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KMK: Clackety Keyboards Powered by Python

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KMK is a feature-rich and beginner-friendly firmware for computer keyboards written and configured in CircuitPython. KMK is currently in public beta, however should handle most workflows without major issues.

If you need support with KMK or just want to say hi, find us in on Matrix. This channel is bridged to Discord here for convenience.


Getting Started

Our getting started guide can be found here

The KMK Team

KMK is primarily written and maintained by @klardotsh and @kdb424, but contributions are welcome from all, whether it's in the form of code, documentation, hardware designs, feature ideas, or anything else that comes to mind. A list of KMK's contributors can be found on GitHub.

While Adafruit employees and affiliates are occasionally found in the commit log and their help has been crucial to KMK's success, KMK is not an official Adafruit project, and the Core team is not compensated by Adafruit for its development.

Code Style

KMK uses Black with a Python 3.6 target and, (controversially?) single quotes. Further code styling is enforced with isort and flake8 with several plugins. make fix-isort fix-formatting before a commit is a good idea, and CI will fail if inbound code does not adhere to these formatting rules. Some exceptions are found in setup.cfg loosening the rules in isolated cases, notably user_keymaps (which is also not subject to Black formatting for reasons documented in pyproject.toml).

License, Copyright, and Legal

All software in this repository is licensed under the GNU Public License, verison 3. All documentation and hardware designs are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license. Contributions to this repository must use these licenses unless otherwise agreed to by the Core team.