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@pjf pjf released this Mar 13, 2016 · 1384 commits to master since this release


Changes since v1.16.0:


  • [GUI] The "Not Installed" filter now has a more correct label. (#1573 by: plague006; reviewed: Postremus)
  • [GUI] Scrolling of the mod-list no longer requires clicking on the list after start-up. (#1584 by: ChucklesTheBeard; reviewed: Olympic1)
  • [GUI] The GUI now displays repo information as "Source Code" rather than "Github". (#1627 by: politas; reviewed: pjf)


  • [GUI] The export menu now selects "favourites" as default, as that's almost always what people want. (#1609 by: plague006; reviewed: pjf)
  • [Core/NetKAN] CKAN will now also work for mods that are hosted on SpaceDock. Use the new $kref "spacedock". (#1593 by: Olympic1, Zane6888; reviewed: pjf)
  • [Core] CKAN has now an improved version sorting. (#1554 by: distantcam; reviewed: Olympic1)


  • [General] General code tidy-up. (#1582, #1602 by: ChucklesTheBeard; reviewed: plague006, Olympic1)
  • [GUI] Avoidance of a future bug involving how we query users regarding choices. (#1538 by: pjf, RichardLake; reviewed: Postremus)
  • [GUI] Fixed mispellings in the word "directory". (#1624 by: tonygambone; reviewed: pjf)
  • [Spec] Updated Spec with newer netkan.exe features. (#1581 by: dbent; reviewed: Dazpoet)
  • [NetKAN] netkan.exe now has support for downloading GitHub sources of a release. (#1587 by: dbent; reviewed: Olympic1)
  • [NetKAN] netkan.exe checks for malformed url's and prevents them from being added to the metadata. (#1580 by: dbent; reviewed: Olympic1)
  • [NetKAN] netkan.exe will now add all authors listed on SpaceDock (#1600,#1620 by: dbent; reviewed: techman83)
  • [Core] Spelling mistake in documentation fixed (#1623 by: Dazpoet; reviewed: pjf)
  • [Reporting] Creation of an issues template to help with bug reporting. (#1596 and #1598 by plague006, Shuudoushi; reviewed: Dazpoet, Olympic1)


  • Windows users must have .NET 4.5 installed.
  • Linux users, please oh please apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev (Debian/Ubuntu/Mint) or yum install libcurl-devel (RedHat/Fedora) if you have not already done so.
  • Mac/Linux/Mono users: please mozroots --import --ask-remove if you're a new user, to update mono's certificate store.

Release image courtesy Ben-Liang, Shi, Huang Sheng, Zhu Kun, and Lu Yuan-Rong. “Experimental Study of the Plasma Window.” Chinese Physics C 38, no. 1 (2014): 018201.

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