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* **FIX**: Apply `rndRate` and `rndCost` to display in R&D window. Fixes

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jwvanderbeck committed Mar 26, 2016
1 parent 9dd8cbb commit 29239c73fdd6436e79fd67c17c3238f5ba1e1318
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@@ -379,7 +379,11 @@ internal override void DrawWindow(int id)
tfRnDScenario.AddResearchTeam(SelectedPart, i);
Log(String.Format("cycle is {0}", cycleString));
GUILayout.Label(String.Format("<b>{0,7:F2}</b> data, <b>{1,7:F2}</b> funds", teams[i].points, teams[i].costFactor * teams[i].points), Styles.styleEditorTextAligned);
float points = teams[i].points;
float cost = teams[i].costFactor * points;
points = points * core.GetRnDRate();
cost = cost * core.GetRnDCost();
GUILayout.Label(String.Format("<b>{0,7:F2}</b> data, <b>{1,7:F2}</b> funds", points, cost), Styles.styleEditorTextAligned);

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