, if you want to run only ColecoVision, using BlueMSX, you do not need the 5 Mb Bios install for MSX Games! It is pretty laid out, and not hard to comprehend what I changed:) Basically, if the Core needs Bios, and you do not see an HMOD for said Bios in this set, they will automatically install with the respective Cores! I will adjust the ReadMe Files in my NEXT Update. Lastly, I also added 8bitdo Beta Firmware. The main thing, for now...was to roll out some of these changes for you all to enjoy! Enjoy today's Update!!!

UPDATE 11-4-17

Updated MAME 2003, SNES9x (minor MSU1 and logging related fixes), Rolled Back ViceX64 Core due to "Invisible" Cursor, Added WIP Hatari Core, which still needs work to function properly in the Mini NES/SNES Environment. In Extras & Dependencies Folder, I added an Atari800 Folder and a temporary method of fixing/running 5200/800 Games, if you have issues. 5200 runs fine on 2.21e. But, it has issues on 2.21f, with reading the Bios for 5200. 800 Does not work on either, but the FTP method fixes that:) This is a WIP, and the Atari 800 compatibility will be increased as I add to the Config File. You can use bios_atari800, rather than bios_atari800_5200, now. Hatari will likely need a similar script-in method, or FTP-Config to fully function. Due to the ever increasing size of the Core/Bios/HMOD Set, I will be separating into 2 different downloads in future Updates. For now, enjoy today's Update:)

UPDATE 11-3-17

Modified the GBA/N64 Save State fix, for a third time. I calculated, roughly...Every 2.5 Mb of a game, in compressed form, seems to need an attribute of 1. So taking the largest N64 Game, at 62.4 Mb, translates to approximately 25. This directly applies to the decompression phase of any pertaining game in the GBA/N64 subsets, particularly to Manual & Sram Saves for GBA, and Sram Saves for N64 (Do not use Manual Saves for N64, as I have already warned!) This fix is not set in stone, yet. Just bear with me, as I test different adjustments til we are all happy! Otherwise, I updated MAME 2003 and Yabause (Sega Saturn). Yabause, by the way, had the incorrect date on it in yesterday's update. Today is the correct date and is also updated! It was brought to my attention that TGBDual was broken. I had to roll the Core back to make it compatible with both NESC/SNESC. It works great, now! I will do another update tomorrow! And, today's good news, Expandable Memory is no longer wishful thinking. MadMonkey has conferred with me on this being fact, and not fiction:) If all goes well, expect an official release in due time:) I can confirm expandable memory works, first-hand, as I tested it out successfully. So, there are great things to come! As a final note, the busybox bug that was addressed and patched in 2.21f, has been found to affect at least one of the Cores from fully functioning. So, if you are unable to properly run Atari 5200 with the Atari800 Core while on 2.21f, I would recommend rolling back to 2.21e, for now:) Enjoy today's Update!

UPDATE 11-2-17

Modified the Save Fix (Personal thanks to @kaosushijin, @NeroSchiz for their absolute patience and devotion to solving this issue! And, of course @krofinzki for bringing it to my attention) to apply to 50Mb+ Games, as well. I can confirm Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time can now sram save with this amendment! If I find any more games, size wise, with save issues...I will do my best to adjust accordingly, to compensate for proper saves with them. Install either version of RetroArch dated 11-2-17 from this Update to have this fix applied! And, again, an important reminder, manual saves are not recommended for N64, as they are extremely unreliable. Stick to in-game Sram Saves, please:) Otherwise, Updated ViceX64 (Commodore 64), MAME 2003 (More Working Games, such as Title Fight, Puzz Loop 2, Gunbarich). And, finally, Updated Yabause (Sega Saturn).

UPDATE 11-1-17

Merged fix (Personal thanks to @kaosushijin, @NeroSchiz for their absolute patience and devotion to solving this issue! And, of course @krofinzki for bringing it to my attention) for 32Mb+ GBA Saves (Mother 3, etc!) & 32Mb+ (Banjo-Kazooie, etc!) N64 Sram Saves (Manual N64 Saves are still unreliable, so not recommended to use!) Stick to the in-game Sram Saves! Install either RetroArch from this latest Update to have fixed Saves! Be sure to uninstall your old one first! I also updated FBA 2012.

UPDATE 10-31-17

Added Ability to CHEAT in MAME 2003:)

As shown here:)

I also added Support for the Puzzle Game 2048! You can run 2048 a couple different ways. Just use RetroArch from GUI and load Core, and it will play automatically! I will do a video about the other way to run this tomorrow. Enjoy! I will also get more updates to Cores within the next day or two!

