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Secure Computation Algorithms from LEuven : SCALE

Multiparty AlgorithMs Basic Argot : MAMBA

Detailed installation instructions

First type

make doc

Then read the documentation!

In the documentation you will see quick install information using nix-shell' for installing the dependencies. If you want to use this then install nix-shell' if you don't already have it (you may need a re-login to update environment variables).

curl -L | sh

Invoke nix-shell to get a fully ready development environment with all libraries installed. This will automatically download all the dependencies and tools you need. After you have compiled the system you can compile a program in the Programs directory by invoking

./ Programs/test_fix_array

64 bit circuits

Note: For Leuven maintainers, if wishing to recompile the basic 64 bit circuits then call

make circuits

These are then compiled down from the netlist down to the Bristol fashion again, and then simplified.

After doing this run


to check all is OK.

If you want to recompile the .net circuits from the .vhd see the instructions in Circuits/README.txt

Contributing and Releases

We run a quite extensive test suite on all changes to the system. Indeed the testing takes around three days on our machines. We also want to maintain stability between releases for people using the system. Thus we have created the following rules of thumb:

i) New releases will be about every quarter.

ii) Only major bug fixes will be done in the mean time.

iii) Join the mailing list to get updates (

iv) For small changes/bug fixes you find, either email the group or make a pull request here. We will then look at the code, integrate it into our private master system and perform the testing on it. Then we will push to GitHub with the next release.

v) Major changes (more than the odd line here or there), please talk with us first. You may be doing something which we plan to scrap in the near future. So you dont want to waste your time.


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