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This repository is meant as an example and starting point for building a Slack app on Beep Boop. It's written in node.js, uses the Slapp library, and takes advantage of the Slack Events API.

Setup Instructions

Once you've created a new Beep Boop project with this repo, go to your project's Settings tab and enable a Slack App.

Enable Slack App

Follow the steps laid out in the wizard. You'll want to enable Event Subscriptions on your Slack App using the URL provided and add subscriptions for the following Bot Events:

  • message.channels

🔥 it up

Once you've finished setting up your Slack App and saved the Client ID, Client Secret and Verification Token on Beep Boop, go ahead and Start your project.


Once your project has started, go to the Teams tab and add your new Slack App to one of your Slack teams.

Add Team

Send @slappbot a Direct Message of help to see what it can do.


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