This is a very useful library of AS3 classes
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Hello everything! This a set of very useful day-to-day AS3 classes. They range from YouTube helpers and players to static Math functions and DisplayObject helpers. Check them out, fork and let me know.

A lot of the code here depends of the following libraries:

as3corelib  : Adobe's AS3 Core Library, get the code here:
TweenMax    : Greensocks pretty awesome and industry standard tweening class, get the code here:
SWFBridge   : Although this actually isn't needed anymore as it was used for the old-skool AS3-AS2 YouTube player, you may want to use it:

I've done a lot of customisations for PureMVC so you can get that code from:

Support and what not:
I'm bad. I haven't commented any of the code and nor have I really explained how it's used. Although, I kinda have on my blog ( but it's not good enough. 

I do need to go through this and comment it all, add examples, but this rock and roll life of a freelancer is just taking its toll! So please don't worry about dropping me a message, I'll happily explain my 1am coding logic!

And next in line:
Well, I'm doing a lot of work with lots of new (and old, abandoned) APIs so there'll always been new code coming up! Let me know if you have something you want me to crack!