Installing CKAN on Fedora

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Install dependencies

Install Mono 3 on Fedora 22 or older

Fedora 22 and older provides an outdated version of Mono (2.x.x) while CKAN requires Mono >= 3.x.x. If you try to run CKAN with the old mono you will get an error similar to the one below:

System.Windows.Forms.SplitContainer doesn't implement interface System.ComponentModel.ISupportInitialize

The official update is still pending but you can install the experimental one. From a terminal, login as root using su -l and setup the COPR repository:

cd /etc/yum.repos.d
R=$(rpm -qf /etc/os-release --qf "%{version}")

Now Mono 3.x.x is available to install. One important Mono file sneaked into libgdiplus-devel, so you need it as well.

yum shell
<inside yum shell>
install mono-core libgdiplus-devel
update mono-* libgdiplus-devel
<press `y` to proceed>

Log out from root shell typing another exit. We're done.

Install libcurl

CKAN requires libcurl to download mods:

yum install libcurl-devel

Import certificates

See SSL certificate errors if you encounter errors related to certificates.


Double click ckan.exe. If the OS asks you for a program to open it with, type mono.

Or use the shell to start CKAN with:

mono ckan.exe

Non-English locales

If your system is in a non-English locale (for example Cyrillic), then CKAN may fail with this error:

Unhandled Exception:
System.NotSupportedException: CodePage 866 not supported

To remedy that run CKAN with a forced neutral locale:

LANG=C mono ckan.exe

Since CKAN is not localized this workaround has no downsides.

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