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A Hubot script to store and search links posted to Slack
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A Hubot script to store and search links posted to Slack using Firebase!


You will need to sign up for a Firebase account here

You will then need to init a Firebase App instance for your Hubot.

Generally I do this by creating an file in the scripts directory. This script will always be run first, and there you can init your Firebase App.

Example contents:

Firebase = require 'firebase'
config = {
  apiKey: process.env.FIREBASE_API_KEY,
  authDomain: process.env.FIREBASE_AUTH_DOMAIN,
  databaseURL: process.env.FIREBASE_DATABASE_URL,
  storageBucket: process.env.FIREBASE_STORAGE_BUCKET,


$ npm i -S hubot-slack-link-manager

// external-scripts.json


  • hubot save <link> | <description> - saves a link with the given description
  • hubot show links - show all saved links
  • hubot search links <query> - fuzzy match link description and query
  • hubot show user links <user> - shows all links a user has posted


This script will listen for any URL posted in rooms that Hubot is a member of. It will make a naive GET request to the URL in an attempt to get info about the page from og tags. Falls back to the <title> tag, or if the request itself fails, null is saved as the description.

Users can also manually save links.


  • Make a pull request!
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