UPDATE 10-28-17

Added Very Accurate ColecoVision & MSX Core, BlueMSX, along with the proper Bios dependencies! Otherwise, general Code CleanUp and Auditing, and a few minor fixes:) Enjoy today's Update! Also, fulfilled a few requests, such as making it possible to Edit and Add your own Cheat Codes for Game Genie/Action Replay! _KM_Cheats.7z in Extras & Dependencies Folder. Also, note if you have Game Demo Mode crashing with C8, it is due to a minor conflict with Hakchi 2.21f

UPDATE 10-26-17

Massive Refactoring and Updating of nearly every Core! FBA is now designated as FBA2016, so as to avoid confusion on the difference between FBA & FBA2012, as far as which is newer and which is older! If you previously had issues running games on FBA, things should be much better now with the Updated Code! Neo-Geo Bios configurations also adjusted for this change:)

UPDATE 10-24-17

For those who want to dual use Gambatte & MGBA, I added extra command lines for both, so they can be dual used! /bin/gambatte & /bin/mgba for dual usage:) Major Core Update Incoming Tomorrow:)

UPDATE 10-23-17 - V2

Atari 5200 Support Added (Atari800 Core:)

UPDATE 10-23-17 - V1

Updated SNES9x (Now has support for the newly fan translated Tengai Makyou Zero: Far East of Eden and RTC support for the SPC7110 Chip:) PicoDrive is updated to 1.92!, and now sram saves work! Thanks notaz for the great Code Changes! MAME 2003 with System 32 Support is now in the Extras & Dependencies Folder. Current MAME 2003, with additional support for "More" Games, is in Main Folder now. Hyper Street Fighter II, Metal Slug 4, Windjammers (Yes, finally!), Sengoku 3, King of Fighter 2000, DonPachi, Vasara 2 , and many others now function on MAME 2003! Enjoy the absolutely amazing compatibility update for MAME 2003! Atari Lynx (Handy) was also updated. Final Burn Alpha Updated. Updated the Filters in Extreme RetroArch in Extras & Dependencies Folder. Added 8bitdo firmware that is compatible with both NESC/SNESC. As always, I recommend uninstalling any previous Cores, then deleting from your User Mods folder, and replacing with these! Enjoy today's update!

UPDATE 10-21-17 - V2

Added MAME 2014 Core! It favorably handles 7zip Compression! It is also a little bit of a space drainer, and somewhat cpu intensive. But, it is a good option for certain games that cannot run on MAME 2002/2005/2010. Added NEC PC-98 Core (NP2kai), which is a nice computer with many great games! Updated Info Files. And, lastly, did some refactoring of code. Uninstall RetroArch + any SNES9x Cores, and Install these Updated ones:) Enjoy today's second update! And, have fun with the MAME 2014 Core!

UPDATE 10-21-17 - V1

Updated Cluster's Save State Fix into RetroArch. Saves are no longer 2 Mb! The snapshots are now compressed. Remember, if you do not see save states within Save State Manager, and do not mind ridding of them, you can use Factory Restore Settings from the actual Mini NES/SNES, itself! It will do absolutely no harm to your folders/games. It only wipes out save states and sram saves! I also updated Stella (Atari 2600). And, finally FCEUMM is updated, too! I can confirm SNES9x does, in fact, run BSX-Satellaview Games! But, some of them, such as F-Zero Grand Prix 1-4, require special patches to bypass the intro screens, unfortunately. Enjoy the Update!

UPDATE 10-20-17

Updated ProSystem, Fuse, Game & Watch, MGBA, RetroArch to 1.6.7. With Newer RetroArch, you may need to manually exit RetroArch if Home Button/Reset Shortcut does not function properly! I had to do it once, then was able to use home button after that:). In Core Information there is an option to Delete Cores right from there! I would NOT use this option til it is further tested and deemed safe to use. Hakchi is still the best current way to uninstall Cores. Lastly, I added SNES9x 1.54.1, as well as Dual Core'd it in Dependencies & Extras Folder. Let's hope we can run some MSU-1 & more BSX-Satellaview Games, amongst other things!, with this update:)

UPDATE 10-18-17

Updated FMSX To Main Set, along with ReadMe, and Fceumm in RetroArch. Note: With FMSX Save Core Override must be used to keep selected controller upon reboot

UPDATE 10-17-17

Updated FBA. And, per request, updated FMSX. But, due to unreliability with controller configuration sticking. Controller needs reselected upon every exit to gui and back into an msx/msx game. As a result, it has been placed into Dependencies & Extras Folder, unless further testing deems it otherwise. The other FMSX is inside Main Release, as it is more stable (controller wise), for now.

UPDATE 10-16-17

Updated Genesis Plus GX, FBA 2012, Fceumm in RetroArch, Added FDS Bios Support, Added MAME 2003 Variant which can run KI/KI2 (albeit very slowly!). This Variant is located in the Dependencies & Extras Folder. Due to the MAME 2003 that is in main set, being able to run Sega System 32 Games, the KI/KI2 capable one will not be replacing it. It is just there for testing purposes.

UPDATE 10-15-17

Added Dependencies & Extras Folder, which includes the requested put back of the Dual-Cores for SNES9x 2002/2005/2010.

UPDATE 10-14-17

Retroarch Extreme Filters now work on both the NESC/SNESC! (CRT Filter no longer needed to take advantage of the additional filters! Remember! CRT Filter ONLY works on NESC!)

UPDATE 10-14-17 My Cores are basically Official now, and have MadMonkey's Seal of Approval:) Here ya go!

