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Getting Started

If you want to help us by contributing code, great! The CKAN is coded using C#, targeting Mono 4.0. Free tools exist for all the major platforms:

Ubuntu / Linux

You will absolutely need to install the package mono-xbuild to be able to build CKAN. If you are looking for a nice IDE, you can try installing monodevelop. If you aren't using the IDE, you will probably need to separately install the NUnit interface package nunit-console.

If you'd like a more recent version of MonoDevelop than what's packaged with Ubuntu:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ermshiperete/monodevelop-beta
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install monodevelop-5

This will install monodevelop betas into /opt/monodevelop.

You can create a command-line alias for the new monodevelop:

echo "alias monodevelop='/opt/monodevelop/bin/'" >> ~/.bashrc

You will have to re-open your shell for the alias to take effect.

Note: If the ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib library gives errors and there is something about 'CodePage 437 not supported', then you need to install internationalization packages, such as libmono-i18n-west4.0-cil.

After setting up your development environment, you should look at Building CKAN


First, you will need an IDE. Some common (and free) choices are:

It's also essential that you install NUnit to be able to run the test suits.

If you using Visual Studio Community or happen to have access to a license for Visual Studio Pro, ReSharper is very nice to have (a free license can be requested for open source projects).


The simplest way to begin CKAN development on macOS is with Visual Studio for Mac, from the Xamarin project.

  • Download Visual Studio for Mac.
  • Open the .dmg file you downloaded, and run the "Install Visual Studio for Mac" app.
  • When prompted for which platforms to install, the only platform required to build the CKAN client is ".NET Core + ASP.NET Core". All others can be deselected.

Building in the IDE

Once the installer has finished, launch 'Visual', then hit the "Open..." button to open an existing solution, and navigate to the CKAN.sln file in the CKAN repository. Once the project has opened, you can build an run different parts of the CKAN project separately, or build the whole thing by selecting appropriate projects in the browser in the left pane.

Building from a command line

Once Visual Studio has been installed, it can also be used to build the CKAN project from a command line. In a Terminal window, navigate to the root CKAN folder, and run ./build.

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