Disassemble ANY files including .so (NDK, JNI), Windows PE(EXE, DLL, SYS, etc), linux binaries, libraries, and any other files such as pictures, audios, etc(for fun)files on Android. Capstone-based disassembler application on android. 안드로이드 NDK 공유 라이브러리, Windows 바이너리, etc,... 리버싱 앱
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Android-Disassembler - Analyze your malicious app on your phone

Disassemble ANY files including android shared libraries (aka .so files) (NDK, JNI), windows PE files(EXE, DLLs, SYSs, etc..), linux executables, object files, ANY files you want like pictures, audios, etc(for fun) entirely on Android. Capstone-based disassembler application on android.

Version 1.4.5 release!

What's new : Go to last browsed folder(issue #, file chooser session), Fixed jump address issues, Fixed VirtualAddress calculation for disassembly(Sorry for inconvenience, and I highly recommend updating the app to this version)


  • Shows details of elf files.
  • Shows symbol table(functions or objects' ,... names) of elf files.
  • Disassembles the code sections.
  • Has various export options of the disassembly. (Reloadable raw file, compilable txt file, analytic text files, json, and reloadable database)
  • Supports projects.
  • Supports directly launching from file browsers.
  • Supports many ABIs(arm,x86,x64,MIPS,PowerPC,...)
  • Jump to address by symbols' names, or a hex address.
  • Syntax colorizing.
  • Support PE and other bin formats.
  • Sort symbols if needed.
  • No need to press Disassemble button!
  • Colorize PUSH/POP instructions.
  • Colorize ARM arch instructions better.
  • Added Follow Jump menu for jump instructions.(With BackStack)
  • Can override auto parse setup
  • You can copy an instruction to the clipboard.
  • It now parses IAT, EAT of PE headers.
  • You can now choose the columns to view.
  • Supports analyzing system files(which are not accessible without root permission) for rooted phones.
  • Friendlier message for non-parsable files.
  • The storage chooser now retains the session, so that it remembers the last browsed folder.

Themes Download

Good themes usually help you recognize some important instructions easily.


  1. Choose a file to analyze. image
  • To change chooser, go to settings and change.
  1. Go to details tab.
  2. Press Show details button to see details. (ELF) image (PE) image
  3. Press Save to file button to save it.
  4. Go to Symbols tab.
  5. You can see symbols found in the elf file, their demangled names(if they exist), addresses, and their properties. image image image
  6. Go to disassembly tab. image imageimageimage
  7. To export the disassembly, press Export button and choose the option. image

Export mode (Currently may not work well)

  • Raw Uses java's intrinsic serialization, and super fast.
  • Classic Pretty!
  • Simple Can be directly pasted as code!
  • Json It can be loaded again to analyze again(though reloading is not implemented yet - Sorry.)
  • Database Slow. Not recommended.

Materials about assemblies

Error Handling

Sorry, saved raw disasms are now incompatible with this version!

Here are some common issues and some solutons for them.

  • The app crashes!

    Sorry for inconvenience, please send an error report as an issue. If you can't wait for the next stable version, please check / grant the read/write permission to the app.

  • NotThisFormatException

    Is it a well known executable file? (ELF:.so, .o, .lib, .a, etc.., PE:.exe, .dll, .sys, ...) Then please report me with the file you tried to disassemble. If not, you need to press OK and setup manually.

Theme management

You can download the theme.zip here.

  1. Unzip it to /storage/emulated/0/themes/ or /sdcard/themes.
  2. Done. You can now use this in settings menu(in app)
  3. To rename/remove themes, just rename/remove the files.

Feature requests are welcomed!

Build & Pull request

  • Use Android studio.
  • Any improvements are welcomed!

Open Source

This app used


  • Show prototypes of NDK/C standard APIs in the symbols tab.
  • More sophisticated colorizing
  • Generate more useful comments
  • Provide assembly tutorials.
  • Fix symbols bug.
  • Add pseudo-virtual machine to debug.
  • Allow users to analyze active processes.
  • Add arrow beside the disassembly.
  • Row selection
  • Better support for thumb assemblies
  • Support .NET assemblies
  • Add compatibility for OllyDbg's .udd/.bak files
  • Add compatibility for IDA's produce files.
  • About to add Hex view, calculator, and any other utilities.
  • About to post this app on the play store!

Help wanted!

  • Don't the symbols' names look odd?