KMFDManic Core/Bios/HMOD Update for 10-14-17

Updated a few Cores, and made a Dependencies Folder to help out with a few things.

Again, set is fully merged to work with both NESC/SNESC, now:)

UPDATE 10-13-17 (Extreme Core Update for NESC/SNESC, including RetroArch Fixes for SNESC (c7,c8). Cores are Merged to work with both NESC/SNES now, as long as you are on hakchi 2.20 and up! CRT Filter Hack only works on NESC!

KMFDManic NESC-SNESC Core/Bios/HMOD Update for 10-13-17

UPDATE 10-9-17 (First of All, No Asking for Roms/Isos. This is a set, primarily for "Testing" purposes, of Public Domain, and other such legal Roms/Isos:)
You may know me as KMFDManic/MDFMKanic, within my 20+ years working with various outlets of Emulation...Updated Core Set for NES/SNESC to reflect changes within the two different environments. My Set of Cores is experimental. I have set it up in a way that I believe most benefits users of both the NESC & SNESC. In this respect, I separated Coding of certain Cores, and designated them to be meant for just NESC or SNESC, as you will see:) I did it this way so that you can use "Older" versions of hakchi2, still! Some of the coding changes make it necessary to be on 2.20. I made it so you can opt for older Hakchis, just in case! Make sure to view the ReadMe! Once I fine-tune things throughout this week, I will make a Pull Request, so that Cluster can deem my set Official, per his request:) Thousands of people have been using my personally refined Core Set over the last year. And, I truly appreciate the support! There are some tremendous differences over the standard Cores, such as Turbografx-CD, Game & Watch, Doom, Quake, Commodore 64, Atari Jaguar, Pokemini, 3DO, "Better" Sega CD implementation, ability to run System 32 Games via MAME 2003!, Dual-Link Ability for GB Games!, Multiple Bios Configurations (I set up Bios for each and every Core, all in their own respective HMODS), Save States working for Atari 2600, and Sram Saves for N64 (Not Manual, though!), Command line optimizations, Better RetroArch Integrations, and, of course, many bug fixes! So, it is definitely about time I let them become Official! Thanks for the support Guys & Gals!!! And, also thanks to those who loved my v1! And, lastly, shout-outs to Cluster, MadMonkey, HoneyLab, soulctcher, eli, pcm720, rhester72, my fellow reddit, gbatemp, and YouTube Supporters! Here is to hoping we get a Mini N64 next year!!!

Note: The SNES 9X Cores that aren't designated for either NESC/SNESC, work on both:)

Core Set Update for 10-9-17

YouTube Video about this particular Set!

UPDATE 10-8-17 (Cluster has asked me to do a pull request to merge all of my Cores with his Github. I will do some refactoring and clean up and get things set over the weekend. This means I will be doing another update, too.

Update 10-7-17 (To Coincide with the Official Release of Hakchi2 2.20, I have gone over and revised my Core/Bios/HMOD Set one more time. This is NOT the same set I uploaded earlier! View the ReadMe:) Enjoy the Set! Have fun with Hakchi2!
Massively Updated Core Set for NES/SNES Classic 10-7-17 V2

UPDATE 10-6-17:

SNES Classic - RetroArch Test!!! Successful!!!

Sorry for the slightly crooked screen:)

From the moment I got my SNES Classic, I just had to work towards my Ultimate Goal of getting RetroArch to work, again:) I am glad to have pulled it off. Also, my entire Core Set works with the revised RetroArch! (minus the CRT Filter Hack!) So, I have classified two distinctive installs for RetroArch, one of which is for NESC, the other SNESC! If you do not install the proper one, you will not get the experience you see showcased in this video:) Be sure to watch my other videos of NES Classic, to see what you can all now do on the SNES Classic! Do not use the CRT Filter Hack, as it is meant only to be used for the NES Classic! Enjoy the video:)

UPDATE 10-3-17 (Next on my agenda throughout this week will be to put together a video showcasing two specific things. One will be running 7zipped Arcade Games! The other will be how to add multiples of the same game! I am also overhauling the entire Sega-CD Set (for those of you aware of v2.5!). I am currently working on to have 2 versions of each respective game. One will be intact with full audio & video. The other will be ripped of unnecessary audio, where applicable. Watch the Snatcher video, linked to in yesterday's update, to get a better feel for how things will be as an end result! And, be sure to try out the two Sega CD Demos also linked to! Currently, Digital Leisure does conversions for the great Dragon's Lair 1, 2, and Space Ace. I have legitimately purchased them on PS3, DVD, and wherever else I possibly could. I have always loved these games! Anyways, thanks so much for the appreciation and tuning into my daily thread! Keep checking back daily for my Updates and other general thoughts! Great things will come! I will make sure of it! When I am close to a revelation, modification wise, I push myself, even on little sleep...just so I can go to sleep knowing I achieved yet another cool as hell thing to share with you all! As always, feel free to ask anything and everything relative to NES Classic Modding via responses in this thread, or private message! I am here to help,

UPDATE 10-2-17 (Enjoy this video of me getting the Full version of Snatcher for Sega CD, running on the NES Classic!

