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@raidernick raidernick released this Jun 15, 2019

  • Fixed Rescaling of DRAG_CUBES for heatshields
  • Removed duplicate AdjustableCoMShifter
  • Fixed AdjustableCoMShifter not showing the offset in VAB after loading and existing craft
  • Procedural Fairings Decoupling is stage-able by default
  • Fixed the RTG Core Temp bug in Coatl Probes Plus parts
  • Update RealFuels Tank Definitions to include the Utilization
  • Remove the erroneous NEEDS since PF and PFFE were updated
  • Add Textures Unlimited Support for Tiny Tim
  • Uploaded some Mercury Capsule reference information
  • Add very simple Textures Unlimited support Variants for Proc Parts
  • Update KK configs for Falcon 9
  • Fix ReStock Plus configs
  • Updated Planet Distances
  • Update Kerbalism "Engine" with only "Good" Resources
  • Increase number of ignitions for RD-58 and RD-58 to 7
  • Add MLI Layers tweaks
  • Avionics Breakdown notes
  • Add full support for KK Launchers Delta rockets and ATK pack, updated for new release

Thanks to @pap1723, @raidernick, @siimav, @lukecologne, @Standecco and @fat-lobyte for work on this latest update!

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@raidernick raidernick released this May 23, 2019

  • Update New Squad Part Configs for 1.6.1
  • SXT changed the part name of the LEM
  • RealEngines updates & fixes
  • Add back the RD-805 gimbal module patch
  • Added 2 Models from VSR for Engines
  • Fixed MM Patch Warnings and E1 Error
  • LR-91 Plume changes
  • Updated MEMLander to MEMLanderSXT
  • Update configs to work with ReStock
  • Fix the Stock Mk1-3 Command Module to be 4m, Add Sputnik, Fix Mk1 Pod
  • Add the AJ10-138 Transtage using the new Squad Poodle Engine
  • Provide support for SSTU parts in 1.6+
  • Support for the RT-Antennas without RT Installed
  • MH LR91 plume changes
  • Added support for Decalc-O-Mania
  • Add Support for Hullcam VDS - Add Hullcams to all Docking Ports
  • Beginning of Support for Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux
  • Added support for the new Procedural Fairings parts
  • Added ReStock Plus support
  • Patched Bornholio's Nuclear Engines to work with ReStock
  • Fix craft file errors
  • Fix Raidernick NEO probes and rcs plumes
  • Fix Raidernick LK engine plumes
  • Fix FASA rcs plumes and thrust
  • Add support for DLC

Thanks to @pap1723, @raidernick, @PhineasFreak, @smartdummies and @Rougemoot for work on this latest update!

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This is a final release version for 1.3.1 to support the RP-1 release. Everything after this will focus on development for 1.6.1+.

Major Changes

  • Solar Panels now have Decay -> Over time they will lose their effectiveness
    • There is a Solar Panel Planner that was added that lets you see the expected output over time at different celestial bodies

