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TweetBeer is a setup for automatically tweeting beers based on RFID tags. This was made for the purpose of tweeting an identified beer based on an RFID tag; however, this can apply to anything. I bought RFID keychain tags and hung the keychain from the neck of the beer bottles.


Arduino Duemilanova or higher
RFID reader
RFID tags
Computer to interface with
Twitter Account


  1. Set up the Arduino with the RFID reader, compile, and upload the sketch in the arduino folder. Make sure you're using the right pins or change the pins in the sketch.
  2. Upload the 3 files under the web directory to an accessible webserver. Make sure to change USERNAME:PASSWORD on line 26 of post.php to match the username and password of the Twitter account that will be tweeting what you are drinking.
  3. Change beerdb to match the RFID serial number of the tags you are using as well as the beers associated with those tags.
  4. Compile the RFID_Beer.pdf sketch making sure to change the address for postingSite to the one that host post.php.
  5. Test by enjoying a nice libation.


Please post any issues. If you would like to make any changes/improvements, please fork and make a pull request.