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various simple tools, not worth a project on their own

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= Various tools

cclock      digital clock
clip2firefox  open selected text as firefox address
clip2goog   google for selected text
colortheme  display terminal colors
curtab      print the currently selected Firefox tab
gbo2rss.rb  RSS feed scaper for
gcalc       Google Calculator client
goog        Google Search client
iconify     twm-style iconification, replace the current window with a button
imgur       post image to
outline.rb  tools for parsing orgstruct++-outlines
pastie      paste to
sel         raise and focus a window by name
tmux-compress  renumber tmux windows in sequence
twicl       Twitter client
wmdesk      display the currently active desktop
wmtitle     display the title of the currently active window
xlmdcheck   xlbiff script to check maildirs
xlmdscan    xlbiff script to output summary of maildirs
xscreensaver-ssh-helper  forget SSH agent keys on blanking
zdit        ZSH interactive line editor
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