A simple Jetty based server that can be used to check status of members of one/many Voldemort Clusters
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Voldemort Status Monitor

Project Voldemort (http://project-voldemort.com/) is a distributed key-value storage system. At present, it does not seem to have a tool through which Data Centres can monitor status of nodes of a cluster.

This program provides a simple way to add that capabilty to your Data centre. It provides a HTTP GET URL that can be visited in browser to check whether various members of the Voldemort cluster are up or down.

The program is takes two command line arguments:

  • HTTP Port number.
  • A Java properties file that lists bootstrap URLs of Voldemort Cluster(s) that are to be monitored.

Example Entries, specify IP/Host name of all the members of a cluster

a.cluster=tcp://a.member-1:7001,tcp://a.member2:7001 b.cluster=tcp://b.member-1:7001,tcp://b.member2:7001

Sample output