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A Salyut stations mod. Contains DOS/OPS style stations.
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I HIGHLY reccommend downloading my Soviet Spacecraft to use with this. It is the sister mod meant to be used with this.

I HIGHLY reccommend downloading my Soviet Rockets to use with this. It is required to launch all of these probes and you need it to use the craft files.

This is a salyut mod for the DOS & OPS style stations. It contains fully functional replicas of Salyut 1, 4, 6 and 7. It also now contains Almaz 2, 3 and 5. These can be used interchangeably with the other DOS/OPS stations of the same series although they may have had a different color scheme.

Salyut Album:

alt tag

KOSMOS is a dependency for it's Salyut solar arrays. Before anyone complains that their license forbids redistributing, let me say that I read it VERY carefully. It is a BY NC ND, which means attribution with no derivatives. On the CC page for this it states "Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format" and directly in the parts readme it says "You are permitted to redistribute the parts in their original form, so long as this readme is bundled with them." This means I can redistribute them without making any changes to the original parts as long as I include their original readme and this is what I have done. I tried contacting the original author Normak to confirm this just in case but as many of you know he has been gone a long time and that is not really an option.

##STOCK Remotetech Support:

##Install instructions:

  • Download and install mod from here


  • Please use the included craft file as the film capsule is difficult to place and the station requires the Salyut ASAS to function. I hid this inside the station mesh in the craft file.
  • The film capsule has NO SAS OR REACTION WHEELS, as it did in real life. You need to point the entire station so the capsule in facing retrograde before ejecting it. Once ejected fire the retro rockets. When it enters the atmosphere, drag will cause it to turn to face the right way for reentry. You then manually deploy the parachutes. Make sure it lands ON LAND.
  • The station telescope has hullcam support


  • This mod is no longer compatible with Bobcat of OLDD protons as I have made my own
  • KOSMOS is required for the craft files to load as they contain solar arrays
  • You MUST use the Salyut ASAS to properly control the stations!


  • IVA & Landing engine by Bobcat: used under authorization
  • Salyut 4/6/7 solar arrays by KOSMOS: used under license terms
  • Original Salyut DOS models by MajorTom and Castorp: used under authorization
  • Original Vostok models: Slavutinsky Victor
  • Original LOK/LK models, taken orbiter versions: Jean-Marie Le Cospérec
  • Firespitter - Snjo - License: You may reuse code and textures from this mod, as long as you give credit in the download file and on the download post/page. Reuse of models with permission. No reselling. No redistribution of the whole pack without permission. UV map texture guides are included so you can re-skin to your liking.


alt tag

This license does not cover mod packs. Putting my work into a mod pack is prohibited.

Using any of my mods names or likenesses, including in derivative works, expansions, addons is prohibited

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