Minor Changes

  • SRM's disabled ability to change min/max thrust in VAB
  • SSTU Soyuz adapters given proper amount of volume
  • Global Engine Updates
    • Improved configs for:
      • GEM40, GEM56, GEM60
      • X-405H
      • RD-180 Dry Mass
      • Aerobee's
      • GCRC, Altair, Altair II, Altair III
      • Alcyone 1A BE-3A
      • NEW: Algol I, Algol II, Algol III
      • NEW: Antares I, Antares II, Antares III
      • Castor 1 (added new config variants), Castor 2
      • E-1
      • NEW: Juno 6K
      • NEW: Diamant Solids
      • NEW: S2.253 Scud Engine
      • R-7 Vernier Engines
      • LR79
      • Agena
      • AJ10
      • NEW: AJ-260 SRM's
      • NEW: Juno 45K
      • LR101
      • LR105
      • LR87
      • LR89
      • LR91
      • H-1 (new configs added)
      • NEW: Nike M5E1
      • J-2 (new configs added)
      • J-2X
      • AJ10-137
      • RD-170
      • RD-0110
      • NK-15/33
  • Fuel Cell Balancing
  • Test Flight Reliability Adjustments
    • A-9 engine reliability lowered
    • AJ10 Advanced improved
    • RD-10x adjusted
    • RD-170 configs added
    • RD-58 regressed, fixed
  • New Sounding Rocket Parts
  • Improved and Realistic Thrust Curves
    • Altair, Castor I, Castor 2, Altiar II, Altair III, SRMU, UA1207, UA1205
  • Improved Bluedog Design Bureau support
  • Improved SSTU support
  • Improved RaiderNick Configs (includes craft updates)
  • Many RealPlume configs improved
  • RCS fixes to RCSFX
  • X405, LR91 now uses THRUST_TRANSFORMS so the turbopump exhaust fails when the main engine fails
  • Removed MiniAVC
  • Vostok EC usage changed
  • Universal Storage II support
  • Plutonium-138 costs updated
  • SNAP-19 RTG changed
  • RemoteTech use cases added for antennas
  • Procedural Decoupler can now be turned into a separator
  • New RF Tanks moved from RP-1 to RO
  • Added support for Near Future Construction
  • Added a fake TACLS Engine so you can configure LS tanks easily
  • Stock Antenna bug fixed where rounding errors would cause science to not be received if not using RemoteTech
  • Added the K2 Command pod as a 2nd Generation 2-crew Pod

Thanks to everyone who helped with the update including @raidernick @pap1723 @NathanKell @Ash19256 @Standecco @smartdummies @blowfishpro @Zantigar @PhineasFreak @AnticlockwisePropeller @leudaimon @MikeOnTea @mattwrobel @nicolasbigler @DocRockwell @lukecologne @Schnobs

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@raidernick raidernick released this Jan 8, 2019

  • Fix FASA MOL cargo bay
  • Update universal storage configs
  • Fix KK Star48b typo
  • Update SABRE engine configs
  • MMRTG model reference update
  • B9 configs updates
  • Update SSTU MU tank fairings to work with smaller sizes
  • Add new Launchers Pack configs, raptor, ITS
  • New resized RO parts
  • Update and fix BDB configs
  • Many new additions and fixes to SSTU parts
  • Update F1, J2, LMDE, LMAE global engine configs
  • Update Probes Plus configs for new parts
  • Remove asteroid patch
  • Fix lv1 solar panel scale
  • Fix mass calculation of engine clusters
  • Fix RSB bugs
  • Moved several parts from Utility to Electrical tabs
  • Fixes for fuel cells
  • Add new Nk-9 configs
  • CO2 scrubbers fixes
  • Fix voyager antenna scale
  • Fix missing EC on FASA parts
  • Remove SAS modules from parts that shouldn't have them
  • Added plumes for many parts including atlas boosters, RL-10 for FASA and fixes
  • Many additions for Raidernick parts and craft files
  • NOTE: Does NOT support DLC parts yet, that will be coming in the next release

Thanks to @AnticlockwisePropeller, @raidernick, @Max-Q, @winged7, @PhineasFreak, @Relic13, @jeremy-penn, @rsparkyc, @Tidal-Stream, @DocRockwell, @MikeOnTea, @1724673, @RoboRay, @Starwaster, @pap1723, @ec429, @leudaimon, @Bornholio and @Theysen for work on this latest update!

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@raidernick raidernick released this Apr 29, 2018 · 640 commits to master since this release

  • Add support for smart parts
  • Fix NEXT ion thruster
  • Add support for new ProbesPlus parts
  • Correct SSTU orion mass
  • Fix AJ10-190 fuel ratio
  • Update RSB configs
  • Fix SSTU module manager errors
  • Add GCRC srb config
  • Fix X-15 cockpit
  • Various Raidernick config fixes including LOK/LK, Pioneer, Molniya and Luna
  • Add support for RN N1 rocket
  • Fix RN remotetech configs and add for new parts

Thanks to @jwvanderbeck, @Max-Q, @PhineasFreak, @ctiberious, @raidernick, @m4gus88 and @Schnobs for work on this latest update!

