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GOKZ is comprised of several smaller plugins. It is highly recommended that servers run ALL of the available plugins.

Below is a brief description what each plugin does. Please note that things may change significantly as new features are added and in future major versions of GOKZ.


Provides all core functionality such as the timer, map button hooks, checkpoint and teleport system, and many of the features considered essential to the GOKZ experience. Required for all other plugins.

gokz-mode-* (Modes)

Each mode plugin provides one mode for GOKZ. These plugins can be used without any other GOKZ plugin (still requires MovementAPI) to apply their mechanics to all players on the server at all times. At least one mode plugin is required.


Tracks player inputs and automatically bans them if they are, without a doubt, using a macro or cheat.


A simple chat processor. Also blocks many game messages to keep chat relatively clean.


Uses the GlobalAPI SourceMod plugin to link the server to a global database, allowing players to compete across servers by submitting their timer to a global leaderboard. Also enforces several configuration restrictions and a global ban list. Requires gokz-replays and gokz-anticheat. Integrates with gokz-localranks menus.


Adds a command and menu that provides an easy way for players to teleport to other players.


Provides HUD features such as timer, speed, and keys displays, and weapon view model hiding.


Adds options to customise an informative trail behind the player when in mid-air.


Provides detailed measurements, statistics and feedback to the player about the distance, speed and strafes of their jumps.


Stores and loads player options in a database. Also stores maps and their courses as they are loaded in and saves all times achieved by players. Does not provide any client-facing functionality.


Provides client-facing functionality of the local database, such as personal bests, time rankings, server record announcements, and menus to browse the leaderboards. Requires gokz-localdb.


Adds tools that help the player measure things such as distance between two points.


Adds an option allowing the player to pick a pistol to be equipped with.


Sets player models upon spawning to models that have more subtle landing animations.


Displays information about players, including ranks derived from the Global API.

The plugin also provides "ADMIN" and "VIP" flags. Access to using these flags can be overridden by giving access to the following Sourcemod "commands":

  • gokz_flag_admin (Default ADMFLAG_GENERIC).
  • gokz_flag_vip (Default ADMFLAG_CUSTOM1).


Adds options and features to reduce visual and audio noise, such as hiding other players.


Allows players to initiate 1v1 duels and multiplayer races.


Records and allows playback the player's movement of the server's record times. Requires gokz-localranks.


Allows players to save/load locations that preserve position, angles, and velocity.


Adds an option which slays the player a few seconds after ending their timer to help de-glitch POV demos.


Adds a command and menu which allows players to easily begin spectating another player.


Prints help messages to chat periodically. The messages are read from translation files.