(Info for the video) Videos and Music intact! I have done this to the entire set of Sega CD games for both PicoDrive & Genesis Plus GX. Genesis Plus GX allows the better compression format. I am glad to be able to streamline things to have more Systems running via Genesis Plus GX.
You will need Genesis Plus GX Core, latest one from my Core Set! And, install that, along with RetroArch and the necessary Bios for Sega CD. Command line is /bin/segacd

Here are 2 Sega CD Demos to try out, in the meantime:)

UPDATE 9-28-17 (Part 3) GOOD LUCK to all of you trying to acquire an SNES Classic!!! I hope you ALL get one! I do not want to find out about any of you being disappointed, and being at a far as obtaining a system!

UPDATE 9-28-17 (Part 2) u/GenuineSnakeOil has provided a great place for us all to congregate over the last year. I will not be abandoning ship. Expect me to still frequent this subreddit with any and all updates, related to my modifications...most specifically, in this stickied Topic! It will now, of course, include SNES modding! Consider this a backwards compatible subreddit, to a degree:) After all, the NES has always been my personal favorite video game system of all time!

UPDATE 9-28-17 (Part 1) (Those of you who already have experience with modding on the NES Classic, will notice 2 special things about the photo.

  1. I have several of the "same" game added via hakchi2. Normally, when adding the same game, it is overwritten by the same game! I never really cared about having the same game twice. But, now, there are reasons to, such as being able to run it on multiple cores without changing command line, hard coded game genie codes (in the case where you want to have children have an easier time at a game, since it may be like training wheels to them, emulation wise!), translations, hacks, and so on. In this case, Double Dragon is one of the best examples of a rom set that very rarely changes! It works in MAME 2003, MAME 2010, FBA, and FBA 2012! One of my next videos will showcase this little trick on adding the same game as many times as one would like to!

  2. I am always trying to better compression techniques. You can see the varying degrees of compression with Metal Slug 4/5, and a test Sega CD game! I have been very partial to MAME 2003 as my primary core. But, enough people have branched out into FBA, to warrant me working more with additions of games for it. FBA has the nice little perk of handling 7zip compression. As far as Sega CD, you can plainly see the nice incremental gains! Yes, we will be running Sega CD & Neo-Geo on the SNES Classic in no time! I have compiled the ability to run this better compression for Sega CD onto the NES Classic, for now:) Snatcher is one game that gets privileged to run in full, untouched, glorious form, on the NES Classic...with this Update! I will release the Core soon:) Additionally, another thing I have put together is the ability to use Cheats with Neo-Geo Games! That will be in a, soon to be released video, as well! I will impart my experience and wisdom to all of you and make the necessary files available to run the Games. And, I will constantly update said files, to better the NES/SNES Classics, as much as possible. But, as far as "getting" the games. That will be on you:)

As of right now, I have compression working for every single system it can handle. Only 4 do not support compression, yet! Sega Saturn, 3DO, ImageViewer, and OST Player. I can potentially get compression going with Sega Saturn and 3DO. But, they run slowwwww! Do not expect great things with either of those! But, every other system, wonders can be done with, as you will see in the very near future! Feel free to check out some of my videos, to see some of the work I have done with the NES Classic. These will all apply to the SNES Classic, soon!

I will also continue to backwards support the NES Classic, period! So, relax, as far as that is concerned:) I will be working with both systems!

UPDATE 9-27-17 (I will be revising the NEO-GEO Bios Set-Ups, accordingly, to adapt to the ability to use Cheats, etc. I am trying to make it so it is as easy as possible to swap over from MAME 2003 to FBA to FBA 2012/FBA 2012 NEO-GEO Variant! Of course, you can all expect a video once I am settled on the final framework:) And, of course, with the SNES Classic coming out in a day, expect me to jump right onto getting all of my HMODS/Cores/Bioses, etc, as intact as the SNES Classic!

UPDATE 9-25-17 ("Abandon all hope ye' who enter here", Goonies! Even with the SNES Classic coming out this week! I will not abandon my fellow enthusiasts with the NES Classic! Just like when I got a PS2, a PS3, and a PS4, I still give love to the previous systems in the chain! So, be rest assured, I will keep working on bettering our set-ups! Expect another HMOD Update this week, along with more videos, and v2.5 should be tentatively incoming!

PIC of 5000 Game Build, where it currently stands!

This is to showcase what we will soon be capable of achieving! Clarification can always go a long way:) We will have this greatness on the SNES Classic, soon enough! I have taken 558 Mb Games and crushed them down to 2 Mb proportions, by gutting them of unnecessary music and videos, then stomping them flat to the ground like a goomba, while adding them to the Mini NES!
Before I post a video of this "Beast" of a set-up in action, sometime this week! Here are a few Technical Specific Details to peruse!
The normal 300 Mb recommended Hakchi2 limit of 300 Mb does not, in the least bit, apply in this case. I have thoroughly tested this! There is no possible way of getting 5000 Games without being 250 Mb or under! The necessary HMODS to run the 5000 Games take up the "rest" of the needed flash memory! You can still do save states! But, you have to be very careful about going overboard with them! Or, you will land directly into a C8 Error! Of course, you can use Save State Manager to wipe these C8 caused Saves away:) Luckily, save states, for the most not take up much space! Only in cases such as Nintendo 64, do they truly take up more space than one would like, when things become tight...memory wise!

