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An automated tuning tool for a server application.
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An automated tuning tool for a server application by Genetic Algorithm. RapidHouse was published in Programming Contest and got a BroadLeaf Co., Ltd prize.

An innovative feature of RapidHouse is to use an own database by communicating with the internet. The database has information that an approximate solution for the server application. You quickly get the solution by the database.

Quick Try

We prepared a base image for Vagrant that RapidHouse and WordPress are installed. This image is based on 2creatives/vagrant-centos CentOS 6.5 x86_64 Minimal. You use this image as follows:

$ wget
$ vagrant up
$ vagrant ssh
[vagrant@vagrant-centos65 ~]$ cd rapidhouse
[vagrant@vagrant-centos65 ~]$ sudo rapidhouse rapid_house.ini
Score 9.88 KeepAliveTimeout=13....
Score 10.1 KeepAliveTimeout=4.....

I wish you the best. But the best solution might have already derived by the database.

How to use

$ sudo pip install git+
$ rapidhouse rapidhouse_config_file.ini

See also

Error handling

$ sudo apt-get python-dev python-setuptools # or `yum install python-devel python-setuptools`
$ sudo easy_install --upgrade pip
$ sudo pip install --upgrade setuptools
$ sudo pip install --upgrade setuptools distribute

Contact us

In Japanese or very easy English, please.

  • whois
  • whois -h xn--vckq4ald8kl4jk9f.xn--q9jyb4c
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