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Variety of handy, small utilities to aid in using, testing, debugging, etc in Python
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Variety of handy, small utilities to aid in using, testing, debugging, etc in Python


This contains a number of (small) scripts and utilities I've developed over time while developing in Python. I've tried to create functions that allow you to use a particular Python feature with just a single argument, instead of many required settings arguments, while still letting you get to all the underlying features. Hence, "simple". Still at a pretty early stage, but all of the elements in the reference below should work and be useful.

What's In Here

easy import/export of csv and xlsx

Lets you convert csv and excel files to Python dictionaries/lists using only the filename as an argument. Similarly, allows export with just file name. (If you're using a dictionary, it'll also search for all additional keys and save them too).

debugging via decorators

A few really basic decorators to view function execution by tracing. If you slap on @trace , it will just print the input arguments and return value of the function call (indenting each time for recursive calls).

@special_trace works similarly to trace, except you can pass it positions or keyword arguments that you want ignored (not printed) in the trace output. Combines with special_print, which makes print output align with the indentation of special_trace.

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