UPDATE 9-22-17 (Updated RetroArch so that one can easily command line compressed games to run with Nestopia. Simply change command line (for any games you want to run with nestopia) from /bin/nes TO /bin/nestopia Here is the temporary link to the updated version, until I post it to my set.

Video of this method in action...

Otherwise, there will be another update, as usual...within next few days:) Enjoy the weekend!

UPDATE 9-18-17 (Another Truly Massive Update:) over 30 Cores Updated!!! You can now use Stella (Atari 2600) with Save States! FBA works much better and more reliably with Save States, as well! Even though I still love MAME 2003! If you want save states in a particular game, you can swap over to FBA, and have them! Keybinding is implemented into the Vice Core (Commodore 64!) You can use Genesis Lock-On Technology with the HMOD I put together for that within the Bios portion of the Standard HMODS. RetroArch Updated again (FCEUMM & Nestopia). Lots of Optimizations, Bug Fixes, and so on! Being that I updated, revised & compiled over 30 Cores, this time around...As per usual, replace the entire set to make sure you are good to go on the most Optimal Set-Ups for any given situation on your Mini NES! Two videos posted, one for Commodore 64 Keybinding & one for Genesis Plus GX Lock-On Technology! Enjoy!

UPDATE 9-15-17 (Really cleaned house on several things I wanted to get done in my v2.5 set, over the last couple days. I will be updating the Core Set, yet again, within the next several days! Also, be sure to check back for videos I plan on posting soon! These will include "5000 Game Build", "Is Contra really that hard!?", and "Genesis Lock-On Technology". I found a very funny glitch involving Rewind in a particular game, that will be in my "Contra" video. I will also give a few tips on beating Tyson! I hope to have all 3 videos, and Cores Updated within the next few days!

UPDATE 9-11-17 (Many changes to the HMOD Set, once again! Including, multiple Core Updates, as well as command line revisions, Bios adjustments. And, I updated RetroArch again, particularly Nestopia & FCEUMM. I completely removed FBA standard CPS2 HMOD, as FBA 2012 CPS2 is technically the same thing! So, stick to running CPS2 with MAME 2003, MAME 2010, or FBA old or FBA 2012/CPS2:) Just do not forget to install the Bios for it!
Highlights of THIS Update, include Commodore 64 Update (Vice), that allows keybinding of ALL keyboard keys! It is completely awesome! I will do a video on it! I also put together a (Bios) Genesis Plus GX Lock-On (You can do several really cool tricks with it!) HMOD, which I will do a video about, probably tomorrow, along with the Vice Video:) Expect some other interesting videos this week, as well! I am gonna do one about, "Is Contra really that hard!?", then a 5000 Game Build Video!!! To get 5000 Games, requires very careful planning! Enjoy the Updates! As always, I would recommend deleting the old set and replacing with the New! If you have any questions about general set-up, I am always welcome to private messages!

UPDATE 9-9-17 (Still working on finishing up the latest Core Updates. I also was in contact with the guys who work on the Commodore 64 Core, and talked to them about implementing Keybinding! I am gonna test out the Code tomorrow, and hopefully be able to add it to my next Update. It may still need a few adjustments before it is completely viable as an option. So, not sure if I will commit it to my set, just yet! I am hopeful, though!

UPDATE 9-7-17 (Did many more Core Set Updates, and will post another revised set, likely Fri/Sat. I even put together an HMOD, so that you can use the Lock-On ability for Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2, 3, Game Genie, and Action Replay:) So, with it disabled, the game loads normally. With it enabled, you get exactly what happens with the real cartridges, when you attach Sonic 1, 2, 3, Game Genie or Action Replay to Sonic & Knuckles. Yes, there are roms for Sonic & Knuckles combined with 1, 2, 3. But, this is still pretty nifty:)

UPDATE 9-5-17 (Risk, Othello, Stratego, Mini NES, all have one thing in common. They take a minute to learn, and a lifetime to master! I will be doing several changes throughout each week, to better the Core/HMOD/Bios Set-ups. And, I will post an updated Set to this thread, likely, once per week. I also achieved a 5000 Game Build, using my revised Cores/HMODS/Bios, and various compression techniques, along with the general strategy required in an RTS or Chess, to pull off a perfect combination of Games+HMODs, without having memory issues, as far as C2, C5, C7, C8! Expect a video by next week showcasing a 5000 Game Build with Multiple Systems!

