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@siimav siimav released this May 18, 2019 · 2 commits to 1.3.1-FINAL since this release

This will be the last release of RP-1 for 1.3.1 as we will be moving to 1.6.1 as soon as we can.

Once again, there have been major changes to the mod and we are very happy with how it is now working.

FOLLOW THE INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS FOR RP-1. It requires quite a few extra steps since it is using an older version of KSP.


RP-1 v1.1.1 for KSP 1.3.1


  • Repackage of the previous release
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@pap1723 pap1723 released this May 18, 2019 · 36 commits to master since this release

This will be the last release of RP-1 for 1.3.1 as we will be moving to 1.6.1 as soon as we can.

Once again, there have been major changes to the mod and we are very happy with how it is now working.

FOLLOW THE INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS FOR RP-1. It requires quite a few extra steps since it is using an older version of KSP.


RP-1 v1.10 for KSP 1.3.1

Major Changes

  • Gameplay is now balanced on Moderate difficulty
  • Upgrade Points are now given for every 20 science that you earn
  • Overall, the game will feel slower in the early game. Yes it is normal for your first craft to take that long. Think of making the simplest rockets possible until you can improve your build speed.
  • Facility Level Changes
    • Some facility levels are now locked behind technology
    • Tracking Station has 5 levels, At the start, you cannot even see your own orbit lines
      • Level 2: Orbit Lines
      • Level 3: Maneuver Nodes (with Mission Control)
      • Level 4: Additional Conics
      • Level 5: Asteroid Tracking
    • VAB/SPH has 3 Levels
      • Each level gives you an additional production line
      • Each level increases the impact of upgrade points
    • R&D has 7 Levels
      • Each level allows higher science point research
      • Each level also gives a 20% boost to the research rate
    • Launchpad has 7 Levels
    • Runway has 5 Levels
  • New Launchpads can be built at a size of your choosing. You no longer need to upgrade from level to level (but you still can if you want to).
  • Launchpads can no longer be used while they are being upgraded.
  • Early Game has been completely re-designed
    • There is less of an emphasis on Sounding Rockets
    • First Orbit has been split into 2 contracts and the second one, First Science Satellite has the larger advance and payout. It requires you to unlock the Geiger Counter experiment.
    • Sounding Rockets now have a Downrange contract that asks for horizontal distance instead of vertical distance
    • First Orbit contract is not available until you complete the 3000km Downrange contract
  • Science System Overhaul
    • Instead of each science experiment level having it's own experiment, it now has one experiment that is limited in the amount of science that can be gathered for each level.
    • All science experiments have been removed from existing probes, they must now be added manually
    • Scintillation Counter added as a Level 2 upgrade to the Geiger Counter
  • Crew Contracts
    • Many cockpits are now labeled as Non-Pressurized. They will kill your crew above 40,000m
    • Other parts are listed as Non-Reentry Rated. They can typically go suborbital, but if you try to go into orbit with them, they will explode.
    • There is a new experiment called Astronaut Report that works to increase the amount of science gained from crewed launches
  • Custom tips added to the loading screens
  • You cannot EVA from early capsules
  • Proficiency training for Capsules can now take place as soon as the tech is queued for research
  • For many satellite contracts the final satellite will be destroyed. This is to simulate the returning of control of the satellite back to the customer.
  • Science nodes now require the Blue Sky Nodes
  • Booster and Upper Stage avionics can no longer operate past 55,786 km in Earth's orbit. Probes are unaffected and there is a new type called Deep Space Avionics that can be used to create larger Avionics parts for outside of Earth orbit.


  • Added tooling support for SSTU tanks
  • Tool All button improvements -> Now takes the discounts into effect
  • Changed the First Flight contract to actually require a craft
  • Proficiency Training for Astronauts no longer expires
  • Sounding rocket payload can only be put into Tank-I-HP and Service Module tanks
  • Tech Tree changes for better game flow
    • Most RCS is moved to Unlock Parts node
  • Entry Cost Modifiers updated and added for Engines and Capsules
  • Capsules are now very expensive
  • Rush Building now equals 100% of the cost of the craft (up from 20%)
  • General Contract improvements
    • Payout changes
    • EC requirements
    • Mass requirements
    • Disabled the IridiumNEXT contract, but can be re-enabled by the player
  • Payload Resources are now free
  • Maintenance is now more expensive
  • Improved Space Altitude thresholds and modified the contracts to be proper distances for flybys
  • Avionics have been moved from the Command Modules to the Service Modules
  • Added F7 Hotkey to Clear Input Locks
  • Many parts were moved around and adjusted costs and technologies
  • Vessels can no longer be recovered in KCT until you reach the Spaceplane Era Material Science technology
  • Solar panel re-balance
  • Fuel Cells re-balanced
  • Procedural Avionics re-balanced
  • ModuleInfo updated with proper Tag amounts
  • RTG costs adjusted
  • SCANsat Contracts added

