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Tiny WebTex

A plugin to edit and render (LaTeX) mathematic expressions with WebTex for the open source WYSIWYG JavaScript editor TinyMCE (

Where to get it

Tinywebtex is as of this writing published at



You need a WebTex backend service version 1.3.2 or later, see

Installation instructions

Fetch a compiled release from the download directory or build from source, see below. Unzip the package and copy the tinywebtex directory to the TinyMCE plugin folder. If you deploy it elsewhere as an external plugin you will have to amend the path to tinymce in the dialog.htm file.

Register the tinywebtex plugin in the call to tinyMCE.init, as you would with any other TinyMCE plugin, and add the tinywebtex button to the toolbar. See the TinyMCE customization documentation for details.

To get the base-lining functionality of WebTex into TinyMCE you need to add the contents of the webtex.css style sheet from the WebTex package into the style sheet loaded as content_css in tinyMCE.init.

The source-files (*_src.css and *_src.js) are included in the package and can be used for debugging purposes. However, without modification only the minimized versions of these files are used and the source versions can be deleted.


You configure the plugin by declaring global variables in your page before it is used, se example below which includes the default values for these options.

<script type="text/javascript">
    WEBTEX_URL = '/webtex'; // Base URL of the WebTex service
    WEBTEX_SIZE = 1;        // Default WebTex image size ('D' parameter).
    WEBTEX_MAX_LEN = 1900;  // Max length of encoded TeX expression before warning.

WEBTEX_URL = "/webtex" A string pointing to the base URL of the WebTex Service. Typically, this have to be on the same host (and port) in order to avoid cross-site-scripting (XSS) issues.

There are a number of options for proxying the WebTex application into the same namespace as the site using TinyMCE to avoid XSS if you use Apache httpd, like mod_jk or mod_proxy, see the Apache documentation for details. There should be similar possibilities for other web servers. Another option in some circumstances may be to set the property document.domain which is supported in all modern browsers,

WEBTEX_SIZE = 1 The default WebTex image size (the 'D' parameter to the service).

WEBTEX_MAX_LEN = 1900 The max length of the encoded TeX expression before the interface warns the user that the expression is too long. The limit is not enforced however, but the interface warns the user that the expression is too long.

You have to consider the length of the base URI of your service and the browsers using it. Internet Explorer has maximum lengths of 2083 characters for a URL, and 2048 characters in the path part of the URL. This is most likely the most restricting limitation of this parameter, but your WebTex servlet configuration may also come into play.

Build from source

To "build" from source you need Java and Apache ant and simply running ant in the project root will build the zip-file. Building minimizes CSS and JavaScript sources.


This project uses git and git flow style branching. Hence, the master branch is the stable release branch, and development is done on the development branch. For more information about the branch model see For the git flow command line tool, see

Version numbering follows the Semantic versioning approach.

Browser compatibility

Browsers are as they are and I've only tested the browsers I have reasonably easy access to and not all combinations of browsers and operating systems. Your mileage may vary.

Browsers known to work

Active development is currently primarily done on Chrome 23, Firefox 15, Safari 6 and Internet Explorer 9. Tiny WebTex is as of this writing, based on more general testing, believed to work on these browsers:

  • Chrome >= 14
  • Firefox >= 11
  • Internet Explorer >= 8
  • Opera >= 10
  • Safari >= 4
  • Mobile browsers, like IOS Safari, Dolphin and the Android browser are believed to work in the extent they support TinyMCE.

Browsers known not to work

This is a list of browsers known not to work. Browsers not in this list or the list above may or may not work.

  • Firefox <= 10 - problems fetching image, results in undefined in editor.
  • Internet Explorer <= 7. Don't even bother.

Copyrights and license information

Tiny WebTex is released and licensed by a MIT license. In other words, do as you please with it, but don't think you can hold us liable for any damage caused to or by you if you use it.

A copy of yuicompressor is included to minify JavaScript and CSS. Copyright (C) 2012 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved.


A TinyMCE front-end using WebTex to edit math expressions




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