UPDATE 9-2-17 (Tremendous Update to the Core Set, as well as Bios Set. There are now a multitude of configurations you can use! Some of the changes I made, are MGBA has 2 different versions (Command lined one to run GBA Games by default. The second one, can also handle Game Boy & Game Boy Color Games. So, if you want MGBA ONLY for gba, then install the command line version that is specifically set-up to point only to GBA Games. This way, you have option to use TGB Dual or Gambatte, if you want, for GB/GBC! The Dual-Tri Wield SNES 2002/2005/2010 HMODS are updated into the set. Bios now work like this...You have a Bios Master Module that contains ONLY Required Bios Files, and a Bios Master Module that contains Required & Optional Files. I did 3 subsets of the Master Bios Module. One for NEO-GEO OLD (MAME2003/FBA), One for NEO-GEO NEW (MAME2010/FBA2012), One for NON NEO-GEO. I additionally did ALL bios separately, with Optional=opt or Required=req distinctions. This way, if you want to run a ridiculously huge game, like I did in THIS video linked to below!, you can do them on a case by case scenario! There are two versions of RetroArch. One is (standard), One (extreme) contains the 500+ Filters! Due to the nature of separating Bios, I renamed Master Bios Modules to Bios Master Modules, to do my best to keep them contained in the same proximity to the other Bios HMODS! So, in cases where you want to run a crapload of games and HMODS, you can use Bios Master Module (Required or Optional Version). And, in cases where you want to run 1 or a few large games, you can install just the pertinent Bios you need, separately, if space becomes a pressing issue. You now have a ton of options Guys & Gals! Lastly, I updated multiple cores, (PCSX ReARMed, FBA, FBA 2012, and so on!, as well as updated FCEUMM & Nestopia, again, within both RetroArch versions. Due to the number of changes (well over 100), as per usual...I would recommend getting rid of the Old Cores you got from me, and replacing them with these ones! Despite some Cores or HMODS appearing to be the same, or identical date. The reason I do not change the date on certain instances is due to me tracking the date of the Source Code I use for compiling purposes! So, still replace them all:) Anyways, here is the link to the Running a Ridiculously Huge Game Video, as well as the link to the Newly Revised Core Set for 9-2-17!!! Enjoy!

NES Classic - Let's Run a Ridiculously Huge Game! Video Link!

UPDATE 9-1-17 (I am still revising the Core Set. I am going to put together more options for Bios Set-Ups. So, you can selectively choose exactly what you need, in the event you want to run an extremely large game. I will also do a video on this, showing how to get a game of approximation to 300+ Mb running, effectively, on the Mini NES. I am also going to consolidate GB, GBC, GBA to run all within one Core. So, there will be 2 GBA Cores. One will be set, by default, to run just GBA Games, command line wise. This is so you can still use the 2 GB/GBC Cores (TGB Dual & Gambatte), if you decide to, and have no conflict. And, the other, will allow you to run GB, GBC, & GBA, if not concerned with running alternative Cores for GB/GBC. I will still keep my Master Bios Modules for OLD & NEW, as well as NON-NEO. But, I will also do all Bios contained within these, separately, so you can effectively go bare minimum, if necessary! This will also apply to RetroArch. I will keep the Extreme Filter Version, as well as a Standard Version. You will see how this all adds up, when I post a video on how to run an extremely large game! In any case, I will try to cover as many bases as I can, within my next Core Update!

UPDATE 8-29-17 (Expect more Videos this week going more into detail about different bios configurations, set-ups, and whatnot...particularly concerning NEO-GEO and its intricacies. I will also do a few gaming videos with recommendations for games to try out! These are some rare ones that many of you may not even be aware of! I am still working on getting Sega CD to have better compression. Hopefully, that pans out! Lastly, due to the nature of some games that are over 300 Mb and pretty much require being flashed almost solo, at times, I am going to further the Bios HMODS, so that you can have a bare minimum installed for cases like that. If you are installing a game that is 337 Mb in size, you will want to be as "light" on memory usage as possible! I will do a video about this! Every bit of memory counts, when trying to do such "big" games! But, it is absolutely worth it, for the day or few that you can enjoy them...before moving onto something else to play! And, there are always Ripped versions, if you want more permanent mainstays! 328 Mb for Rondo of Blood Full, and 8 Mb for it Ripped! I have many updates to my Core Set, and will likely do a complete Upload/Update by this Thurs/Fri!

UPDATE 8-26-17 (Rewind Ability, like on SNES Classic Video Posted! And, SNES Cores Updated to allow Dual & Tri-Wielding. Video also posted for this!

Links to Videos for Rewind Ability and Dual-Tri Wielding SNES 9X 2002/2005/2010 Cores!

UPDATE 8-24-17 (Part 2) (First we had the CRT Filter Hack! Now, we have the ability to play games with a variety of filters, around 500, in fact! You can do such nifty things as slow motion, pseudo 3d, 2xsal, and many many more! Enjoy! Video and post follow the link.

NES Classic - CRT Filter Hack Update (Slow Motion, and Support for 500 additional Filters!

