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@raidernick raidernick released this Jun 15, 2019

  • Fixed Rescaling of DRAG_CUBES for heatshields
  • Removed duplicate AdjustableCoMShifter
  • Fixed AdjustableCoMShifter not showing the offset in VAB after loading and existing craft
  • Procedural Fairings Decoupling is stage-able by default
  • Fixed the RTG Core Temp bug in Coatl Probes Plus parts
  • Update RealFuels Tank Definitions to include the Utilization
  • Remove the erroneous NEEDS since PF and PFFE were updated
  • Add Textures Unlimited Support for Tiny Tim
  • Uploaded some Mercury Capsule reference information
  • Add very simple Textures Unlimited support Variants for Proc Parts
  • Update KK configs for Falcon 9
  • Fix ReStock Plus configs
  • Updated Planet Distances
  • Update Kerbalism "Engine" with only "Good" Resources
  • Increase number of ignitions for RD-58 and RD-58 to 7
  • Add MLI Layers tweaks
  • Avionics Breakdown notes
  • Add full support for KK Launchers Delta rockets and ATK pack, updated for new release

Thanks to @pap1723, @raidernick, @siimav, @lukecologne, @Standecco and @fat-lobyte for work on this latest update!

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