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package athena
import (
// Exports helpful constants and functions for use in testing.
const ErrNilSession = nilSession
const ErrEmptyDatabase = emptyDatabase
const ErrEmptyTable = emptyTable
const ErrEmptyQuery = emptyQuery
const ErrInvalidLimit = invalidLimit
const ErrS3BadPrefix = s3BadPrefix
const ErrS3NoBucket = s3NoBucket
// NewCustomClient creates and returns a custom Athena client.
// A mock implementation of the Athena Interface can be provided for testing.
func NewCustomClient(api athenaiface.AthenaAPI) Client {
return Client{api}
func (c Client) CreateQuery(id string) Query {
return Query{id, c}
func CreateConstError(msg string) error {
return constError(msg)
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