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Purpose of Rename My TV Series

Originally the application was built as a purpose to learn more about Lazarus Pascal and cross-platform development.

In the meanwhile, the tool is being used be a lot of users to help them rename TV-Series files.
Just keep in mind that this tool is not to promote illegal downloading or illegal sharing of copyrighted materials. It’s just a handy tool to occasionally rename some of your TV show files.

The philosophy is a simple work flow; you have a few odd named TV Show episodes and you’d like to give them a proper name, based on the TV Show name, season, episode and title of the episode. This has been expanded with features like resolution, year, data first aired, etc.

This tool by no means pretends to be anything else than just that.

Some features:

  • Support the new API (v2)
  • Caching shows and banners (so reloading at the later time could go faster)
  • Dark Theme support (MacOS and Linux only, accent color observed)
  • Automatically move files into a desired directory structure
  • Define your own file and directory name format
  • Create NFO files for the TV Show and for the individual Episodes
  • Store a banner for the TV Show
  • Merge 2 Episodes into 1 (filename only of course)
  • Detection of resolution, video format, Audio and Video codec, and audio channels
  • Log file of what files have been renamed


  • 2.0.10 - No update info
  • 2.0.6 – Bug fix with database packetsize (Replace Chars) and some minor other bug fixes
  • 2.0.5 - Bug fix similar named files
  • 2.0.4 – Bug fixes and some new features
    – Fixed counter bug in list found episodes
    – Added Force Refresh button (forces to redownload TheTVDB data)
    – Added a splitter allowing you to resize the SelectedEpisodes and SelectedFiles lists
    – Added button to reset the splitter position back to the middle
    – Added # and ? to default replacement special chars to be replaced with nothing (removed)
    – Added in Preferences: when double clicking a row in the “History”, that row will be removed
    – Added in Preferences: Optional have no leading zero’s for the “Extras” (season 0)
    – Added the option to load episodes right away when selecting a search result as an alternative to double clicking a show (see Preferences)
    – Added the option to use both titles when merging 2 episodes (Eg. title 1 – title 2)
    – Bug fixed: when more files are shown than episodes listed a would show name dummy for the missing episode in the list
    – Renamed and repositioned some buttons in the main window (space needed for the new buttons)
    – Work around for selecting from history and clicking search a second time – now shows results (removed year from edit field)
    – Resolved issue with minimum number of characters for Season and Episode (for example with shows that have a year number instead of a season number)
    – Fixed: For TV shows that miss a First Aired date, an attempt will be made to retrieve it from the first episode’s airdate.
    – Added AutoLog option with fixed path for log files – logs will be stored in that directory automatically when this option is enabled.
    – Added an optional default log location
    – Added seconds to log filename (for those who are really quick)
  • v2.0.2 – Added parameter for %NY (see below), implemented Database upgrade mechanism, improved language support
  • v2.0.1b – Linux only: Minor refresh issue in the preferences made menus look transparent (thanks Mike for reporting!).
  • v2.0.1 – Minor bug fixes and some cosmetic improvements mostly for macOS dark theme.
  • v2.0.0 – Initial release of Rename My TV Series v2

Support and information

I'm not the developer of this application, I just manage the build packages for the developer. Don't post bug reports here!



# kcp -i renamemytvseries


Rename your TV-Series using TheTVDB




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