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Metadata files used by the NetKAN/CKAN indexer
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The NetKAN repository

The NetKAN consists of CKAN fragments which are used by our indexing bots to generate metadata for use by the CKAN client and other tools. The files themselves live in the NetKAN directory.

If you're wondering what the CKAN is, start with this README.

Opening issues

If you want to suggest something or report a bug relating to CKAN as a whole, open an issue on the CKAN repository.

If you wish to add support for a new mod yourself, Read our guide on how to do this.

The format of NetKAN files is that described in the CKAN Spec, including the special use fields at the end.

All contributions to this repository must be made under a CC-0 license.

Contributing to CKAN

No technical expertise is required to contribute to CKAN

If you want to contribute, please read our CONTRIBUTING file.

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