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Smooth PHP framework

Build Status

Requirements: PHP version 5.3+, Apache and SQL server(needed for perfect usage of all Smooth features)

What is Smooth?

Smooth is a Open Source PHP 5.3+ framework was developed with the clear idea for a powerful yet tiny and flexible toolkit for web development.

No one wants to get into complicated codes with thousand lines of code without actually needing them. You won't need to write those files anymore, because Smooth uses a shorter syntax. Check out our documentation.

Smooth can be used by both advanced and beginner programmers within minutes after it is installed. You need only to download the latest version of the framework extract it and you are ready to go. In case of any issues check our community pages or write our professional support.

Get everything you need at our official site or check the documetation and the get started guide.

Smooth directories

  • Application: user files; MVC(Models, Views, Controllers)
  • Smooth: all needed files for running the framework
  • Docs: documentation of the project containing the reference and user guide
  • changelog: the latest changes, updates and additional features from the latest stable version


Above are listed all available libraries included into the last released Smooth package.

Cookie, Crypt, Datetime, Db, Form, Frontend, Generator, Math, Session, Url;


Anyone who wants to help us improving the product is welcome. Just drop us a couple of lines [at] our email and we will answer as soon as possible. Meanwhile take a look at the framework.


Smooth is under MIT License and it is committed to the open source community