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@jwvanderbeck jwvanderbeck released this Mar 17, 2016 · 215 commits to master since this release

  • NEW: New Failure module EnginePerformanceLoss causes the engine's Isp to degrade by an amount specified in the config property ispMultiplier. A second property ispMultiplierJitter can be used to add some small extra random variance to the degredation
  • NEW: TestFlightInterop now adds an intervop value named kspPartName which is the internal KSP name of the underlying part. This does not change. Can be used in config queries and should be used instead of blank queries or queries with just part names. config = kspPartName = squadFoo.
  • CHANGE: Internally, any empty configuration string is coerced into kspPartname = squadFoo using the new interop value and the parsed part name.
  • FIX: If a part has starting flight data from the config, add that to the scenario data store when first initializing it. Should fix issue with needing to record past the startFlightData before it would stick.
  • NEW-API: Added TestFlightPartData.AddValue and overloaded versions for int, float, and double that do what it says on the tin.
  • NEW-API: Added TestFlightPartData.ToggleValue for bools
  • NEW-API: AddedTestFlightManagerScenario.AddFlightDataForPartName helper function to add to existing flight data for a part.
  • CHANGE-API: Renamed TestFlightPartData.AddValue to TestFlightPartData.SetValue following in accordance with the previous similar change to TestFlightManagerScenario which wraps these for convenience.
  • CHANGE: Removed persistence from TestFlightCore.startFlightDataas it is not dynamic.
  • CHANGE: TestFlightFailure_ResourceLeak - Use System.Random from TestFlightCore instead of Unity's broken random.
  • CHANGE: All RealismOverhaul configs have been removed from TestFlight and are now managed and provided by Realism Overhaul directly.
  • CHANGE: TestFlight Realism Overhaul Config pack is no longer built or provided by TestFlight.
  • CHANGE: Removed Aerobee engine line from RealismOverhaul configs, as these configs now live in the RO project
  • NEW: Reliability modules for SkinTemperature and InternalTemperature
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