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KPN Security Policy created by the KPN CISO Office


The KPN Security Policy on physical security, information security, business continuity and privacy.

Not published

The guideline documents and tools. The motivation is that we do not publish information that can be tied back to our internal processes as we consider this confidential information.

Sharing is caring philosophy

We hope to inspire readers to learn about our choices and perhaps copy ideas. We are open for feedback to also learn from other experiences.

KPN Security

Alternative options to gain access to the KPN Security Policy

  1. The KPN Security Policy is featured in a public website all external users, suppliers, customers, etc.
  2. Google Play Store and Apple AppStore: search for "KPN CISO" for tablets and phones
  3. For KPN employees:
    • with a company managed device: go to the Company Portal (Bedrijfsportal in Dutch) app and go to the Apps tab. Search for "KPN CISO" for the KSP app.
    • On TeamKPN: select KPN and Security on the navigation bar.
  4. On special request, the public website also has an API.

KPN Security Policy releases

The releases are bundled per git tag.

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