UPDATE 8-24-17 (Part 1) (I tested out getting other "Filters" working with the Mini NES, and have been successful. But, much like codec packs, where there is a Light, Regular, and Ultimate Version...I may do 3 RetroArch versions to compensate for this. a Standard, an Extreme, with a @#$load of Filters to tinker with, and a Median version, right smack dab in the middle! I got 2xsai (screen smoothing) working, and it looks nice! But, expect a variety of graphical options (over 500!) to tinker with, next time I update my Core Set, probably by tomorrow:) I got it to work with practically every Core I tested it with, after the right initial set-up! This is fantastic for Cores that do not function well with CRT Filter Hack. I will release this Updated Retro-Arch, as well as a video! I also got Slow-Motion working, which will help out on games like Gradius, particularly during some trickier sections, such as boss battles! This will also be a video:)

UPDATE 8-14-17 (I have really gone to town on Revising the Core Set/Bios Module/s. I would recommend uninstalling and deleting old set/s I posted, completely. I updated EVERY Core in some way, shape, or form. To avoid confusion, just eradicate the old set (From User Mods Folder:) The Revised Set has many different additions, changes, etc! A few examples are, increased compatibility for Turbografx-CD (Watch the posted video, for info on this, in particular! GBA Games Sound Fix (Also in the video!), Cave Story In Game Save State Fix Rollback, FBA Sound & Bug Fixes, SNES 2005 Update, Sega Saturn Yabause Update, Complete Overhaul to Master Bios Modules! Not only did I shrink them down to a much smaller size. But, I md5 Hash-Checked all pertinent files to make sure they were kosher:) These are also gone into detail about in the video! You will get an idea of what is necessary and what is optional! And, cases where optional Bios can come in handy (Of course, shown in the video, too!) Links to both the video, as well as the Updated Core Set below this post!!! As an additional bonus, you get to sit in with me as I rip a Turbografx-CD Game, down to two different, working sizes for the Mini NES, Ripped & Compressed without music, as well as Full & Compressed with music! Link to that video, as well! Next up, will be tentatively testing out Minecraft Clone to run on the Mini NES! Not entirely sure this will be feasible! But, it is worth a shot! I got a few other Cores going. But, as of right now, they have no apparent Controller Support, so they are omitted from this set. More Updates within next few days! Enjoy the videos and this Revised Set for now!

Video Links:

NES Classic - Bios Overview/Audit & GBA Sound Fix:)

I do a Bios Audit/Overview of my personally put together Bios Module! You also get to see a nifty little trick to fix the sound in some problematic GBA Games! You also get a little peek at an obscure Turbografx-CD Game, that is the red-headed step-child to Final Fantasy V, in sadomasochist form!! Unlike Sega CD, PCE-CD Games were generally not censored outside the USA! Link to the Updated Core/HMOD/Bios Module Set that I compiled below! Enjoy the video!

NES Classic - Let's Rip a Turbografx-CD Game!

Sit with me as I go through the process of ripping a Turbografx-CD Game down to two sizes that work on the Mini NES. One, Ripped and Converted & Compressed, with unnecessary audio removed. The other, Full & Converted & Compressed, with the audio untouched!

UPDATE 8-12-17 (Part 2) (I revised my Bios Module Set (New-Neo, Non-Neo, Old-Neo). I was able to cut it down to about half the size of the previous ones. I also updated and replaced several files in the set. One nice bonus to this...Some of you may have noticed that sound was not too good in GBA games. By injecting the true GBA Bios into my Bios Module, and allowing MGBA, VBA Next, etc, to use it...Sound is "much better". I also updated Bios for Turbografx-CD, so that there is support for even more games:) You can read on the status of my Turbografx-CD Project, within the v2.5 Update:) Finally, I also made sure all pertinent Bios Files md5 hashchecked as they were expected to. Some Bios are "optional". But, there are times when these are necessary to use. I plan on doing a video doing a Bios Overview within the next few days, to better clarify things on this front! As far as Bios Module and Core Updates...I will post the Newly Updated & Revised Set, within next couple days! I may include yet another core that hasn't been done on the Mini before, if I have time to test it a little more!

UPDATE 8-12-17 (Part 1) (Nxengine, the Cave Story Core, I rolled back to 8-5-17 version...due to a "in game save bug". Updated in Main Set!

UPDATE 8-10-17 (Part 3) (I succeeded in ripping audio from some games (Turbografx-CD), and compressing the end results:) So, we will have a choice of Full (Audio Intact) & Ripped (Audio Extracted:) Example: Dracula X: Rondo of Blood (Ripped & Compressed= 8.6 Mb) & (Full & Compressed= 282 Mb). This pretty much means, it is reasonably possible to add close to the "FULL" (Minus a few Games that are too large) Turbografx-CD Set. But, it will take a little work and time:)

UPDATE 8-10-17 (Part 2) (Updated Entire Core Set, yet again. There are several changes. Best to rid of old Core sets, and replace with these. Anyways, you can now run Turbografx-CD. Master Bios Module, as well as Mednafen PCE Fast are both configured and updated to run them. ISO, Bin+CUE will not function, however. I can send a "test" game, via Private Message only. I updated Odyssey 2 Core, as well. But, with this, I also had to update the bios that runs the core. So, Master Bios Module is covered, on that front. I rolled back MAME 2003 to get back System 32 Support. I will Update MAME 2003 again, to a newer version...only if System 32 gets fixed. For now, we will stay at the one I am posting in the set! I also got Dinothawr, standalone game core running. A video will be posted for it:) It is a fun game to try out. The dependencies to run Prboom & Dinothawr are in Dependencies Folder. You can see how to install Dinothawr in the video I am posting shortly. I will adjust this post to link to it.