Thank you to all who contributed including: @pap1723 @NathanKell @siimav @Bornholio @mattwrobel @MikeOnTea @gazpachian @leudaimon @Standecco @Zantigar @blowfishpro @Rockstar04 @thesciencenut @gamer-rp1 @karlack26 @DocRockwell @Brummi1234 @marb1 @AnticlockwisePropeller @smartdummies

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@pap1723 pap1723 released this Dec 9, 2018 · 585 commits to master since this release

This is the official release of the newly named RP-1. There were so many changes from previous versions of RP-0 that a completely new naming scheme was created.

A full manual and documentation will be coming soon. In the meantime, there are highlights of the major changes below and you can always visit our Discord for help:

RP-1 v1.00 for KSP 1.3.1

Major Changes

  • Tech Tree
    • RP-1 has a brand new tech tree that was designed specifically for RP-1 gameplay. It has a unique structure and contains Blue Sky Reasearch nodes that gate future technologies.
    • Begins with 1950's technology and progresses to the Near Future
    • The tree is a "whitelist" tree only. No parts will show up in the game unless they have been specifically added to the tree.
  • Science Overhaul
    • All science parts have been changed and there are new experiments for you to utilize.
    • There is a progression of science returns that can happen in different fields. This means that your science parts from the early part of the tech tree will only give you a portion of the total available science. This encourages the player to send multiple missions to other planetary bodies.
  • Tooling
    • Tooling costs have been added in order to encourage the player to re-use rocket and stage designs.
    • The tanks from Procedural Parts and SSTU are supported with the current tooling setup.
  • Maintenance
    • Your astronauts and your facilities cost money. You cannot just skip ahead without paying these recurring costs. The more advanced your facilities are, the more expensive maintenance is.
  • Crew Handling
    • You must handle your crew in very different ways from previous versions of RP-0 and any other KSP you have played.
    • Your crew will requiring training to use on missions
    • Eventually your astronauts will retire, especially if they are not used on missions.
  • Facility Upgrades
    • The launchpad and the R&D building can both be updated to 7 levels.
  • Rollout Costs
    • These costs are always going to be higher than the cost of the parts and that is the intended function.
    • The costs represent the integration of parts together, the testing, the assembly of the rocket and all of the things that are required to get a rocket launched. The "cost" in the VAB is simply the cost to create the raw part.

There are so many other changes that are too numerous to mention, but a big thanks goes out to the entire team of developers and testers that have put in countless hours getting RP-1 to where it is today.

Special thanks to @NathanKell and @pjf for getting this whole thing started so many years ago

Thank you to @ec429 @ntimpe @leudaimon @ppboyle @rsparkyc @smartdummies @NCommander @blowfishpro @aw1621107 @glilienthal @siimav @Bornholio @DocRockwell @ahmedcharles @PhineasFreak @jbengtson @Tidal-Stream @MikeOnTea @pianojosh @lamont-granquist

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@rsparkyc rsparkyc released this Jun 14, 2017 · 1227 commits to master since this release

More procedural avionics fixes

  • allows you to upgrade avionics units when using BypassEntryPurchaseAfterResearch
  • lowers heat rating of avionics units
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@rsparkyc rsparkyc released this Jun 12, 2017 · 1232 commits to master since this release

Fixed issue with procedural avionics resetting to 100% utilization when loading a vessel.

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@NathanKell NathanKell released this Jun 12, 2017 · 1234 commits to master since this release

  • Contract Overhaul
    • Overhauled the contract system to provide some new contracts. These include: New types of satellite contracts, contracts for sample return missions, contracts for uncrewed rovers, additional human exploration contracts, and many more!
  • Procedural Avionics
    • Currently only has the first few tech levels configured
    • Change the size of the part, bigger parts allow more avionics to be put in
    • Also, you can tweak the efficiency of a unit by adjusting the Tonnage slider. Higher utilization is more mass efficient, but much more expensive.
    • More information can be found in the RP-0 readme.
  • RSB updates.
  • Tantares Updates.
  • Fix some issues with DMagic/US science bits.
  • More placing/pricing for Raidernick engines, parts.
  • Fix avionics for some parts missing them (i.e. RO landercans).
  • EntryCostModifier improvements, support many more engines, parts.
  • Add some cooldown timers and require unshielded checks to some experiments.
  • Update RP-0 Filter Extensions patch / part categorizer.
  • Fix some ModuleAvionics issues.
  • Tweak science lab conversion rate.

