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Resume built using web technologies.
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Kaushal Subedi's Resume

This is a resume I built using web technologies. It is responsive and also has a print mode that lets you compile a PDF from it. Feel free to fork for your own uses.


First clone the repository and do a npm install to get all the dependencies installed. Then run npm start which will start gulp for compilation, livereload for live changes while editing and http-server to serve the static files for development. Then you can head over to http://localhost:8080 and start editing the files in the src directory. Install the livereload extension and you will also see changes as you make them. The output files will be available in the dist folder which you can deploy to any static file server.

Print Mode

Since most companies ask for a PDF version of your resume, I tried to make this resume PDF friendly, I call this print mode. It uses wkhtmltopdf to render the PDF file from the source. To enable print mode, first install wkhtmltopdf by whatever method you prefer, then change the variable on top of the src/styles/style.scss file called $print to true. Then start the development server using npm start and use ./ to build the PDF. It will be saved under the dist folder as resume.pdf. Feel free to edit the file to modify settings for wkhtmltopdf.

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