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Generative poetry based on CI


This installation is a simplified model of collaborative coding realised as an interactive installation. A poem is collectively edited by 12 "poets" and the resulting poem is continually sonified as well as projected as text on the walls of the nuclear reactor R1.

12 rails were equipped with capacitive sensors which were connected to a Raspberry Pi 4 using an Adafruit MPR121 capacitive touch board. Every sensor controls a very opinionated poet which when activated edits a line in the master poem to be like a line in their own personal poem. It then tries to merge its changes which will fail if another poet has already changed that line in the master poem.


Using Raspberry Pi 4: Adafruit_MPR121


Uses Processing, requires library oscP5


Uses SuperCollider and the text-to-speach engine festival.

How to run

From the root folder of the installation, run

python3 ./python/

Then open supercollider_src/main.scd and run the code at the first block of the file. At the bottom of the file there are functions for simulating sensor touches if no sensors are available.

Open visualization/poem/poem.pde in Processing and run the program.

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