A retro platformer which you have to collect all diamonds
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Herbi - On the loose : 1.0-dev

A retro platformer about collecting diamonds


Game made by @KOBUGE-Games with Godot Engine Sprites from SpriteLib

How to create levels

  1. Install Tiled www.mapeditor.org (In linux it is called "tiled")
  2. Install www.python.org 2.7 (Already installed by most linux distros)
  3. Copy level/blank_level.tmx as level_0.tmx
  4. Open level_0.tmx with Tiled
  5. Save it
  6. Run convert_all.py (Edit line 15 to point it to your tiled executable/binary)
  7. Enable debug mode in global.gd
  8. Press T to open Level 0

Once it's set up, making levels will become easier than ever.