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Removed potentially annoying alert from return reviews

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Chris Turk
Chris Turk committed Feb 4, 2019
1 parent a8282a0 commit 42bdc9ca526b70eb990aa7e63cd30ecea41ed94f
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@@ -309,15 +309,6 @@ function returnsApiExceptionHandler(exception){
Exception text can be accessed with ex.statusText

const MainContainer = document.getElementById(`MainContent`);
if (document.getElementById(`tvjs-view-error`)) return;
if (exception.statusText == 'invalidUserAuthKey') MainContainer.insertAdjacentHTML(`afterbegin`, `
<div id="tvjs-view-error" class="alert alert-danger">
<h4>Your TurkerView API Key is invalid.</h4>
<p>The HIT Warning feature is free! You just need to claim your free API key (or support the site with a subscription!) from your <a href="" target="_blank">TurkerView account API dashboard.</a></p>


async function initReturnReviews(){

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