Thanks to ahmedcharles, assassinacc, BevoLJ, glilienthal, hargn, infinitybit, leudaimon, NathanKell, Olympic1, Pap1723, PhineasFreak, Raidernick, rsparkyc, Schnobs, SirKeplan, soundnfury, stratochief66, winged7.

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@NathanKell NathanKell released this Jul 5, 2016 · 1513 commits to master since this release

Thanks to Raidernick, Agathorn, SirKeplan, Zarbizaure, and NathanKell.

  • Place and price Raidernick engines.
  • Place and price SmartParts.
  • Place S5.79, S5.66, RD-0225, and KRD-442.
  • Place the 2-person Mk1 can.
  • Fix VA LAS.
  • Place and price two SSTU premade clusters.
  • Place Soyuz LEO Heatshield.
  • Support FRE's FRE-1 and FRE-2 (really!) engines.
  • Update HSF station and lunar milestone contract rewards to balanced them better against each other.
  • Fix level 3 runway sizing typo.
  • Update KSP 1.1.3.
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@NathanKell NathanKell released this Jun 21, 2016 · 1541 commits to master since this release

Requires RO v11.1.0 and above

Thanks to PhineasFreak, Temeter, dxdy, Agathorn, SirKeplan, JoseEduardo, stratochief, Zarbizaure, Theysen.

  • Improve Universal Storage support.
  • SSTU place/pricing.
  • Add a string of early satellite contracts.
  • Fix AIES fuel tank costs in starting node.
  • Place and price AIES and KW fairings.
  • Better Forgotten Real Engines support.
  • Tantares fixes.
  • Place Hullcam parts.
  • Fix contract deadlines (were 4x too high since they were made back when KSP took them all in Kerbin days).
  • Add avionics for RSB Agena part.
  • Place/price some Aviation Cockpits parts.
  • Tweak Crewed Karman Line requirements so it shows earlier.
  • Place/Price E-1 engine.
  • Update to latest version of Soviet Engines pack.
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@NathanKell NathanKell released this May 19, 2016 · 1651 commits to master since this release

Thanks to dxdy, Zarbizaure, awang, and NathanKell

For use with RO v11.0.1+

  • Support LE-5 and LE-7 from Forgotten Real Engines
  • Place/price some parts new in 1.1 and 1.0.5.
  • Add a self destruct system to all avionics units, borrowing its basic algorithm from TAC Self Destruct. Note: not available on avionics units on crewed parts. This self destruct system can be activated by menu or by action group and will destroy all vessel parts when triggered.
  • Cost misc aero parts and small tanks.
  • Place/price the Aviation Cockpits parts supported by RO.
  • Require things to go up in the First Flight contract.
  • Readme and netkan fixes.
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@NathanKell NathanKell released this May 10, 2016 · 1676 commits to master since this release

Note: This update is, as far as I am aware, save-compatible with careers in RP-0 0.47 / KSP 1.0.5. It is intentionally so, and therefore does not include the save-braking major changes we would like to do; please stay tuned.

Thanks to our contributors Raidernick, awang, stratochief, SirKeplan, chrisl, Zarbizaure, pjf, Ravenchant, Agathorn, and Veskenapper!

  • Improve support for Raidernick parts.
  • Sanify body science multipliers and altitude thresholds.
  • Allow Mercury Flyby contract to occur earlier.
  • Change KCT starting points in sandbox since our points are linear.
  • Fix some Station contract issues.
  • Support Tantares Venera parts, further Tantares fixes.
  • Tweak stock satellite part-requirement chances, fix a typo.
  • Update engine costs a bit (more to come).
  • Tweak proc part costs upward a bit to better represent stage costs.
  • Support Forgotten Real Engines Viking and Vega and RD-843 parts.
  • Moved all LEO-rated heat shields to survivability node.
  • Sanify FASA<->stock LR79 stats.
  • Fix an issue with the Lunar Landing Repeat contract.
  • Place RD-57 and M-1
  • Fix funny or duplicate placement of Soyuz PAO parts.
  • Add more science reports!
  • Update Custom Barn Kit syntax to latest version
  • Use Tier 3 Runway model for all tiers to avoid pothole runways.
  • Support RO v11's new Titan GLV upper stage.
  • Update to KSP 1.1.2!
  • Include a version file.
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