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This tool just helps you to keep apr-record of your default gateway static. BarpDef monitors arp-cache and logs any news records inside table. It runs only on Windows 7/8/10 for now.


ARP Defender

How to run as python script with GUI

This software written on Python wih PyQT framework. So you need these for run.

  1. Python v3 - download and install it.
  2. Requirements (PyQt5 and pypiwin32) by commands:
> pip install pyqt5
> pip install pypiwin32
  1. Sources. Download as zip or git clone from

Run file:

> pythonw.exe barpdef.pyw

Building exe from sources

You need cx_Freeze lib.

> pip install cx_Freeze

Now you can make exe (by rules in

For folder with all filese:

> python build

Generating solid MSI installation file:

> python.exe bdist_msi

If you need tool like arp-watch but for Windows to monitor and log all arp-events (new activity/station, flip flop, mac address changing) based on network sniffing with WinPCAP, you can use BinaryPlant ARP Monitor