Installing CKAN on Debian Jessie or Debian Stretch

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Install dependencies

Required dependencies for CKAN are mono and the development libraries of libcurl:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install mono-complete ca-certificates libcurl4-openssl-dev

Import certificates

See SSL certificate errors if you encounter errors related to certificates.


Download the latest release of CKAN.


You can run CKAN with the Mono interpreter:

mono ckan.exe

Or to run without including mono in the command, run this once to make ckan.exe executable:

chmod 755 ckan.exe

Then you can run it directly:


Meta key bug

An unresolved bug in mono can cause a crash when pressing the meta (windows/super) key. This can be prevented by starting ckan with:

mono --verify-all <path/to/ckan.exe> [ckan options]

As of the 1.24-PRE-1 release, the .deb package installs ckan.exe at /usr/lib/ckan/ckan.exe (/usr/bin/ckan is a shell script). Please note that this method has not been extensively tested with ckan.

More information on using the client is also available.

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