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Latest commit 25d56dd Mar 20, 2017 @tkw1536 tkw1536 Start removing LaTeXML from Travis Tests
LaTeXML-Plugin-sTeX used to be a part of the STeX repository and was
tested together with sTeX inside of Travis. Thus it made sense to
configure it before running the tests.

By now, this part has been migrated to a seperate repository and it is
no longer required to run LaTeXML-Plugin-STeX tests within this

This commit removes the setup code for LaTeXML from .travis.yml.
Progress on the complete removal is tracked in issue #224.


sTeX: An Infrastructure for Semantic Preloading of LaTeX Documents

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This repository contains the sTeX package collection, a version of TeX/LaTeX that allows to markup TeX/LaTeX documents semantically without leaving the document format, essentially turning it into a document format for mathematical knowledge management (MKM).

See the documentation of the sTeX package for details.

Copyright (c) 2015 Michael Kohlhase The package is distributed under the terms of the LaTeX Project Public License (LPPL)

sTeX documents can be transformed to OMDoc via the sTeX Plugin for LaTeXML available at https://github.com/KWARC/LaTeXML-Plugin-sTeX/.