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Table tennis bot for Slack
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Jan-Ove 📈

常青树 Cháng Qīng Shù ("Evergreen Tree")

Jan-Ove is a table tennis bot used at KTH to make sure no loss or win goes forgotten.

How to run


  • An MSSQL database (we use an Azure SQL Server at KTH)
  • A host with docker installed


Configuration is done through environment variables:

  • required CONNECTION_STRING - An MSSQL ODBC connection string to a sql database. The bundled Dockerfile installs the msodbcsql17 driver, but can easily be modified to install a driver suitable for your need.
  • required SLACK_BOT_TOKEN - The bot app token retrieved from your Slack installation
  • TRIGGER_TEXT - The text for the bot to trigger on. Default is !pingis
  • DEBUG - Set this to whatever to enable debug logging

Running locally

  1. Install docker and make sure it's running
  2. Create a Slack bot app for your workspace
  3. Create a file named .env in the project root with the required environment variables (see above)
  4. Run docker-compose up --build

How to use

First time usage: Set active=True for the command initialize-database in the file, start Jan-Ove and then run the !pingis initialize-database command to create all neccessary tables.

Then invite the bot to a channel or use private messaging and send !pingis help to get a list of commands.


  1. !pingis register-player @your-slack-handle
  2. !pingis register-player @your-arch-nemesis
  3. !pingis new-season "The new cool season"
  4. (Play an actual game of table tennis)
  5. !pingis register-result @your-slack-handle @your-arch-nemesis 15 0
  6. !pingis leaderboard
  7. Much win. Such feelings. Great time.


Very limited. To run the few that exist:

  1. pipenv install --dev
  2. ./
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