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Hierarchical clustering of aspect phrases with scipy
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Hierarchical clustering of aspect phrases with SciPy.


  • - the main programm that does the clustering
  • - some distance measures between aspect phrases to chose from
  • vectorexample.txt - an example file to play around, containing phrases and vectors (from word2vec)

Stuff you'll need

  • SciPy
  • NLTK WordNet Interface (if you don't want to install/use WordNet, just throw out everything related to it in


python <input file> <distance measure> <cluster linkage> <number of clusters>

Examples: python vectorexample.txt levenshtein single 5 python vectorexample.txt euclidean ward 10

See code for the possible values.

Licence and Warranty

Do whatever you want. This is code from a student project, no guarantees given, no support.

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