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@raidernick raidernick released this May 23, 2019

  • Update New Squad Part Configs for 1.6.1
  • SXT changed the part name of the LEM
  • RealEngines updates & fixes
  • Add back the RD-805 gimbal module patch
  • Added 2 Models from VSR for Engines
  • Fixed MM Patch Warnings and E1 Error
  • LR-91 Plume changes
  • Updated MEMLander to MEMLanderSXT
  • Update configs to work with ReStock
  • Fix the Stock Mk1-3 Command Module to be 4m, Add Sputnik, Fix Mk1 Pod
  • Add the AJ10-138 Transtage using the new Squad Poodle Engine
  • Provide support for SSTU parts in 1.6+
  • Support for the RT-Antennas without RT Installed
  • MH LR91 plume changes
  • Added support for Decalc-O-Mania
  • Add Support for Hullcam VDS - Add Hullcams to all Docking Ports
  • Beginning of Support for Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux
  • Added support for the new Procedural Fairings parts
  • Added ReStock Plus support
  • Patched Bornholio's Nuclear Engines to work with ReStock
  • Fix craft file errors
  • Fix Raidernick NEO probes and rcs plumes
  • Fix Raidernick LK engine plumes
  • Fix FASA rcs plumes and thrust
  • Add support for DLC

Thanks to @pap1723, @raidernick, @PhineasFreak, @smartdummies and @Rougemoot for work on this latest update!

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