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When I follow the procedures, I have different copies of ModuleManager. What shall I do?

Although it can work with several versions attached, better to delete all but the last one.

How do I upgrade to a new version of RO?


  • Launch up CKAN
  • Click 'Mark All Updated'
  • Click 'Go to Changes'
  • Watch the magic!

Doing it Manually

Best is to delete the RO folder, and then install RO. If you install other mods also, install them before the RO.

Playing hints

Remote Tech

In RO currently mission control is not directly at any launch site. Therefore it is in the beginning not possible to launch an uncrewed vessel. You can however, launch crewed vessels that put uncrewed satellites in orbit. Those can connect to uncrewed vessels, e.g. directly near your favourite launch site and from there an omni antenna can be used to directly target vessels on the launchpad.

Other Options:

  1. You can also install the patch that creates mission control centers at every launch site. To do so, you can either install it directly (, or you can delete the file GameData/RemoteTech/RemoteTech_Settings.cfg, then use ckan install RemoteTech-Config-RSS 0.0
  2. Put a 6-kerbal craft with the appropriate hardware directly near the launch site, so that you have a mission control center there. (To send science back however, you have to go to the original mission control.)


Only some engines feature the ability to throttle. This is a reflection of their real-life attributes. If you are looking for throttleable engines, try the Lunar Descent and Ascent engines, or the Space Shuttle Main Engines.


  1. The "Science Archives" tab in the R&D building in RO/RSS/RP-0 lists all the expected RSS planets and moons correctly except "Earth" is shown as "Kerbin".
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