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A collaborative effort to solve as many Project Euler problems as we can.
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CSC vs Project Euler

What is Project Euler?

Project Euler is a collection of math problems that people solve for fun. You get the problem description and an input. Your job is to come up with the answer and submit it.

Important: You only have to submit the answer! So you have a lot of flexibility when solving a problem. Solve it by hand, on a calculator, with Wolfram Alpha, write a program, whatever -- as long as your answer is correct.

To prevent cheating (looking up the solution), Project Euler occasionally changes the input to their problems.

How you can help us

  • We want to solve as many problems as possible. We need your help to do so!

  • The list of problems is ever-growing as Project Euler is always adding new problems.

  • When adding your solution, make sure it's a method of finding the solution and not the solution itself.

  • If a problem is already solved, please try to solve a different one.

  • For a good view of which problems have been solved, visit

Contribution guidelines

  1. Do not change the work of others (but you can certainly add commit comments if you think their solution could be better)
  2. Do not submit solutions found by the work of others as your own (i.e. do not plagiarize)
  3. Follow naming conventions => Solutions are named after the problem # and your username and placed in the directory of their problem #
    • e.g.) My solution to problem #1 would be located at /project-euler/001/1-dideler.cpp
    • e.g.) John Doe also solved #1, his solution would be at /project-euler/001/1-john.txt # John solved it by hand
    • Create a directory for your new problem if none exists

Get started

Example based on a command line interface (e.g. Bash on Linux, Git Bash on Windows, etc.) There are many ways to get started, this is one way:

$ git clone
$ cd project-euler
$ git remote add upstream git://
$ git fetch upstream
* Let's work on problem 10 *
$ mkdir 010  # Create the directory for problem 10 if it doesn't exist yet
$ cd 010
* Work on your solution. Go to the next step when you're done *
$ git add .
$ git commit -m 'Add my solution for problem 10'
$ git push  # Your solution is now on GitHub!


Closing comments

You're not writing an application, you're solving a problem for fun. So you can challenge yourself in any way you like.

Your solution can be:

  • efficient or slow (there are no time constraints)
  • long or short
  • a dirty hack or the most elegant piece of code
  • obfuscated code or coded using your favourite style guide
  • crazily complex or super simple
  • instructions for a person or instructions for a computer
  • ... and so on

No matter how you choose to solve a problem, try to have fun and learn something new :-)

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