User Guide

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Step 1. After installing Telemachus start KSP. When the part loads, your firewall may issue a warning as the web server initialises.

Step 2. Build a craft with the Telemachus Antenna on board, which can be found under the science tab in the VAB/SPH

Note: If you wish to use the temperature graph, you must place at least one "2HOT Thermometer" sensor on your craft. The same is true for the other visualisations requiring sensor input. Additionally, "Toggle Display" on a sensor's right click menu must be clicked in order for data to be sent.

Step 3. Start the flight.

Step 4. To view a visualisation use the right click part menu, and click the "Open Link" button.

The right click menu also displays the amount of data the part is sending and receiving, and the amount of power the part is consuming (this is related to the amount of data).

Step 5. If for some reason the "Open Link" button does not work, additional connection information is displayed in the debug console, use alt+f2 to view (the details will appear where the part is reported as loaded):

Step 6. Once you have a web browser open, either from clicking the "Open Link" button or using a direct address of the form http://[your local IP address]:[port]/telemachus/ you will be presented with the Telemachus information page, this lists the version number you are running and the available visualisation pages as hyperlinks.