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Color Thief .NET

A code for grabbing the color palette from an image. Uses C# and .NET to make it happen.

This is a ported project of Color Thief

Many thanks for C# code UWP Version

Available at NuGet.

NuGet for Xamarin Forms only:


Platform Supported Version
Xamarin.iOS Yes iOS 6+
Xamarin.Android Yes API 10+
Windows 10 UWP Yes 10+
Windows Phone 8 No 8.0+
Windows Phone 8.1 No 8.1+
Windows Store No 8.1+
Xamarin.Mac No
Desktop .NET 4.5 Yes
Desktop .NET 4.6 Yes

How to use

Get the dominant color from an image

var colorThief = new ColorThief();

Build a color palette from an image

In this example, we build an 8 color palette.

var colorThief = new ColorThief();
colorThief.GetPalette(sourceImage, 8);

For Xamarin.Forms

await CrossColorThief.Current.GetPalette(sourceImage);
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