UPDATE 8-10-17 (Part 1) (Turbografx-CD Test Successful!!! We now have ability to play Turbo-CD Games on the Mini NES! I will update the core to my set, today:) I will also post a video. There are several changes to cores, which I will also give info on.

UPDATE 8-9-17 (Part 2) (Unfortunately, sometimes when changes are made for the better, other things get broken...or lost in translation. In this case, MAME 2003 has had several changes over the last 2 weeks. But, sadly, System 32 Support (Jurassic Park, Spider-Man, Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder) got screwed up with an Update. So, I am "Rolling Back" the MAME Core.

N64 Save States & Micro-Management, Plus FTP Overview!

UPDATE 8-3-17 (Part 2) (Successfully overhauled Core Set. It's general set-up is now as follows:

UPDATE 8-2-17 (As of right now, I am adding MAME 2010 Set, mentioned, will be the "in between" from 2003 Set and 2010 Set. This causes a minor conflict, that I will address in my Set. NEO-GEO 2003 and NEO-GEO 2010 run off of different sets of Bios. This means, you only have some specific options.

UPDATE 8-1-17 (Part 2) (I got N64 Saves working quite reliably, as far as my "earliest" tests are concerned. Once I am satisfied with my test perimeters, and things pan out well...I will post the updated cores, that will help you guys do manual, as well as sram saves:) Thus far, I tested a dozen games, with little to no problems, whatsoever:) I will make a video to explain the process, once this is all said and done. It is yet one other thing I have noted people have complained about. I finally got around to playing around with it. So far, so good:)

UPDATE 7-24-17 (By request, I did TGB Dual, which is a Game Boy/Game Boy Color Core, that allows for "Dual Link" 2 Player with Games like Tetris. It is a suitable replacement for Gambatte, if Dual Link is your thing:) If there are any other Cores you want me to attempt, feel free to let me know. I will integrate this into my full set, once I am done with a few other Core changes I am making.

UPDATE 7-21-17 (Part 2) (I got Commodore 64 working on the Mini NES:) Expect the update, along with working Commodore 64 Core, Sun/Mon:) I am hoping to get Amiga running, too! But, Commodore 64 is one people have struggled getting to run for quite some time now. So, I am glad the hurdle has been successfully jumped! I will post a video, with it in action...along with the updated Core set! Note, Commodore 64 is a little tricky to set up! But, I will do my best to help you guys out in my Video!

UPDATE 7-10-17 (Got REAL Doom & REAL Quake running! Both Cores (PRBOOM & TYRQUAKE are in my latest Upate Pack. Also included, is prboom.wad, which is required to run Doom Games. This file needs to be copied into any directory you install a Doom.Wad file into. I also updated SNES 2005, MGBA, VECX, and MAME 2010. And, I included all the original Cores I use for ease of convenience, as well as the whole slew of Cheat Engine HMODS that help one do cheats on the fly. Video will be posted shortly, with that in action.

Notable Changes in the latest Core Set include:

--ability to run Sega CD games within Genesis Plus GX with fantastic compression. I ripped the entire set, minus the few that were larger than 337 Mb, give or take, into my v2.5 set! Many games are full, with untouched audio and videos, as well as compressed for the most optimal use of them on the NES Classic! I will do a video about this, to help you guys and gals along!
--New variants for NEO-GEO Bios. I merged the unibios into both the old and new sets. I will do a video on how to properly use these cool set-ups, tomorrow! You will be able to use Cheats in NEO-GEO Games!

--I configured RetroArch to handle Nestopia Compression, via command line. If wanting to run a compressed game, via do not need to use --retroarch --core nestopia Instead, alter the beginning of the command line only, to /bin/nestopia INSTEAD of /bin/nes I did this for FCEUMM, as well. So, to reiterate...if non-compressed, you can stick to --retroarch --fceumm OR --retroarch --core nestopia at the end of the arguments. If compressed, only --retroarch --fceumm works. But, you can change /bin/nes to /bin/nestopia to work compressed, nestopia wise! All in the read-me, of course:) I update all read-me files to reflect the command line changes I have made.

--I did some command line clean-up, to avoid issues when running both FBA & FBA 2012 simultaneously. Using /bin/fba for both, just causes a conflict. You can see in the readme info, within hakchi2, the new command line changes I added. I did this for many systems, not just FBA & FBA 2012. I will continue to do such changes to make it possible to avoid any and all conflicts. Example: You can run FBA with command line /bin/fbaold OR FBA 2012 with command line /bin/fbanew Obviously, this will point out the old & new rom sets! I will be doing a video, as well, related to having the same rom added more than once, within hakchi2! Normally, they get overwritten when adding the same files. I will show you all a little trick to bypass that!