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@raidernick raidernick released this Apr 3, 2018 · 751 commits to master since this release

  • Tweak WAC/Aerobee, RL10 config costs
  • Add the LR87/91 configs as sepculative
  • Update X-405 config to match specs in Vanguard Engineering Summary
  • Tweak Russian Engine reliability and config costs
  • Various craft fixes for Raidernick model changes
  • Update Raidernick configs for proton changes
  • Move entryCost from S-3 to S-3D
  • Global engine config changes
  • Fix testflight configs of various engines
  • Added RealEngines support
  • Fix mass of several avionics packages
  • Fixed some part tags
  • Fixed various BDB and FASA configs
  • Added missing brackets to resource configs
  • Added new part module AdjustableCoMShifter
  • Fixed trailing whitespace/newlines in many files
  • Turn off relaying for all SPUs
  • Fix X-405 verniers using the wrong HTP mixture
  • Updated CMES for KSP 1.3.1
  • Added new Bluedog parts
  • Add generic engine config for BDB X-405H
  • Fix generic RCS thruster mass and scale
  • Various SSTU config fixes
  • SXT updates including mass fix for sputnik
  • Update netkan to remove dead mods and add a few new ones

Thanks to NathanKell, Raidernick, eggrobin, pap1723, PhineasFreak, ctiberious, blowfishpro, AnticlockwisePropeller, Bornholio, smartdummies, aw1621107, AlphaMike741, Ash19256, ahmedcharles, MikeOnTea, m4gus88, DocRockwell, Schnobs and glilienthal for their contributions to this release!

Special thanks to Eggrobin, Ferram and blowfishpro for getting all the dependencies updated.

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@NathanKell NathanKell released this Jun 12, 2017 · 1310 commits to master since this release

  • Added some 1940s speculative bits.
  • Fix shielded Proc Tank tank types available.
  • Fix Taerobee engine shroud.
  • Fix AviaitionCockpits patching to play nicer with RP-0.
  • Better SuperDraco support.
  • Fix TestFlight configs for Baby Sergeant.
  • A bit better BDB support.
  • Start supporting Saabstory88's SHIP / RO-Extended engines.
  • Cost Ethanol90.
  • Fix jet vanes for RD-100 series.
  • Add RealEngines clones to support NK-9, NK-9V, and RD-0105/0109.
  • Update Near Future engine configs.
  • Fix Proc Decoupler category for now.
  • Update netkan.

Thanks to NathanKell, Olympic1, Pap1723, PhineasFreak, SirKeplan for their contributions to this release!

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@stratochief66 stratochief66 released this May 26, 2017 · 1346 commits to master since this release

  • Compatibility of the J-2 with the EMRController mod
  • New airplane cockpits, improvements/fixes to existing ones
  • CommNet support, RT improvements
  • Improvements to SSTU compatibility, configs, plumes
  • Added compatibility for CoatlAerospace Probes & GroundOps, many parts
  • Compatibility with Raidernick's B330
  • Added/improved compatibilty for RealEngines (v1.5)
  • Many more engines configured for TestFlight, such as the Star 37 and J-2
  • Add a config for the RD-100
  • Updated the Titan engine thrust and ISP values
  • Fix the early Atlas engine thrust and ISP values
  • Fix the pricing on the H-1 series engines
  • Fix the KK pack Falcon 1 part names for changes to base mod
  • Additions to Kestrel and rd-0242 engines configs
  • Corrected the leonardo ISS module mass
  • Support for CxAerospace station parts
  • Various additions to Raidernick configs including, fregat plume fix, LRO and LADEE probe additions, briz-m and zenit block d additions, lk lander new engines, dnepr third stage fixes and several other plume related fixes.

Thanks to ctiberious, ec429, AlphaMike741, PhineasFreak, ShimmyTheJJ, Raidernick, assassinacc, AnticlockwisePropeller, rsparkyc and pap1723 for all contributions this release.

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@stratochief66 stratochief66 released this Mar 29, 2017 · 1529 commits to master since this release

Second Pre-release Edition of RO for KSP 1.2.2

Useful tool for acquiring pre-reqs:

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@stratochief66 stratochief66 released this Jan 29, 2017 · 1726 commits to master since this release

Pre-release Testing.

Still need changelog.

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