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Note: Further development of IEEEStyleForBibtexbrowser has stopped because of time issues.

IEEEStyleForBibtexbrowser is a custom style script for bibtexbrowser, a PHP-based generator for citations from bibtex files. It tries to adhere to the IEEE style guidelines as close as possible.


  • The entry types booklet, conference, manual, unpublished are ignored.
  • Never tested with crossrefs.
  • Online resources have not been considered at all.
  • Special name suffixes are not handled properly. "Lastname, Firstname Jr." will become "J. F. Lastname"
  • The conversion of edition numbers from long to abbreviated works only up to 5 (e.g. "First" will become "1st", but "Twentysecond" will not be changed)
  • The entry types inbook is a little unclear. Use incollection instead if possible.
  • Year numbers are automatically omitted if they are already part of the proceeding title or the techreport number. This may sometimes be wrong. Example: In the techreport number 782A1995Z-4 the 1995 may not stand for the year number, but will be recognized as such.

Features on the Todo List

  • Automatic abbreviation of keywords such as "Proceedings" as described in the guidelines
  • Debug mode in which missing or incorrect entries are highlighted



  • Added compatibility to newest (v20121205) bibtexbrowser version (will not work with earlier versions anymore)
  • Added check and warning if the script is used with an unsupported version of bibtexbrowser. Can be disabled by setting a configuration variable.
  • Added support for the BIBTEXBROWSER_AUTHOR_LINKS configuration variable
  • Added configuration variable to use full author and editor lists instead of abbreviated ones (full list instead of first author et al.)
  • Consistent use of IEEEStyleForBibtexbrowser as name throughout the project to avoid confusions.

Integration into Bibtexbrowser

As described on the bibtexbrowser website:

  1. Create a bibtexbrowser.local.php in the bibtexbrowser directory

  2. Copy IEEEStyleForBibtexbrowser.php to the bibtexbrowser directory

  3. Insert the following code into bibtexbrowser.local.php:


Configuration Options

The previously described bibtexbrowser.local.php can also contain configuration directives for IEEEStyleForBibtexbrowser. The following list describes the options together with their default value and effect.

    <?php define('IEEEStyle_SkipVersionCheck', false); ?>

Will force IEEEStyleForBibtexbrowser to work with a version of bibtexbrowser it has not been tested with if set to true.

    <?php define('IEEEStyle_FullAuthorList', false); ?>

    <?php define('IEEEStyle_FullEditorList', false); ?>

The guidelines state that the list of authors should be abbreviated (et al.) if more than three authors are present. If this option is set to true IEEEStyleForBibtexbrowser will give the full author list with all names regardless of its length. The second option does the same with the list of editors.

A Short Introduction into Bibtex Files

This section will give you a (very) brief explanation of bibtex files and introduce the vocabulary necessary for understanding the style guide below.

Here is an example bibtex entry for an imaginary master's thesis.

        author  = {Claus, Santa},
        title   = {The Travelling Salesman Problem Revisited},
        school  = {Elven Academy of Applied Sciences},
        year    = {2008},
        month   = Dec,
        type    = {Master's thesis},
        address = {North Pole}

For the remainder of this document the individual parts of a bibtex entry will be called as follow:

  • The entry type is the part following the @. In this case it is mastersthesis.
  • The key is a unique identifier. No two bibtex entries may use the same key. In this case, the key is a combination of the first author's last name and the year (claus.2008).
  • The individual fields make up the main part of a bibtex entry. They are essentially key-value pairs in textual form that contain the data associated with a piece of literature or the artifact that should be cited. Depending on the entry type different fields are mandatory and some are optional.

Mandatory and Optional Fields

The style depends on the presence of various fields in the bibtex entries. This section lists the required fields that are recognized by IEEEStyleForBibtexbrowser. Additional fields have no influence on the citation, but will be included in any exported bibtex entries. Please refer to the next section for formatting conventions.


An article in a scientific journal Required: author, title, journal, year Optional: volume, number, pages, month, url, doi, comment


A book that has been written by the author(s) completely or in major parts Required: author, editor, title, publisher, year Optional: address, edition, url, doi, comment


A part of a book without its own title (e.g. a chapter) Required: author, title, chapter, pages, publisher, year Optional: address, edition, url, doi, comment


A part of a book or other collection with its own title (e.g. an essay) Required: author, title, booktitle, year, publisher Optional: address, edition, editor, pages, url, doi, comment


A paper or contribution in the proceedings of a conference Required: author, title, booktitle, year, publisher Optional: address, editor, pages, url, doi, comment


A master's, bachelor's, diploma, project or other thesis except PhD theses Required: author, title, school, year Optional: type, address, url, doi, comment


Proceedings of a conference Required: editor, title, publisher, year Optional: address, url, doi, comment


A dissertation written to acquire the title of PhD Required: author, title, school, year Optional: type, address, url, doi, comment


Technical documents, reports or other publications of a university or other institution Required: author, title, institution, year Optional: number, address, url, doi, comment

Formatting Conventions

To completely adhere to the IEEE style guidelines the bibtex entries must be formatted accordingly. The following paragraph lists each field and gives advice on what should be contained and what the content should look like.


The publisher's or issuing institution's address in the format City, State/Province, Country. State and country may be omitted if the city is well-known. The country may be omitted if it is the US. States and provinces should be in abbreviated form if possible. German federal states may also be omitted.


Multiple authors are linked by the keyword and. IEEEStyleForBibtexbrowser understands both common formats: either Lastname, Firstname or Firstname Lastname. Please give the full name of all authors if available. IEEEStyleForBibtexbrowser will abbreviate them on its own for the citation.


Name of the book or proceedings which the contribution is part of. Arbitrary string value.


The chapter as integer value.


Arbitrary string value. Will be appended to the citation in simple brackets.


The Document Object Identifier (DOI) without prefix like Bibtexbrowser will automatically create a clickable link if the doi is set. If you want to give the url manually use the url field.


Edition number formatted as natural text starting with a capital letter (e.g. First). IEEEStyleForBibtexbrowser will automatically convert the text to a number in the citation.


See author.


Arbitrary string. If the location of the issuing institution is not part of its name it should be appended after a comma.


Name of the journal in abbreviated form (if available).


Abbreviated three-letter name of the month starting with a capital letter and without curly brackets around the field (see the example above).


The number of a journal or report. Should usually be an integer. In the case of techreports a string may also be valid.


A single number or two numbers (start and end) linked by a single or double dash. Gives the position or range of a contribution in a larger work.


Name of the publisher in abbreviated form if available. Note that the location and address of the publisher should not be part of this field, but instead be given separately in the address field.


See institution.


Main title of the work or contribution as arbitrary string value.


The type of the thesis. IEEEStyleForBibtexbrowser will automatically insert Ph.D. dissertation or Master's thesis depending on the kind of entry if this field is left empty.


Internet address of the work or link to a location where it can be obtained from.


Volume number of a scientific journal as simple integer value.


Four-digit number.

Contact, License and Copyright

(c) Kai Bizik <> (remove underscores)

IEEEStyleForBibtexbrowser is free software: you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published
by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License,
or (at your option) any later version.

IEEEStyleForBibtexbrowser is distributed in the hope that it will be
useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
with IEEEStyleForBibtexbrowser. If not, see <>.

The original bibtexbrowser script is (c) Martin Monperrus and also
available under the GNU General Public License.


A custom citation style for bibtexbrowser adhering to the IEEE citations guidelines







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