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1 parent 56fdd79 commit 64e790f532fe382e9513e106d40db6b082ee261d @jucovschi jucovschi committed Feb 8, 2012
Showing 324 changed files with 7,169 additions and 3,238 deletions.
@@ -16,12 +16,6 @@ Options +FollowSymLinks
# Make Drupal handle any 404 errors.
ErrorDocument 404 /index.php
-# Force simple error message for requests for non-existent favicon.ico.
-<Files favicon.ico>
- # There is no end quote below, for compatibility with Apache 1.3.
- ErrorDocument 404 "The requested file favicon.ico was not found.
# Set the default handler.
DirectoryIndex index.php index.html index.htm
@@ -129,7 +123,7 @@ DirectoryIndex index.php index.html index.htm
<FilesMatch "(\.js\.gz|\.css\.gz)$">
# Serve correct encoding type.
- Header append Content-Encoding gzip
+ Header set Content-Encoding gzip
# Force proxies to cache gzipped & non-gzipped css/js files separately.
Header append Vary Accept-Encoding
@@ -1,4 +1,121 @@
+Drupal 7.13 xxxx-xx-xx (development version)
+Drupal 7.12, 2012-02-01
+- Fixed bug preventing custom menus from receiving an active trail.
+- Fixed hook_field_delete() no longer invoked during field_purge_data().
+- Fixed bug causing entity info cache to not be cleared with the rest of caches.
+- Fixed file_unmanaged_copy() fails with Drupal 7.7+ and safe_mode() or
+ open_basedir().
+- Fixed Nested transactions throw exceptions when they got out of scope.
+- Fixed bugs with the Return-Path when sending mail on both Windows and
+ non-Windows systems.
+- Fixed bug with DrupalCacheArray property visibility preventing others from
+ extending it (API change:
+- Fixed bug with handling of non-ASCII characters in file names (API change:
+- Reconciled field maximum length with database column size in image and
+ aggregator modules.
+- Fixes to various core JavaScript files to allow for minification and
+ aggregation.
+- Fixed Prevent tests from deleting main installation's tables when
+ parent::setUp() is not called.
+- Fixed several Poll module bugs.
+- Fixed several Shortcut module bugs.
+- Added new hook_system_theme_info() to provide ability for contributed modules
+ to test theme functionality.
+- Added ability to cancel mail sending from hook_mail_alter().
+- Added support for configurable PDO connection options, enabling master-master
+ database replication.
+- Numerous improvements to tests and test runner to pave the way for faster test
+ runs.
+- Expanded test coverage.
+- Numerous API documentation improvements.
+- Numerous performance improvements, including token replacement and render
+ cache.
+Drupal 7.11, 2012-02-01
+- Fixed security issues (Multiple vulnerabilities), see SA-CORE-2012-001.
+Drupal 7.10, 2011-12-05
+- Fixed Content-Language HTTP header to not cause issues with Drush 5.x.
+- Reduce memory usage of theme registry (performance).
+- Fixed PECL upload progress bar for FileField
+- Fixed running update.php doesn't always clear the cache.
+- Fixed PDO exceptions on long titles.
+- Fixed Overlay redirect does not include query string.
+- Fixed D6 modules satisfy D7 module dependencies.
+- Fixed the ordering of module hooks when using module_implements_alter().
+- Fixed "floating" submit buttons during AJAX requests.
+- Fixed timezone selected on install not propogating to admin account.
+- Added msgctx context to JS translation functions, for feature parity with t().
+- Profiles' .install files now available during hook_install_tasks().
+- Added test coverage of 7.0 -> 7.x upgrade path.
+- Numerous notice fixes.
+- Numerous documentation improvements.
+- Additional automated test coverage.
+Drupal 7.9, 2011-10-26
+- Critical fixes to OpenID to spec violations that could allow for
+ impersonation in certain scenarios. Existing OpenID users should see
+ for more information on
+ transitioning.
+- Fixed files getting lost when adding multiple files to multiple file fields
+ at the same time.
+- Improved usability of the clean URL test screens.
+- Restored height/width attributes on images run through the theme system.
+- Fixed usability bug with first password field being pre-filled by certain
+ browser plugins.
+- Fixed file_usage_list() so that it can return more than one result.
+- Fixed bug preventing preview of private images on node form.
+- Fixed PDO error when inserting an aggregator title longer than 255 characters.
+- Spelled out what TRADITIONAL means in MySQL sql_mode.
+- Deprecated "!=" operator for DBTNG; should be "<>".
+- Added two new API functions (menu_tree_set_path()/menu_tree_get_path()) were
+ added in order to enable setting the active menu trail for dynamically
+ generated menu paths.
+- Added new "fast 404" capability in settings.php to bypass Drupal bootstrap
+ when serving 404 pages for certain file types.
+- Added format_string() function which can perform string munging ala the t()
+ function without the overhead of the translation system.
+- Numerous #states system fixes.
+- Numerous EntityFieldQuery, DBTNG, and SQLite fixes.
+- Numerous Shortcut module fixes.
+- Numerous language system fixes.
+- Numerous token fixes.
+- Numerous CSS fixes.
+- Numerous upgrade path fixes.
+- Numerous minor string fixes.
+- Numerous notice fixes.
+Drupal 7.8, 2011-08-31
+- Fixed critical upgrade path issue with multilingual sites, leading to lost
+ content.
+- Numerous fixes to upgrade path, preventing fatal errors due to incorrect
+ dependencies.
+- Fixed issue with saving files on hosts with open_basedir restrictions.
+- Fixed Update manger error when used with Overlay.
+- Fixed RTL support in Seven administration theme and Overlay.
+- Fixes to nested transaction support.
+- Introduced performance pattern to reduce Drupal core's RAM usage.
+- Added support for HTML 5 tags to filter_xss_admin().
+- Added exception handling to cron.
+- Added new hook hook_field_widget_form_alter() for contribtued modules.
+- element_validate_*() functions now available to contrib.
+- Added new maintainers for several subsystems.
+- Numerous testing system improvements.
+- Numerous markup and CSS fixes.
+- Numerous poll module fixes.
+- Numerous notice/warning fixes.
+- Numerous documentation fixes.
+- Numerous token fixes.
Drupal 7.7, 2011-07-27
- Fixed VERSION string.
@@ -1036,7 +1153,7 @@ Drupal 4.5.0, 2004-10-18
- Filter system:
* Added support for using multiple input formats on the site
* Expanded the embedded PHP-code feature so it can be used everywhere
- * Added support for role-dependant filtering, through input formats
+ * Added support for role-dependent filtering, through input formats
- UI translation:
* Managing translations is now completely done through the administration interface
* Added support for importing/exporting gettext .po files
@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ initial database files. Next you must log in and set the access database rights:
mysql -u username -p
Again, you will be asked for the 'username' database password. At the MySQL
-prompt, enter following command:
+prompt, enter the following command:
ON databasename.*
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