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To install XibToTi:

gem install xibtoti


To convert a xib file to standard output write:

xibtoti myxib.xib

To save the result as myxib.js:

xibtoti -o myxib.js myxib.xib

To explicitly output all warnings, use the flag -w. To provide your own config file write:

xibtoti -c myconfig.rb myxib.xib

Config file

In the config file information on how to translate the properties from the xib file to the Titanium script is provided. The examples given below are from the default config file.

Ignoring warnings

To ignore warnings for skipped classes in the xib file hierarchy:

ignore_properties 'contentStretch', 'simulatedStatusBarMetrics', 'simulatedOrientationMetrics'

To ignore warnings for skipped properties in the xib file hierarchy:

ignore_classes 'IBProxyObject'

Translating classes

To provide information on how to translate classes in the xib file:

classes 'IBUIWindow' => 'Window',
        'IBUIView' => 'View',
        'IBUILabel' => 'Label',  
        'IBUIButton' => 'Button'

To give a custom javascript creation call for in example 'View', which will have standard creation call Ti.UI.createView simply give an array: 'IBUIView' => ['View', 'myCreateViewCall]

Translating properties

To provide information on how to translate properties in the xib file:

properties 'backgroundColor' => color(:backgroundColor),
           'font' => font(:font),
           'frameOrigin' => vector(:top, :bottom),
           'frameSize' => vector(:height, :width),
           'text' => val(:text),
           'textColor' => color(:color)

This example will take the xib property 'backgroundColor' and convert it into a color ('#rrggbb') in the :backgroundColor javascript property. 'font' will be converted into a font in the :font javascript property. The property frameOrigin is on the form '{xx, yy}' and will be split into the following javascript properties: :top => xx, :bottom => yy. The xib property 'text' will simply be carried over to the javascript property :text.